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C9 signs NA newcomer to LCS lineup, overhauls Oppositions lineup for 2023

Popular European support-turned-coach Alfonso Smithy aguirre rodríguez will be returning as C9s head coach, while former head coach Max Waldo is moving to top lane positional coach.

We had a situation where practically every gamer more than happy with the efficiency of their colleagues, Étienne stated. Naturally, there were things that we might improve on, but they truly wished to run it back once again. The one modification that we wound up doing was just mid-lane.

C9 will be battling against a variety of different lineups heading into the new year, but with four-fifths of the defending LCS champs returning, they are looking like strong contenders for the spring split.

Even though the groups 2022 World Champion run came to an abrupt end this previous October, Clouds League of Legends division saw enough possible in the lineups' development that it will run back a bulk of the group for next year.


c9s opposition roster is getting a complete revamp, with Aaron Fake God Lee, Too Too Chan, Lawrence Lost Hui, Tristan Naval Steam, and North American newbie Gang MENES Minor joining the lineup. Assistant coach Song Even Sang-hyeon will be taking control of as head coach.

In an announcement video, the groups CEO Jack Étienne broke down all the significant changes to C9s starting roster and discussed that after the year ended, the entire group sat down to discuss what modifications they thought were required to improve their performance for 2023.

The teams new mid later, Dimitri Duplex Honorary, just recently played in the LFL with Group Vitality Academy squad, and will be making his LCS debut with C9. Étienne stated the 19-year-old German is a melee expert who excels in team fights, and has actually excited the team with high mechanical skill and even higher potential.

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