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Runescape 3 High Level Boss AFK Kerapac Guide

Welcome to our Runescape 3 AFK Kerapac Guide! This guide will show you how to take on the high level boss Kerapac with the ability to AFK him. LOLTANK will go over the requirements, the setup, and the strategy



Runescape 3 High Level Boss AFK Kerapac Guide



To AFK Kerapac, you're going to need to have a few stats and unlocks unlocked. These include 95 Prayer, 96 Dungeoneering, 73 Summoning for a Blood Reaper familiar, 56 Archaeology for various relics, 74 Invention for various perks, and 99 Combat stats. You will also want to have the Ring of Vigor passive unlocked from the Extinction quest. It's not a hard requirement, but it is ideal as it will provide you with a bit more damage than a different ring. You will also want to have the Inferno Puzzle Box, either in your inventory or as a passive, and a Telos Cape to increase your damage output. You will also need to be on a Dragon Kings layer assignment, which requires 92 Slayer, and you will want to have the Slow Helmet from the Tier 3 Solar Lodge in Anachronia. 



Your setup for AFK Kerapac is going to include an Abyssal Scourge, Dark Ice Labarum (or the Dark Sliver of Length), Dream Masterwork, Jaws of the Abyss, and Beastmaster Armor Spikes. You will also want to use Cinderbane's weapon, Poison++, and Quorum Incense Sticks to increase your poison damage. The Blood Reaper familiar will have great synergy with healing items such as the Scrimshaw of Vampirism and Vampyre Mora. Finally, you will want to have the Auto Fire Rate of your Blood River Scrolls set to 12, to allow them to heal you every 12 seconds.



When you are ready to take on Kerapac, make sure that Revolution Combat Mode is on and Auto Retaliate is turned on. Make sure to put up the Scrimshaw of Vampirism and Vampyre Mora, and make your way to the exact same location I am standing in right here. This is important as you need to be at melee distance of Kerapac, and Auto Retaliate will attack him immediately. Now all you need to do is absolutely nothing. Since this is a high level boss, there is still a small risk of you dying, but it is very small. Usually, Kerapac will slam into you and once he drops below 50,000 life points, he will phase and no longer deal melee damage to you. If you don't phase him out soon enough, he may deal some damage to you with a slam attack. If you don't have enough health, you can use your Enhance Excalibur or your Emergency Food


At the end of the fight, make sure to teleport out, go to War's Retreat, click the Crystal to refill your Blood Reaper's health and click on the bank to heal up to full. Then click on the Adrenaline Crystal to get 100 Adrenaline and start another kill. You can expect to get kills in around 2 minutes and 5 seconds to two minutes and 25 seconds depending on RNG. With banking times included, you can get around 20 to 22 kills per hour.


If you don't have a Melee setup or don't want to use Melee, you can AFK Kerapac using a Magic setup. You will need to have the Anima Deadspell and Examine unlocked from the City of Ash quest. This setup will get you around 19 to 22 kills per hour, and is mostly tanky. You will be using a Ripper Demon familiar plus scrolls and the Monaco Aura and Scripture when God Book. Make sure to use Xangeline spell and the PVME Discord action bar for this setup.

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