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All about the Amouranth case: Understand what is happening with the largest streamer on Twitch

Amaranth is an extremely famous streamer aoad, involved in many controversies, either for opening an OnlyFans and invoiced millions or even complaints he has done . Currently, if it has been taking increasingly serious proportions.

If you have no idea who she is, (which is difficult, since Casimir always quotes her in your videos) We from MGG azil Let's explain everything.

Who is Amaranth?

Name : Kaitlyn Michelle Syracuse Birth : December 2, 1993-28 years Local : Houston, Texas, USA Social Networks : Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram (is frequently disabled), OnlyFans

Simply one of the largest streamers in the world, if not the largest female streamer. Your content range from games, hot tubes, games, cosplay and more.

Much of its content was a little... suggestive, so to speak. With very short clothes, spicy games, etc. This has generated several controversies against Amaranth, as it was considered appealing.

His trajectory began at anime, cosplay, games, etc. events and conventions. But after entering the Twitch, his career as a streamer just took off.

Even in the face of various banks and warnings, Amaranth remained firm on his social networks and Twitch channel. More and more she won fans and got millions of dollars.

The streamer has already produced content showing its home and luxury cars, as well as revealing how much it earned on OnlyFans, which was an absurd value of over $5 million a day.

Things started to get more serious

It all started to get strange when Amaranth appears in a Crying Live and showing a series of threats he received in messages, calls and audios from her own husband.

He had access to her bank account and threatened her to leave her with nothing. In addition, several messages in which he says he will overthrow Amaranth's social networks. As if that were not enough he begins to withdraw money from his account and even threatens to take the streamer dog to slaughter and destroy everything she has.

Amaranth revealed was married seven years ago, but said he was single in his lives. She claims she wanted to reveal her husband and make a couple of couples, but he denied it and said it was going to disturb the business, and would be better if the fans thought she was single.

Amaranth says he was behind everything and forced her to make hot tube lives, even when she didn't want to and had enough money. Their relationship was not partnership, as he had access to all social networks and bank accounts.

In an audio, her husband says he only threatened the streamer dogs because she was not understanding what he meant. In addition, he removed money from her account simply because she didn't answer him when he wanted (about $4 million).

The husband excluded the lives in question, but there are already several clips and tests throughout the internet. Nevertheless, there are many netizens who have not convinced themselves and made several allegations against Amaranth.

They questioned why she did not divorce, and she claims that his proposal was that she would be $5 million, and he would stay with the rest of the fortune and 10% of everything she earned later. Also, many people said she wouldn't have to make this scandal or even a lie.

The point is that a streamer of her caliber, with so much money, success and recognition in the middle, would just need to do something that could even harm her career.

Streamers positioned themselves in favor of Amaranth

Despite the negative points, many streamers have positioned themselves in favor of Amaranth, such as Valkyrie , Lilypichi and Jessica Night that are very popular on the international scene. They gave their full support and highlighted how sweet and kind Streamer is.


Everything was fine with Amaranth

Streamer said police officers went to her home and she was able to regain access from all her bank accounts and social networks. She has not specified anything about divorce, as it would take time, but Amaranth seems to be fine now, and her case seems to be closed.

This Wednesday (19) she said she would take a eak, but has returned to the active second (24), being much better. In one of her lives she says now I can wear clothes.

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