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Most Efficient Ways to Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Up Jobs to Max Level

In Final Fantasy XIV, leveling up is a key aspect of character progression. As players level up, they gain access to new abilities, equipment, and content. There are many ways to gain experience points (XP) in the game, such as completing quests, participating in battles, crafting, gathering, and more. Welcome to our FFXIV Guides Article, where we will discuss the most efficient ways to level all of your jobs to max level. With the help of this article, you'll be able to level up quickly and have a variety of rewards along the way. 

Most Efficient Ways to Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Up Jobs to Max Level

Rested XP Bonus

Whenever you're in a sanctuary, you get a rested XP bonus. Look for the half-moon symbol on your XP bar to confirm you're getting this bonus. Always log out in a sanctuary to maximize this bonus.


Food Bonus

Food items give you a 3% XP boost when you're defeating enemies. You can buy cheap vendor food to get this bonus. The stats are irrelevant.


Free Company XP Bonus

Join a Free Company and ask the FC leader if they're running the XP bonus. It's a significant bonus, so make sure you find an FC.


Preferred Worlds

If you're just starting, consider joining a preferred world to get huge XP bonuses. Everything levels up twice as fast, and the minimum benefit is 90 days.


Hunting Log

This method has you hunt down specifically marked monsters around the world. When you complete a rank by defeating the enemies listed in the Hunting Log, you get a massive chunk of XP. It's a slow and high-effort method that we recommend only after level 20 to get your character into zones where you can do other stuff.



These are events that spawn all around the world, and they can be used to gain decent XP. Check the level range of the Fates on the map, make sure you're close to it, and participate in whatever the Fate asks of you. We like this method early on, especially up to level 20 in combination with the Hunting Log.


XP Bonus Fatesgold

These are Fates that provide additional XP. Look for the symbol on the map and do them if you're doing MSQ in a certain zone.


Class, Job, and Role Quests

You want to do these up until level 30 when your class turns into a job. From level 30 to level 80, they're called job quests. From level 70 to level 90, there are also role quests.


Beast Tribe Quests

These give decent XP and a mount reward at the end. They're Final Fantasy's version of daily quests.


Weekly and Daily Hunt Marks

You get a weekly mark and daily marks for bounty hunting. Slay the hunt mark and get decent XP, allied seals, centrio seals, and sacks of nuts that can be used for various rewards.


Command Missions

This feature of Adventure Squadrons is part of your Grand Company. You'll unlock these once you complete the whole Grand Company questline and reach level 47.


Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High

Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High are multi-floor dungeons that allow players to battle their way through up to 200 and 100 floors respectively. Progress in these dungeons is separate from the main game, so players can be level 50 in Palace of the Dead, but still level 20 outside of it. This makes it a great way to test out abilities at higher levels and get a preview of what's to come.

To enter these dungeons, players must speak to an NPC in Gridania (Palace of the Dead) or Kugane (Heaven-on-High). The entry requirements for Palace of the Dead are level 17 and completion of the quest The House That Death Built. For Heaven-on-High, players must be level 61 and have completed the main scenario quest Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out.

Players can level up their Ether Pool Arms in these dungeons, which makes them stronger in the specific deep dungeon. Ether Pool Arms can be obtained by defeating monsters in the dungeons, and players can level them up by using Pomanders of Alteration or Fortune.


Eureka Anemos

Eureka Anemos is a large, open-world area that allows players to explore and battle through various elements. To enter Eureka Anemos, players must first complete the quest And We Shall Call It Eureka in Rhalgr's Reach. Progress in Eureka Anemos is separate from the main game, so players can be level 1 in the main game but level 20 in Eureka. This area also features a unique weapon progression system, allowing players to obtain powerful weapons by completing quests and defeating monsters.


XP options for level 70 to 80

For those looking for XP from level 70 to 80, the Boss Jar Field Operation is a great option. This unique zone has a storyline that players can progress through, featuring special Fates that spawn and give decent XP. In addition, there are sometimes special events that spawn, providing a nice boost to XP.

Wondrous Tales is another great XP option, requiring a player to be level 60 and unlocked through various quests. Players can take on duties from Chloe Aliapo and receive various rewards, including half a level of XP on any job they turn the book in with.


PvP content

such as Frontline, Crystalline Conflict, and Rival Wings provide decent XP and rewards, as well as PvP series rewards. Duty Roulette is also a great way to gain XP, with the Leveling Roulette giving decent FFXIV Gil and tomestones and Trial Roulette providing good XP for the time spent.


In conclusion, there are many ways to gain XP in Final Fantasy XIV, and players should find the option that best fits their playstyle and make use of it. Deep Dungeons provide a unique challenge and reward system, while other options such as Boss Jar Field Operation, Wondrous Tales, PvP content, and Duty Roulette offer their own unique benefits.

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