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Guide to Farming Final Fantasy XIV Gil with Blue Mage

Are you looking for a reliable way to farm Gil in Final Fantasy XIV? Patch 6.3 offers a unique and accessible approach that doesn't require food crystals or other items. With just a few spells and a bit of work, you can farm 550K FFXIV Gil a day in just two hours. Farming Gil with Blue Mage is a great way to make money in the game. Here's a guide on how to do it!



Guide to Farming Final Fantasy XIV Gil with Blue Mage


Before You Begin:

You will need to level up your Blue Mage to acquire the spells needed for this method. Also, make sure to set your party to Undersized Party and check the Level Sync option.


Required Spells:

  • Mighty Guard: reduces damage taken by 40%, while reducing damage dealt by 40%. Acquire from Wayward Kahleej Jaw.
  • Basic Instinct: increases movement speed by 30%, while increasing healing magic potency and damage dealt by 100%. Ignores damage penalty inflicted by Mighty Guard. Acquire from Master Curl in Upper Lenosha (x9 y21).
  • Theoric Mimicry: copies attributes from other players based on their job. The one you're after is DPS, which increases the critical hit rate and direct hit rate by 20%. Acquire from Gra Lumenarian Pharaoh Series Hard.
  • Mind Blast: AOE spell with a potency of 200 for the first enemy hit, 50 less for all remaining enemies. Acquire from Galvanth the Dominator in Tamtara Deepcroft.
  • Ram's Voice: freezes enemies for 12 seconds. AOE spell with 220 potencies for the first enemy hit, and 50 for the rest. Acquire from Chimera in Level 50 Trial or Relic Reborn.
  • Ultra Vibration: immediately KOs all enemies affected by Deep Freeze of the Ram's Voice. Acquire from Kong Motto in Peaks (x13 y-26).
  • Eruption: OGCD ability that deals fire damage with a potency of 300 to all enemies. Place zone after using the ability. Acquire from Ifrit in any difficulty of Bowl of Embers.
  • Shock Strike: OGCD ability that deals lightning damage with a potency of 400 to the target selected, and 50 less for all remaining enemies. Acquire from Odin in any difficulty of Remo's. 
  • Phantom Flurry: optional, but speeds up time to kill one pack by 8 seconds. Deals unexpected damage over time with a potency of 200 to all enemies. Finisher with the potency of 600 to the first enemy and 50 for all remaining enemies. Acquire from Suzaku and Hell's Kir.
  • J Kick: gap closer that delivers a jumping attack with a potency of 300 to the enemy targeted, and 50 to all remaining enemies. Acquire from Brute Justice in Burden of the Sun.


General Overview of Method:

This method involves entering an instance with the options Undersized Party and Level Sync checked. This allows you to spawn in and kill the first four packs of the trash before the boss, and since you are synced, you will get Gil for each of the mobs that you kill. You then abandon the instance, rinse and repeat. Each run takes an average of 1 minute and 15 seconds, so you need to do this method for about two hours straight in order to hit the daily cap of 100 instances. This allows you to farm 550,000 Gil each day. 


Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Before entering the instance, pop Mighty Guard and find a DPS to steal their essence from.

2. Enter the instance and immediately pop Basic Instinct.

3. Approach the first pack and use J Kick on the Vault Austiary immediately followed by a Ram's Voice, Shock Strike, and Eruption.

4. Use Ram's Voice and Mind Blast to finish off the pack.

5. Sprint after this pack as you head to the next.

6. Run straight into the next pack and hit them all with a Ram's Voice.

7. Use Swiftcast and Ultra Vibration to KO the entire pack and advance to the next.

8. For this pack, run past the weak enemies and stand right in front of the Vault Deegan. Use Ram's Voice.

9. Run behind the Vault Deegan and use Phantom Flurry (and its finisher) to kill the pack. If you skip Phantom Flurry, use Ram's Voice until the pack is dead.

10. For the final pack, target the Vault Austiary. Use Shock Strike to deal with its large hit to them. Use Ram's Voice and your primal abilities as they come off cooldown to finish off the pack.

11. Wait for all the Gil to drop and then leave the instance.

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