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PoE 3.23 Viper Strike of the Mamba Pathfinder Build: Precision, Power, and Poison

Hello, exiles! Are you ready to play the role of a deadly assassin who can deal one deadly strike that ruins enemies? Look no further than Heronightmare's One Shot Ambusher Strike build-surely a recipe for accuracy, power as well as poison; dispatching bosses at ease. Get your hands dirty; let us take a dive into what makes this build so deadly and fun.


PoE 3.23 Viper Strike of the Mamba Pathfinder Build: Precision, Power, and Poison


Core Mechanics

The heart of this build lies within the Snakebite technique which is related to the Viper strike skill. This reimagined version of traditional viper strike gem now concentrates on how each hit delivers a crushing blow in form of one overpowering poison stack while combining their damage on two dual wielded weapons into one massively destructive hit.


Critical Mechanics

Ambush ability enables us to make every hit critical. In addition to blindfolding an enemy target, therefore it ups our basic crit chances and multipliers significantly too.


Moreover, when combined with Marylene's Fallacy amulet, you can have over 550% crit multi while maintaining 100% crit chance.


Damage Over Time

Though critical strikes don't inherently enhance poison damage, Perfect Agony Keystone saves the day here. It allows half your crit multi to enhance your damage over time thus offering great boost for you.


Also Low Tolerance passives from cluster jewels raise poison damage against non-poisoned enemies by 300%, ensuring that first shot counts.


Weaponry: Rebuke of the Vaal

Instead of being destroyed by two copies of unique sword – Rebuke of the Vaal – our build flourishes. We overcome its mixed damage types through intelligent use of flasks.


The Poisonberry Tincture Twist

Consider a special flask – The Poisonberry Tincture which converts all your damage to poison. In this way, the impressive numbers on Rebuke of the Vaal will be used to increase your poison damage.


Doubling Down: Alchemist's Mark

To further boost our damage output, we apply Alchemist's Mark on our foes. On poisoning them, this ability effectively creates caustic ground that does DOT based on how strong our poison stack is.


Clearing Maps: Master Toxicist

While focusing on single target DPS, the existence of Master Toxicist means we can comfortably handle clearing maps as well. This passive allows poisons to spread between nearby enemies so that a hit can clear an entire pack.


PoE 3.23 Viper Strike of the Mamba Pathfinder Build Passive Tree and Gear

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Customization: Your Build, Your Way

Flexibility beyond the base setup is what Heronightmare emphasizes. The rest of the build can be crafted into whatever necessities lie ahead, whether more movement or defense or even damage per second (DPS).


A Tip of the Hat to Hero

We would also like to give credit where it is due for Hero from Thai community who, happened to be first creator from Thai community featured here today and deserves respect and gratitude for their unique approach towards building this one.



If you ever wanted some outstanding appearance while playing assassin in Path of Exile that specializes in dealing death by poison; you should consider adding these microtransactions for extra style points.



Put simply, Heronightmare's One Shot Ambusher Strike build is a proof of the creative and deadly nature in Path of Exile. It may not be the fastest mapper out there but regarding boss killing abilities, it has no rivals. Devote yourself to this manual and every strike will result in death for your enemies. Happy hunting!

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