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New Tales from the Borderlands verifies its launch for October

With each other, they will certainly need to join pressures to withstand the invasion of their earth, and their metropolitan area advertised by the Tediore megacorporation, going after the vilaines of the ark and other brutasses. We are additionally promised new speaking weapons... and bipeds! What extra?

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At first established by Telltale in 2015 (and rather well obtained, consisting of in our rankings, Tales from the Borderlands will therefore experience a follow up, or at the very least a spiritual beneficiary, because numerous differences are currently to be counted from one game to an additional. On the one hand, it is now in the workshop to which the original universe belongs, Gearbox Software application (as well as more precisely Gearbox Quebec) to establish it. Yet most importantly, we should expect a change of frameworks and personalities for This brand-new standalone story, in the person of a trio of travelers, provided as 3 endearing loosers: Anu, a philantropic researcher, his brother Octavio with a lot more rascal and also Fran Baguise, a Feroce launcher de ice lotion according to the stating of the press launch.

The information had leaked recently: Gearbox is preparing a sequel to the Tales from the Borderlands narrative game. A sequel that will not be one, considering that we will certainly personify a brand-new triad of personalities to deal with the intrusion of their original earth. Leave verified additionally on October 21 on computer as well as all the gaming consoles of the minute.


Tales from the Borderlands will therefore go out on Series X | S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Switch Over as well as Computer on October 21. The game is already offered in pre-order in two versions, luxurious and basic.

What does not change, on the other hand, is the narrative structure of the game (5 phases, but not marketed separately) and also the truth that our choices will figure out the destiny of our (anti) hero, and various branches of the circumstance.

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