Which are the Best MMOs, MMORPGs, and Online Games for Android in 2022?

Even on the first mobile phones, you could have hours of fun on the go with games like the legendary Snake. But since there are powerful smartphones and decent data connections, complex and technically high-quality games such as MOBAs, online role-playing games, and action RPGs are also possible without any problems. So that you know what is worthwhile, we have put together some of the best online games for you here and on the following pages of this article.

League of Legends: Wild Rift
Wild Rift is the mobile version of League of Legends. As before, you choose a champion – the mobile version offers the most important characters of the PC version here – and thus beat the champions and minions of the other side. And indeed, as a fan of the PC version, you will immediately feel at home here.
The aim is to overcome the opponents’ defenses and destroy their final base.
In contrast to the PC version, the walking distances are shorter, and the fights are more action-packed. A game is therefore only about 10 to 20 minutes long, while on the PC, you play for 45 minutes or more.
In addition, the controls have been completely reworked so that they are now optimized for twin-stick touchscreen control.

That’s what’s special about Wild Rift:
The big highlight of Wild Rift is the streamlined and compressed LoL MOBA experience. The game is at least as much fun as the Big Brother on the PC.
But due to the optimizations necessary for mobile, it plays faster and smoother for many players. There is always something happening, the waiting times are short, and there is always something to do.
There are also new skins to unlock and even a new game mode called ARAM (All Random, All Mid). It has only one lane and random champions, which promises more chaos and fun.
Some players, such as LOLTANK editor Philipp Hansen, find that Wild Rift is more fun than LoL.

That’s what the reviews say.
Over 1.5 million ratings can be found in the Google Play store. The overall rating of 4.1 is quite positive.

Fans appreciate the fast gameplay, the LoL feeling, and the excellent champions and skins.

Again and again, technical problems are complained about. Matchmaking is also not always supposed to be fair.

Who Should Play Wild Rift?
Wild Rift is for everyone who is either a big MOBA or LoL fan and wants to play their favorite game or genre in high quality on the go.
In addition, the game is also clearly aimed at players who have not had much fun with MOBAs or for whom LoL is too complicated and toxic. For many, the slim mobile version is just the right portion of MOBA that still tastes good.

Marvel: Future Revolution
Marvel Future Revolution is not the mobile version of the flopped Marvel’s Avengers. Instead, it’s a form of sequel to Korean developer Netmarble’s hugely successful mobile hit Marvel Future Fight. They were already behind the similarly structured mobile MMO Lineage 2 Revolution.
Marvel Future Revolution is an open-world action role-playing game. It offers an all-new Marvel storyline, even designed by Official Marvel Writer Marc Sumerak.
The story has the following background: Several Earths from the Marvel Multiverse have merged into a new Primary Earth. Therefore, the newly founded superhero team Omega Flight was formed because of various problems that come along with such a world merging.
In the game, you have the choice between various Marvel heroes. These include spider-Mann, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Star-Lord icons. Each hero plays differently and has different preferences.

That’s what’s special about Marvel:
Future Revolution: A big highlight of the game is the excellent 3D graphics and the atmospheric effects. The maps appear coherent, whether they are urban street canyons or dense primeval forests. The atmosphere is always good.
Added to this are the spectacular animations of the heroes. Each has its unique moves, including Star Lord’s spectacular shootouts or Spider-Man’s capers. The associated effects are also impressive.
The gameplay can also be followed automatically if desired, but the many moves and counter options reward players who want to play the game themselves.

Finally, let’s mention the exciting story, Marvel:
Future Revolution offers a lot of exciting quests and funny stories that feel like a Marvel movie in its own right.
In addition to the great Epic in the background, there are always episodes full of humor, such as a dispute between different versions of Spider-Man or a girl who is convinced that her broken Ultron drone is excellent.

Future Revolution has good reviews. They awarded a decent rating of 4.2 points in total. Over 160,000 ratings can be found in the Google Play store.

The story and Marvel flair are repeatedly praised and appreciated by players. The fast gameplay is also well received.

Some players have criticized it since the game also has an autoplay feature. The payment system, which is supposed to bring advantages to paying players, is also not well received by some players.

Who Should Play Marvel: Future Revolution?
If you enjoy maxing out your hero and want a game that makes you jump from one sense of accomplishment to the next, then Marvel: Future Revolution should be on your wish list.
The game is also great for Marvel Comics fans, as you’ll constantly encounter elements and references to the Marvel Universe.

From the creators of the hugely successful Clash of Clans, this game features intense 3vs3 PvP combat. You control so-called brawlers. There are gunslingers, ravens, bears, and little girls who beat each other in the arena. These are cute heroes, each with unique powers.

Brawl Stars features
You can increase your pool of brawlers by unlocking additional characters. There are also tons of ways to improve and upgrade the brawlers. There are also regular updates and new brawlers.

Here’s how the gameplay works:
The game is controlled from the top-down perspective, and you must actively attack and dodge if you want to survive the battles. Since a typical battle lasts only about three minutes, Brawl Stars is ideal for short, exciting games in between.
So that the arena brawl doesn’t become monotonous, there are different game modes in which you can compete. These include wild shootouts, battle royales, and modes in which you have to protect a safe or collect jewels.

That’s what the reviews say.
Brawl Stars doesn’t have to worry too much about bad reviews. Over 20 million players have rated the app, and they get a proud rating of 4.1! The overwhelming majority of players probably love the game.

Even players who are not completely satisfied praise the fun gameplay and the great fun you have with Brawl Star.

Matchmaking is often criticized for not continually establishing fair constellations. Other players complain that they sometimes have bad luck when drawing new brawlers and often don’t get any coveted legendary brawlers.

Who Should Play Brawl Stars?
If you’re looking for short, fun fights with cute heroes, you’ve probably found your game here. Brawl Stars is also beautiful to players who have a well-filled list of friends who play along. Because in a team with buddies, it should be far more fun than with randoms.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire
AxE is a fully-fledged mobile MMORPG with a large open world by Nexon. The basic theme is the eponymous conflict between the Darkhaan Empire and the Galanos Alliance. This plays a role, especially in PvP, where up to 150 players fight against each other simultaneously.

The features of AxE
As usual in an MMORPG, you can create and customize characters from six different classes. Each character can be equipped with various weapons, armor, and abilities. This allows you to customize your hero to suit your playstyle.
In PVE, you fight opponents alone or in a team and take on giant bosses in dungeons. You can also use the integrated voice chat system to communicate live and discuss your approach.

That’s what the reviews say.
Over 130,000 players have already rated AxE in the Google Play store. This is reflected in a decent overall rating of 4.0. It rained five ratings.

The gameplay will please fans of MMORPGs. It is good that the game has excellent graphics, significant effects, and smooth animations. The different regions are also praised.

On the other hand, critics complain that you can only progress with many grinds or real money after a certain point.

Who Should Play AxE?
If you want a real MMORPG and want it to be excellent on your smartphone, you should look into AxE. The game looks good and offers hours of fun and action for MMORPG fans.

Legends of Runeterra
Legends of Runeterra (LoR) is a Hearthstone or Magic-style digital trading card game. The goal is to destroy the enemy Nexus. To do this, you summon servants and cast spells.
Each turn, there is a resource called mana for it. There are more of them every round, which expands your tactical options.
You build your decks from champions and creatures, all drawn from the popular League of Legends franchise. Anyone who only knows this world from the popular Arcane series will also recognize various things.

Legends of Runeterra features
That’s what’s special about Legends of Runeterra:
A special feature of LoR is the structure of the rounds. Attackers and defenders alternate several times around.
This structure also dictates which spells you can cast and when. Some spells you knock out immediately. Others only work outside of the combat phase and can even be countered with other spells.

Also cool:
You can bring well-known champions from LoL, including Jinx, Vi, or Heimerdinger, into your deck. These cards can even get level-ups when you perform specific actions. All this gives the game great tactical depth.
Another highlight of the game is the highly fair payment system. Unlike Hearthstone and CO., you don’t have to spend much money here to get good tickets.
Instead, there are regularly substantial rewards in the game. You can often select top cards using a particular wild card system to quickly and cheaply perfect your decks.

That’s what the reviews say.
LoR is very popular among gamers. Over 500,000 reviews can be found in the Google Play store. They awarded a strong rating of 4.6 points overall.

The users are happy about the fair game system, where you don’t have to spend any money if you want new cards. With a bit of patience, many things can be unlocked without money.
In addition, there is the excellent tactical and strategic depth of the game. There is no all-encompassing meta. Pretty much anything can work if played skillfully.

The app, of all things, is often criticized for bugs, poor performance, and a lack of ease of use.

Who Should Play Legends of Runeterra?
Who is LoR ideal for?: The target audience for LoR is fans of trading card games. So if you spent your pocket money on Magic cards back then, you’re sure to get weak here.
But there is also umpteen tactical options ideal for players who like to experiment.
Also, Legends of Runeterra is ideal for you if you love LoL or Arcane.

Fortnite: Battle Royale
Fortnite is about jumping off an island alone or as a team of 2 or 4 . weapons and items are lying around. Your goal: to be the last to survive in the end. The playing field gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses to keep it exciting.

Fortnite features
Fortnite plays differently on mobile than on PC or console. The gameplay is correspondingly more straightforward but no less exciting. You control your avatar with the touch screen, and by tapping, you shoot at your opponents. Loot is collected by simply walking over it.

Crossplay between all platforms:
In Fortnite, you can also play with any other platform from your Android device. It doesn’t matter whether your friends are active on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, or iOS: you can play with everyone else thanks to crossplay.
If you don’t want to use crossplay, since the consoles and especially the PC have serious advantages in aiming thanks to the better controls, you can play in the playlist for mobile gamers by default.

Fortnite has cross-progression:
Incidentally, Fortnite on Android is the full Fortnite: Battle Royale that everyone else also plays. It’s not a stripped-down mobile version. Your progression on mobile is the same as on PC or consoles.
Thanks to cross-progression, you can play a game on the console in the morning after getting up, play a few matches on your mobile phone during your lunch break and continue gaming on your PC in the evening. Your account and progress are always the same.

No reviews in the Play Store
What do the reviews say? Fortnite: Battle Royale is not distributed on Android through the Google Play store. Instead, Epic Games offers the game directly as a download. That’s why it’s hard to find concrete download numbers and user reports, at least for Android.

Above all, the users praise the crossplay and that you play the same game as on the other platforms. It is also positively emphasized that the gameplay has been optimally transferred to the touchscreen.

Some users don’t seem to get along well with the controls. In addition, manual installation via the third-party provider Epic is a security risk. Fortnite’s availability via the Google Play store would be a big plus.

Who is Fortnite on mobile ideal for?
Fortnite on Android and iOS is ideal for Fortnite fans who don’t want to miss their beloved Battle Royale game on the go. As already described, Fortnite on mobile is precisely the same game as on other platforms.
So if you can handle the touchscreen controls, you can also hold your battles and challenges on your smartphone or tablet on the go.
Would you like an alternative? If you want a little more realistic setting and gameplay, you should get the mobile version of PUBG.
In PUBG, you also have Battle Royale action. However, keep in mind that the mobile version of PUBG is not compatible with the Xbox One and PC versions.

Shadowgun: Legends
Shadowgun Legends is a mobile first-person shooter developed by Madgfinger Games. The game is an enjoyable shooter reminiscent of Destiny. This starts with the design of the weapons and armor and continues in the gameplay and setting.

As with Destiny, you are the last hope of humanity, which has been pushed back further and further by nasty aliens. From the last places of retreat, you launch counterattacks against the aliens as heavily armed super soldiers and shoot your way through short levels, collecting loot and experience.
So you get more and better equipment, you can shoot even more fun and use more skills.

How does the gameplay work?
The gameplay is quite complex, and you can use different weapons like sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers, all of which play differently. There are also armor parts and special abilities, of which there is a whole swing.

These are the game modes:
You can go stalking alone in Shadowgun Legends, compete in co-op battles, hold raids and even shoot down other players in PvP. Control is via the touchscreen and is intuitive and practical, thanks to some automatic functions.
Alternatively, you can even use a particular Android controller to play the game with the gamepad.

What the reviews say:
In the PlayStore, Shadowgun: Legends has over 300,000 reviews and is rated five stars by the overwhelming majority. On average, this results in a substantial value of 4.2 stars, which speaks for the game.

Above all, the fans praise the fun loot shooter gameplay and that the game stays in the background with advertising and cash shop deals. It’s an excellent first-person shooter for mobile, where you can go far without spending any money. In addition, there is always new content, and the game just runs smoothly.

Shadowgun Legends seems to have lag and login issues for some users. Some players also complain that the levels and opponents feel monotonous in the long run.

Who should play Shadowgun: Legends?
If you’re a fan of Destiny’s gameplay and are looking for an excellent shooter without going to the cash shop, you should give Shadowgun Legends a chance.

Call of Duty: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile is the mobile offshoot of the Call of Duty series. In addition to regular season updates, CoD Mobile is constantly receiving new skins, weapons, characters, and maps and can be downloaded free of charge as a Free2Play title.

Season Updates:
Call of Duty Mobile constantly evolves and receives new content with Season Updates.
The fourth Call of Duty: Mobile Season is called Wild Dogs and, in addition to new epic weapons and characters, also brought a sandstorm event and the new maps.

What modes are played in CoD: Mobile?
Call of Duty Mobile has a range of modes that CoD players may already know from the consoles or the PC. Modes playable in CoD Mobile include:
Search & Destroy
Free for all
Shoot confirmed
Battle Royal

What maps are there in CoD-Mobile:
CoD: Mobile offers a variety of maps. Most of these maps are already known from other games in the series. However, which maps are playable depends on the selected mode.
lists 10 of the maps that can be played in CoD Mobile:

Reviews in the Google Play store

In the Google Play store, the fun factor in CoD Mobile is rated very highly in many reviews. Some players wrote that even after several years, they still enjoy the game every day.

CoD: Mobile players in the Google Play store note that the server stability occasionally leaves something to be desired. In addition, the support is also not very helpful and would only answer with standardized e-mails.
Another criticism was the high price that players have to pay for new packages or skins. In particular, the difference in price for skins and the contents of packages is evident compared to the main CoD games on the consoles and the PC.

Who is CoD Mobile suitable for?
Call of Duty Mobile is aimed at fans of the popular shooter series and gamers looking for a mobile shooter experience with a wide variety of maps and modes.
If you already enjoy CoD games on the consoles or the PC and are looking for a mobile game, you will also like CoD Mobile.

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