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POE 3.23 Raise Spectre Necromancer Build Guide: How to get 100M DPS on budget?

Our complete guide to PoE 3.23 Raise Spectre Necromancer build is featured today. If you want a build that combines raw power and elegance of the undead, this is it. This guide explains how to hit 100m DPS while in a tight spot.



POE 3.23 Raise Spectre Necromancer Build Guide: How to get 100M DPS on budget?


Introduction & Basics

First things first; let us go straight to the point here. Our entire build is centered on Raise Spectre – unique minions from this league that have got some serious punch with abilities like Spark and Shock Nova, among others. Simplicity at its best: Animate, Scale and Destroy.


Nonetheless, not all spectres are the same despite they may seem so at first glance. Some have dropped out of favor due to low base damage or hard-to-scale abilities. Worry not though for our chosen spectres break this trend by having good base stats and synergistic auras.



Minion master levelling can be a walk in the park with Absolution as your compass. No need to panic if you do not know what I am talking about; there's a passive tree progression as well as skill-guide included in the budget-friendly PoB to help you get started.


Low Budget

No matter how low your finances might be, anything can happen with them. Here is what you need:

  • General rare items with life, resistances and attributes
  • A Convoking Wand rolled with Deafening Essence of Fear
  • Shaper influenced shield for life recovery on block;
  • Cheap uniques like Jinxed Juju and Bones of Ullr
  • Standard flasks lineup for survival and utility

POE 3.23 Raise Spectre Necromancer Low Budget

PoB Link


Medium Budget

Are you ready to move up? The medium budget changes into an Energy Shield base just so that you don’t have any chaos resistance immunity to deal with. Here's what you need to buy:

  • Large Minion Cluster Jewel with juicy mods
  • Medium Cluster with Feasting Fiends and Renewal
  • Replica Conqueror's Efficiency for Mana reservation efficiency
  • Better gear with Energy Shield stats

POE 3.23 Raise Spectre Necromancer Medium Budget

PoB Link


Medium Budget AG

This is when we introduce Animated Guardian (AG) and Chaos Golem so that we get that extra oomph in damage and survivability. Give your AG items like Kingmaker for crit and fortification.


High Budget

Now we are getting into the serious investment stuff. Think high rolled items, double ES jewelry, and more. This is where your minions start flexing their true potential.


POE 3.23 Raise Spectre Necromancer High Budget

PoB Link


High Budget AG

Your AG gets an upgrade with even better gear, ensuring it's not just a minion but a force to be reckoned with.


Ultra High Budget

It is time for those who have enough currency to burn; multi-link weapons and square setups. This is the crème-da-la-crème of minion opulence.

POE 3.23 Raise Spectre Necromancer Ultra High Budget

PoB Link


Limitations & Outlook

No build comes without its downsides. If any of our flasks go missing, DPS can take quite a hit as they are the key part of our build. However, this build emphasizes much on offense than defense despite having low hp pool.


But remember dear friends that these spectres from this league may not be part of the core game; therefore, if you want to try something unique when using a minion built that stands out among many others, this is your best chance.



There you have it Exiles – PoE 3.23's ultimate guide on how to dominate using Spirit of Fortune Spectre Necromancer. Whether you are budget conscious or ready to spend big bucks, this guide covers all aspects from leveling up to endgame content.

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