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POE 3.21 Builds: Powerful and Versatile Hexblast Miner Saboteur Budget

This build is a miner that utilizes the Hexblast skill to deal insane damage in POE 3.21 Crucible League. It is based on a Saboteur class with unique item interactions, allowing for a high critical strike chance and increased spell damage. This saboteur build can do all content, including all ubers, all map modes, and all site content, with relative ease. The build is relatively cheap, while it's still one of POE 3.21's powerful builds.



Mid-Term POB Links:

Late-Stage POB Links:


POE 3.21 Builds: Powerful and Versatile Hexblast Miner Saboteur Budget


Pros & Cons

  • + Insane damage: Currently, around 8.5 million damage per mine
  • + Safe gameplay: The mines work with Hexblast to keep monsters far away from the player, minimizing the number of hits coming into the player and freezing everything apart from pinnacle bosses with relative ease.
  • + Ability to do all content: Can do all ubers, all map modes, and all site content with relative ease.
  • + Can start pretty low and scale pretty high: This build can be started with a low budget and scaled up to be one of the most powerful min-maxed builds.
  • + Shines in sanctums: The off-screen damage and mobility make it fun and effective.
  • + Tanky: Utilizes Co2, 8-ling, helmet and being decently tanky.
  • - Will die from time to time: There is no way around it, this is how the solution of the flesh works, and players will get used to it.
  • - Minor play style is not for everyone: Mines can be annoying, which is fixed by Biden Detonator's left click, but some issues are present.
  • - Money can be annoying: The build requires some investment, and managing the mines can sometimes be frustrating.


Gem Setup

  • Hexblast: 6-Link (Spell Totem Support, Controlled Destruction Support, Concentrated Effect Support, Elemental Focus Support, Empower Support)
  • Detonate Mines: 3-Link (Frostbite Curse, Arcane Surge Support)
  • Vaal Haste: 4-Link (Increased Duration Support, Enhance Support, Second Wind Support)
  • Flame Dash: 4-Link (Faster Casting Support, Arcane Surge Support, Second Wind Support)
  • Immortal Call: 3-Link (Cast when Damage Taken Support, Increased Duration Support)
  • Enduring Cry: 4-Link (Second Wind Support, Blood Magic Support, Enhance Support)


Required Items

  1. Dissolution of the Flesh (Unique Jewel): This jewel not only allows us to gain all the benefits of our shield with zero downsides but also gives us a ton of HP.
  2. Rapid Coiled Shield: This shield gives us around 70% of our damage via stats and allows us to be on low life.
  3. Rare Ring with Elemental Weakness on Hit: This ring will give us much power. Look for life resistance on this.
  4. Profane Proxy: This ring allows us to double curse and always have 100% more multi from Hex Blast.
  5. Militant Faith: We love our power charges to skip the Frenzy Charges. Look for mods like a minus mana cost, minor resists, and may be effective ailments.
  6. Helmet: We craft this helmet to create an 8-link with additional Hypothermia, Trap, Mine Damage, Critical Strike Chance, and simulation in power by giving us +2 levels of all fake gems.
  7. Amulet: This amulet not only provides us with a lot of strength that we desperately need but also gives us a decent amount of damage. Look for an amulet with the best implicit, Penetration plus Chaos Damage.
  8. Divinarius: This weapon gives us a lot of crit multiplier, spell damage, and some crit chance.
  9. Belt, Boots, and Gloves: These are our main sources of resistance, stats, and life. Look for a Stygain belt with a lot of strength, life, and resists. Also, look for boots and gloves with as much life and resists as possible.
  10. Medium Cluster Jewels: Roll these yourself with basic minor stuff like Arcane Betterment, Good Real Tactics, and Expert Sabotage.
  11. Regular Jewels: These can be filled with useful life and damage mods.


Build Mechanics

The primary source of damage for this build is hexblast, which deals 100% more damage with hits against hexed enemies. The build relies on high flat base damage from hexblast and a unique shield called the Thirst for Horrors, which gives a 5% increased critical strike chance for spells and 5% increased spell damage per 100 maximum life. With 6000 HP, the shield alone gives us 300 increased critical strike chances and 300 increased spell damage.

However, the shield comes with a downside. Every time we cast a spell, we sacrifice 10% of our HP. We use a unique jewel called the Solution of the Flesh to mitigate this downside, which completely changes our HP damage interaction. With this jewel, every time we take damage, we reserve that amount onto our HP pool instead of taking it. This allows us to use the Thirst for Horrors shield while running around with free max health.


Skill Tree

Here is the recommended skill tree for the Hexblast Miner Saboteur build: 

POE 3.21 Versatile Hexblast Skill Tree

The tree focuses on picking up as much spell damage, critical strike chance, and mine damage as possible. It also includes some life and mana nodes to help with survivability and mana sustain.


Budget Concerns

The build can start low and scale high. However, it is recommended to start with at least two divines. The budget should be allocated towards essential items like a six-linked Tremor Rod, a well-rolled Thirst for Horrors shield, and a well-rolled Solution of the Flesh jewel. The build also requires a high amount of critical chance, so investment in critical chance gear is also necessary.


Notes: This build can start relatively low, and with the proper investment, it can scale up to pretty high levels, making it an excellent build for those looking for a powerful build with a small path of exile currency budget.



  • Perfect Crime 
  • Chain Reaction 
  • Pyromaniac 
  • Born in the Shadows



Kill All.



  • Major God: Soul of Solaris 
  • Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul



Hexblast Miner Saboteur build is a great all-around build for Path of Exile Crucible League. It is mobile, can dish out high damage, has decent defenses, and is relatively cheap and easy to assemble. With the Solution of the Flesh and Rapid's Shield bonus, this build can take on all content except for the most challenging map modes and Ubers. Levelling is made easy with Stormblast Mine and Galvanic Field. With time and effort, this build can have anyone playing POE confidently and having a great time.

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