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How to Easy Obtain Final Fantasy XIV Mounts?

Final Fantasy XIV is known for its plethora of mounts, but not all of them require a significant grind. In this guide, we'll go over some of the mounts that are relatively easy to obtain, including Extreme Trial mounts, Savage mounts, Certificate Exchange mounts, PvP mounts, and Mobile Treasure Event mounts.

How to Easy Obtain Final Fantasy XIV Mounts?

Extreme Trial Mounts

Extreme Trial mounts are available in both Realm Reborn and Heavensward. If you have a tank job at level 90 and an armor set level above 560, you can solo these trials relatively easily. To solo, go to the Party Finder, click the wheel icon at the top, and change the setting to solo. You may receive a mount after each clear. There are seven possible mounts from Realm Reborn and one legendary mount from Heavensward. The ARR quest for the legendary mount is easy to complete, and the Heavensward quest is displayed on the screen. However, the Nightmare Mount from Heavensward has a very poor drop rate, so it may not be worth the effort.


Savage Mounts

There are two Savage mounts that are soloable - Burden of the Father and Soul of the Creator, with the latter being easier to do. Other jobs may have varying success rates. Once you finish the fight, you will be rewarded with mounts, as well as cool armors and weapons that you can store in your Glamour Dresser. The Sigil Game v.4.0 from Stormblood is also soloable but difficult. The other two Savage mounts from Stormblood and Shadowbringers are not currently soloable, but they can be farmed if you find a party and run them unsynced.


Certificate Exchange Mounts

These mounts are rewards for achieving certain feats, and you can exchange them for a variety of items from the vendor in Gridania, including FFXIV Gil, Glamour items, Shogable Bearings, Minions, Music Scrolls, and mounts. If you have achieved some feats, you may already have enough to exchange for something from the vendor.


PvP Mounts

To unlock PvP, you need to be at least level 30 and talk to one of three NPCs to take one of three missions, depending on your Grand Company. This will unlock Wolf's Den and The Wolves' Den Pier, and you'll also want to talk to an NPC in the Wolves' Den to unlock Rival Wings. All activities you do in PvP give XP and Wolf Marks, up to a max of 20,000. You can use these Wolf Marks to purchase a variety of items, including mounts. The PvP Series upgrades with more PvP events you participate in. Each Series guarantees a mount and sometimes Relics, and the Series mount comes with special effects.


Mobile Treasure Event Mounts

The Mobile Treasure Event is open from time to time, and during this event, you can get special currencies by completing various tasks. The most notable currency is Daily Mileage, which you can get by completing Daily Roulettes. If you have been doing these, you may already have some currency left over from past events, which you can use to exchange for a variety of items, including mounts. One of the mounts from the last event was the Flying Ship.


In conclusion, while some mounts in FF14 can be quite the grind to obtain, there are many mounts that are relatively easy to obtain. Whether it's through Extreme Trials, Savage mounts, Certificate Exchange, PvP, or Mobile Treasure Event mounts, there's something for everyone. So don't despair - keep collecting those mounts!

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