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How to Pick and Unlock FFXIV Physical Ranged DPS Job Classes?

Are you looking to become a master of physical ranged DPS in Final Fantasy XIV? There are a variety of job classes that specialize in physical ranged damage dealing in the game. In this article, we’ll be exploring the five available physical ranged DPS job classes and how to unlock them. Physical ranged DPS jobs in Final Fantasy XIV are the only jobs in the game that can maintain uptime and full mobility regardless of what is going on in the current encounter. There are currently three physical ranged DPS Jobs: Bard, Machinist, and Dancer, all of which use the same type of gear, Aiming, and the same main stat, Dexterity.


Bard - TIER A
Bard is a physical ranged DPS job in FFXIV that requires knowledge and skill to play optimally. Their main mechanic is song rotation and maintenance of DoTs to buff the party with raid wide buffs, as well as two unique utility actions for cleansing and healing. The job also has access to a massive increase in damage with Radiant Finale. Bard can be demanding to play, but when done correctly, it can cause a lot of damage and provide great utility to the party.



Weapon: Bow
Where to unlock bard?
Location: New Gridania (X: 15.4 / Y: 11.9)
NPC: Lucian
Class Quest: powerful melody
Requirements: Base Archer class level 30 and complete all class quests


  • Strong party buffing abilities
  • Unique utility actions, including single-target cleanse and raid-wide healing buff
  • High burst potential with Radiant Finale
  • Able to provide party-wide buffs with Song Gauge
  • High personal damage output with Apex Arrow


  • Can be punishing if mistakes are made
  • Relatively weak buffs for other players
  • Only one escape skill, Repelling Shot
  • Requires practice and preparation to master

Mechanic- TIER B
Machinist is a ranged DPS job released with Heavensward and starts at level 30. It has no base class. The job focuses on maintaining Heat Gauge and Battery Gauge, which allow access to powerful skills, and Multi-Tool actions, which provide flexible resource dumping. Machinist has no raid buffs but is capable of high personal DPS. It offers minimal utility in the form of Tactician, which mitigates damage, and Dismantle, which is a single-target version of Reprisal. Machinist is relatively easy to play optimally but is the least mobile Job among the three Ranged DPS. Its star of the show is the Automaton Queen summon, which leads to chunky DPS and satisfying gameplay.


Weapons: Rifle
Where can you unlock the mechanic?
Location: Ishgard, Foundations (X: 8.1 / Y: 10.1)
NPC: Stephanie Via
Class Quest: No Coaching No Training
Prerequisites: Have the Heavensward expansion and have completed A Realm Reborn's main scene


  • High personal DPS numbers
  • Stylish job with a wide arsenal of weapons
  • Relatively easy to play optimally
  • Tactician skill provides mitigation
  • Automaton Queen offers chunky damage


  • Least mobile of the three Physical Ranged DPS jobs
  • Requires familiarity with fights and patience for optimal positioning
  • No raid buffs, relying on buffs from other Jobs

Dancer - TIER S
Dancer is a job released with the Shadowbringers expansion that starts at level 60. The job focuses around its RNG combo system, flexible resource system of Esprit and Feathers, and performing dance step abilities to provide raid buffs to its Dance Partner and the party. It has strong utility in the form of healing actions, shield skills, and mobility, making it one of the most powerful ranged DPS jobs when used correctly. Its unique mechanics make it easy to recommend for players of all skill levels.


How to Pick and Unlock FFXIV Physical Ranged DPS Job Classes?

Weapons: Throwing Weapons
Where can I unlock Dancer?
Location: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:9.8 / Y:12.0)
NPC: Guarantor of Excitement
Class Quest: Prom Invitation
Prerequisites: Have the Shadowbringers expansion and have at least one fighter or mage class of level 60


  • Unique mechanics make Dancer easy to recommend for players of all skill levels
  • Streamlined resource system in the form of Esprit and Feathers
  • Ability to buff a specific party member throughout the encounter by using Dance Partner
  • Step and Finish mechanics to buff the entire party
  • Dash skill with up to three charges for increased mobility
  • Damage mitigation and shields to the whole party
  • Direct healing and healing over time skills


  • Personal DPS output may be a bit lacking in some fights
  • Requires button presses to access buffs, which can be difficult to perform during fights

Physical ranged DPS job classes in Final Fantasy XIV offer a range of play styles, depending on the player's preference. From the powerful and precise Machinist to the versatile Archer with its many abilities, there's something for everyone. Unlocking these classes requires completing a variety of tasks, including some that may take a significant amount of time. However, with enough patience and dedication, anyone can become a master of physical ranged DPS in Final Fantasy XIV.

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