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Last Epoch vs Path of Exile: An In-Depth Comparison of ARPG Titans

Two titans of the action role-playing game (ARPG) genre, Last Epoch and Path of Exile, go head-to-head. Both have their fan bases and have pushed the boundaries on how we appreciate ARPGS. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned exile or brand new traveler in the Epoch, this guide will tell you what both games are about.



Last Epoch vs Path of Exile: An In-Depth Comparison of ARPG Titans


The Genesis of Adventure

Last Epoch: When you first boot up Last Epoch, you'll be greeted with a selection of classes, each having it's own unique flavor. From the sturdy Sentinel to magical Acolyte, your adventure begins with an impactful choice. The UI is immediately noticeable as well--clean and modern—allowing players to immerse themselves in world without distraction.


Path of Exile: Here character creation is also class-based but there's one key difference--the starting position on the extensive passive tree. While each class has its features like Templar strength and intelligence, Path of Exiles system is more flexible that sometimes makes it feel like your class choice was just a formality.


The Skill System

Last Epoch: What skills you get are heavily tied to your chosen class here. It likes to build upon your initial abilities. There's both passive and skill trees which play off each other without overwhelming players too much, making customizations deep while maintaining simplicity in your characters development.

Last Epoch and Path of Exile Skill System

Path of Exile: For variety and complexity this free to play boasts an almost labyrinthine passive tree with an array of skill gems that most wouldn't even think possible for an arpg game. Although having many options might sound great at first glance it can make choosing seem daunting for those who are new to this type of game.


Combat and Gameplay

Last Epoch: Like combat should be in any game, it feels smooth here. With a slower pace at times that can be easily attributed to the early stages of the game. As you progress though, your power grows too. Skills like Warpath and Hammer Throw define your combat style by quite a bit. The satisfaction of hitting enemies with it's spiraling hammers and orbiting attacks is real.


Path of Exile: For speed and responsiveness Path of Exile takes the cake here. Combat in endgame can be super quick, exhilarating, but also punishing at times. Like Last Epoch, there's a flask system that adds another layer to battle, forcing players to think before they act instead of just doing what feels good in the moment.


Loot and Progression

Last Epoch: Gear identification and progression make you feel like you've accomplished something when you get it right correctly. Indicators that show if an item is powerful work well as players often want numbers to tell them how well they're doing. There are also quality-of-life elements that help make inventory management not such a pain.


Path of Exile: If one were to say PoE's loot system was complex it would be an understatement because it really just plays a crucial role in character progression here. Itemization can become overwhelming at times so much so that many suggest using apps or guides to better understand it all.


Narrative and Worldbuilding

Last Epoch: As far as voice acting goes this game does alright with it but narrative elements don't shine as much as some competitors do. What makes up for this is its focus on time travel which adds twists.When story meets quest design there's no telling what heights gaps can reach.


Path of Exile: Storytelling is one area where Path of Exile shines. Character-specific dialogue and rich lore create an immersive experience. The world of Wraeclast is dark and full of history, with each quest adding depth to its grim narrative.


Accessibility and New Player Experience

Last Epoch: The game is approachable for newcomers to the genre, offering a less intimidating entry point compared to its counterparts. Its systems are designed to be understood without sacrificing depth.


Path of Exile: Despite recent efforts to streamline the new player experience, Path of Exile remains challenging for first-timers. The game's complexity is both a blessing and a curse—it rewards investment and learning but can be overwhelming without guidance.



Both Last Epoch and Path of Exile offer rich, engaging experiences that cater to different player preferences within the ARPG genre. Last Epoch serves as an accessible entry with depth that doesn't sacrifice approachability, while Path of Exile presents a more complex challenge that rewards dedication and mastery.


For those who have cut their teeth on Path of Exile's intricate systems, Last Epoch may feel like a breath of fresh air—a chance to apply hard-earned knowledge in new ways. Conversely, newcomers might find Last Epoch's welcoming arms a better fit before braving the depths of Wraeclast.


Ultimately, whether you're seeking a new adventure in Eterra or continuing your exile in Wraeclast, both games stand as testaments to the enduring appeal and evolving nature of ARPGs. Each title brings its own strengths to the table, inviting players to appreciate the genre anew through their distinct lenses.

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