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PoE Labyrinth Guide: Best Gold Mine Early in Each League

For a true beginner of Path of Exile, Labyrinth may seem to be daunting but it is more than just levelling up and getting extra talent points for your character. It is also the first place where in game currency farming starts every league. So, this guide will walk you through everything about POE Labyrinth including how to maximize your rewards with enchantments, treasure chests and more for a profitable adventure.


PoE Labyrinth Guide: Best Gold Mine Early in Each League


Labyrinth 101

The Labyrinth is battleground where only the cleverest and most courageous can claim the highest stakes. That is why people are thrilled by Path of Exile community since its ever changing layout and formidable foes make it intriguing as well as challenging. However, don't you worry! With the right strategy, you can turn this chaos into a steady stream of income.

PoE Labyrinth Map

Path of Exile's Lord's Labyrinth combines environmental puzzles with combat trials. You will first come across it at level 33 then revisit it again at levels 55 and 68 with each iteration being harder and offering better rewards. Completing the labyrinth is essential—it's what unlocks your character's Ascendancy class.


Preparing for the Labyrinth

Before entering this maze ensure that you have at least one thousand Life Points. The Labyrinth has traps and hazards that can cut short your journey abruptly. Also, Izaro, the emperor who waits inside, should not be underestimated in any way. A strong build and careful approach are important.


Navigating Through The Maze

The layout of the Labyrinth changes daily but some strategies always remain unchanged. Here is a step-by-step guide to take you through:

  • Trials of Ascendancy: Before entering into the labyrinth finish six Trials of Ascendancy all over Wraeclast so that these trials orientate you to what types of traps lay ahead in the maze.
  • First encounter with Izaro: Once you are inside your target is to reach Izaro and fight him three times separately. These fights take place in rooms with different hazards—keep moving on and remain vigilant.
  • Environmental awareness: Be watchful of sawblades, spikes, and fire traps. The thing here is to manage timing in order to escape damage. Use movement skills like flame dash to go through them quickly.
  • The Aspirant's trial: Whenever you face Izaro, he will be found within an Aspirant's Trial room this time around. You continue progressing through the Labyrinth by defeating him
  • Directional Strategy: By and large, moving northwards tends to lead one towards either the next trial or exit though there could be detours so have a flexible path.


The Daily Layout Lifeline

Visit before entering the labyrinth for instance. This useful website provides the current daily Labyrinth layouts such that you never get caught off guard ever again. Knowledge is power and knowing how today is designed is as good as having treasure map in your pocket. Screenshot


Treasure Chests

At the center of the Ascendancy Chamber lies your reward—Treasure Chests. These chests can make you rich since they contain anything from random loot up to pure currency drops. However, unlocking them will require you to have Treasure Keys which drop from killing Izaro, finding Argus, solving Curious Lockboxes puzzles and utilizing Darkshrines in general.

PoE Treasure Chests

Remember, chests with premium poe items like Divination Cards and Maps are present only in the Eternal Labyrinth. During the league's beginning, be on the lookout for Quality/Leveled skill gems chests; they can fetch a handsome price.


Maximizing Your Key Collection

To obtain more from each run use these tips:

  • Aim for four or more Keys per run.
  • Avoid failure to complete Izaro Buffs.
  • Select a direction that has some extra objectives in your main path which you intend to follow.


You can always find all the necessary information about this at so make it your first stop before every run.



At the end of your journey awaits The Ascendancy Crafting Table where you may apply random enchantments to your gear. Also, while endgame farming, consider enchanting popular Unique Boots & Helmets. Their value could significantly increase from having the right enchantment being placed upon them.

PoE Enchanting

Below are some good options when it comes to enchanting:



  • Abyssus (Softcore)
  • Devoto's Devotion
  • Rat's Nest (Softcore)
  • Starkonja's Head



  • Atziri's Step
  • Kaom's Roots


Decide if steady returns with boots or aiming for a jackpot with helmets is what you want. For additional chances at bringing out the perfect enchantment, think about using Twice Enchanted prophecies.


Darkshrines & Silver Keys:

While navigating through Labyrinth keep an eye on Darkshrines along your main path because they give powerful bonuses such as extra Treasure Key or additional enchantment uses. As well as not being equal to major Treasure Chests they are still Silver Keys and Doors that offer opportunities for extra loot.


The Labyrinth is a gold mine at the start of each league. Knowledge, strategy and good fortune are needed to milk it for all its worth and establish a strong currency base to finance your forays in Wraeclast. With this information, now is the time to test it. Be confident as you enter the Labyrinth and come out victorious; rich!

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