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What does ORDR mean in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal has many characteristics that players can see and study. Looking through your statistics, you will see statistics called Ordr. Despite the apparent insignificance and a strange set of letters, this is actually one of the most important characteristics in the game.

What is ORDR in Diablo Immortal?

The order means Rating of attack rating which is essentially your combat rating . He determines how much damage you inflict and how well you get damage. The low ORDR indicator means that you will easily die and will apply weak blows, and a high ORDR means that you will be a tank with destructive blows.


How to raise Ordr in Diablo Immortal?

There are many ways to raise your ORDR in Diablo Immortal.

  1. Try and Find excellent equipment . Great weapons or good armor will improve your ORDR, and good equipment will increase your attributes. As the level rises, you should receive equipment corresponding to your level and increases the attributes you need. You must raise everything from the ground and see if this will improve your statistics.
  2. You should increase the level of your equipment . For those who played a lot of role-playing games, to increase their level of equipment is common sense, but not for those who did not do this. An increase in the level of your equipment is always possible. Each time you will be charged, and the higher the level of your equipment, the more you will be charged. Nevertheless, if the equipment or characteristics you prefer, you should update it, and not exchange it for another.
  3. Do not forget Use and improve your legendary gems . While the legendary precious stones seem to be a burden for equipment, your ORDR will increase with each completed equipment slot. If there is an empty slot somewhere, you must fill it with something, otherwise you will not maximize your effectiveness.
  4. When you unlock Hellique, you will find a bonus attribute that increases your ORDR. There are other bonuses, but for your purposes there is enough combat bonus. Store modernization of your Hellique with Hellfire Scoria as often as possible to unlock new raid meetings and increase your ORDR.

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