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Important Changes Coming to Path of Exile 3.21 patch

The Path of Exile team has announced that they are planning to launch their next expansion in early April, which means that The Forbidden Sanctum challenge league will be longer than usual. The team is currently exploring some ideas for low-key events that they can do in the final month before the launch of the new expansion, and they will update players on those ideas in the coming weeks. Path of Exile players, get ready for the highly anticipated 3.21 patch! In this article, we'll dive into the new uniques, two quality-of-life improvements, and one skill nerf that will be coming to the game.



Important Changes Coming to Path of Exile 3.21 patch


The Fulcrum

Fulcrum is a unique item that offers players a lot of chill and shock effects while also providing mana and energy shield leech. While this is an intriguing concept, it may not be as useful as it initially seems. Mana leech doesn't benefit spellcasters, and combining this with other items like Winterweave or Pulse of the Dendrobate could give players the chill or shock effect without the leeching.


StormSeeker Ambush Mitts Gloves

The upcoming StormSeeker gloves in Path of Exile 3.21 are a unique item that can potentially empower previously underpowered builds. These gloves rely on leeching mana to become unaffected by chill and shock, but it's important to note that benefits tied to mana leech are lost when at full mana. Storm Seeker encourages both lightning and cold damage on an attack-based build, which is something players tend to do already. The gloves offer a massive increase to the effect of shocks while leeching energy shield. This item has the potential to make lightning and cold damage builds more viable, but players will need to have over leach for energy in order to utilize the gloves effectively.


Chaos Orbs stack up to 20

Chaos Orbs will now stack up to 20, significantly reducing the time spent trading them. However, Chaos Orbs still lack value compared to other POE currency items in the game. It would be great to see more value added to Chaos Orbs, such as making them more likely to roll higher-tier modifiers when used on higher-level items.


Seismic Trap

Potential nerf to Seismic Trap. While it's not confirmed yet, this could be a great chance for racing and hardcore players, as Seismic Trap has been a problematic skill for a while now.



Oils will now display their type in the bottom right corner, which is especially helpful for colorblind players who may have difficulty determining the type of Oil without knowing its name.


Overall, these changes may have a significant impact on the game's economy and the meta. We look forward to seeing how they play out and how players adapt to the new additions and improvements. Keep an eye out for future Path of Exile guides and articles from us!

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