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Poe 3.20 Forbidden Charcoal and Shock Wave Duelist Gladiator Build

Sharko is a powerful Poe 3.20 build for playing Forbidden Sharko, or any build using the Forbidden Charcoal. It maximizes damage effectiveness and cooldown recovery rate, allowing for a maximum of six charges at least level 31. The build utilizes Shock Wave for 320 percent damage effectiveness, and this is further increased by stacking eight bleed stacks with Maroji. The combined damage of this build is 4.6 million bleed DPS and 4.2kilo tankiness. It also has other benefits such as fortifies and endurance charges from Moroje which increases the damage multiplier for bleed.




Poe 3.20 Forbidden Charcoal and Shock Wave Duelist Gladiator Build



Cyclone is a great choice for this build to not feel slow, and it can be further boosted with Stampede Boots which overrides the movement speed reduction when you channel cyclone. Additionally, reverse self-chill or action speed can be used to increase movement speed.


For defensive gems, you can use a Level 3 Purity of Lightning and Level 3 Enlighten, as well as a War Banner and Malevolence. You can also get some extra damage from Watcher's Eye with increased physical damage while affected by Pride. To cap off your build, you can use a Steel Skin or an Instant War Cry, as well as Frost Blink which can be used while cycling without breaking your cycle.



Look no further than Tailwind Boots! By combining Tailwind Boots with a self-shield vest, you can get a great combination of attributes, resistances, and increased effects of non-damage ailments. This build gives you a lot of extra movement speed, which is great for mapping, but it's not very tanky against bosses. To compensate, you can use a Circle of Guilt ring for extra damage, or a relic for 17% physical damage over time multiplier.


To generate frenzy charges, you can use an on-hit helmet, an on-kill Gladiator belt, a Forbidden Charcoal, and an Onslaught on Hit amulet. You can also use a War Cry and Stun to generate your endurance charges. For supports, you can use Brutality, and an Unbound Ailments gem to make your bleeds last longer. For more damage, you can use an Awakened Physical to Lightning gem, and a Pride Herald for extra physical damage.


Final Thought

This build gives you consistent 2 million DPS, and with the right gear you can be quite tanky. You can also use your extra Poe currency to get better gear and further improve the build. So if you're looking for a wacky but viable build, try out Tailwind Boots and you'll be sure to have a great build!

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