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PoE 3.23 Melee Ignite Elementalist Build: A Beautiful Explosion

This guide we'll explore the intricacies of the Melee Ignite Elementalist build for Path of Exile 3.23. This is a build focused on using the variances by ascendants given to elementalist, so that there can be ignites and area-of-effect (AOE) damage amplifications. The objective is that you are going to be able to jump slam and completely dead entire screens making it an amazing choice for mapping dense monster packs as well as clearing them out.



PoE 3.23 Melee Ignite Elementalist Build:  A Beautiful Explosion


Core Concept

The key characteristic of a melee ignite elementalist is killing enemies from afar with one powerful strike aimed at setting them ablaze. By scaling AOE and ignite damage, the build provides players with exhilarating efficient mapping experience. Ascendant class plays a critical role in enhancing ignites and providing AOE coverage thus ensuring your fire will spread far and wide.


Skill Gems and Setup

The core skill gem for this build is leap slam which will work great with quadrilla leap slam MTX that adds some visual effects during attack speed buffs application stages since other than increasing its static damage, it has no similarity or resemblance with this particular skill whatsoever. Enhancing leap slam requires some gems like:

  • Leap Slam: Main skill that benefits from increase in AOE.
  • Deadly Ailments: Amplifies ailment's DoT damage.
  • Elemental Damage with Attacks: Increase elemental damages dealt by attacks.
  • Swift Affliction: Raise down time damages up their effect.
  • Ignite Proliferation: Ignites spread to nearby enemies.
  • Fist of War: More impact on slam skills.

However, Fist of War is preferred over Volatility for optimal AOE coverage due to its synergy with the build's playstyle – striking once and moving on after obliterating enemy packs.


Equipment Choices

Certain items are essential for maximizing the potential of this build:

  • Weapon: Void Forge provides high damage output.
  • Chest: Explode chest with additional curse mod provides chain reactions.
  • Helmet: Look for spell suppression and mana reservation efficiency.
  • Gloves: Focus on physical damage converted to fire and fire damage over time multiplier.
  • Boots: Aim at dealing ignites faster and scorching ground while running.
  • Ring: Opal Ring with accuracy and resistances to cover build necessities.
  • Amulet: Owl's Uprising with balance comes no reservation for flexibility in aura management.


Passive Skill Tree and Ascendancy

The passive skill tree should focus on increasing AOE, burning damage, and elemental resistances. Key points include:

  • Large Cluster Jewels with Burning Bright and Widespread Destruction
  • Medium Cluster Jewels with Wasting Affliction and Burning Bright
  • Elemental Overload for increased elemental damage at the cost of critical strike multiplier
  • Call to Arms for instant warcry use


For Ascendancy Choose

  • Shaper of Flames which ignites from any element type
  • Mastermind of Discord reducing enemy resistance values
  • Heart of Destruction causing more AOE area effect range increase & damaging


PoE 3.23  Melee Ignite Elementalist Build Passive Tree and Gear


Playstyle and Strategy

This build excels in areas with high monster density such as Breaches, Legions, and Expeditions. Your strategy is straightforward—leap into groups of enemies, ignite them with your slam, and watch as the proliferation spreads the fire, creating a domino effect of destruction.


PoB Link:



In order to lower the enemy resistance even more, so that they can be successfully ignited, you should employ your Arcanist brand with Flammability and Elemental weakness when facing bosses or tougher enemies.


By concentrating primarily on ignites and AOE damage, players can have an exquisite mapping experience in terms of visuals and damage output as well. Don't forget to adjust your gear and passive tree according to your style of play, as well as the content you are involved in.

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