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Poe 3.21 Artillery Ballista Deadeye Powerful Bow Build

To use Path of Exile Artillery Ballista, players must first have a bow equipped, as the skill's damage is based on the player's bow damage. They can then summon the ballista totem by casting the skill, at which point it will begin firing arrows in a straight line. Players can summon multiple ballistas at once, and can also support them with various support gems to further enhance their damage and effectiveness. Playing as a Deadeye in Path of Exile is an exciting and powerful way to clear maps quickly and deal massive amounts of damage.



Poe 3.21 Artillery Ballista Deadeye Powerful  Bow Build


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Skill tree

The skill tree for this poe builds is flexible and players can choose any of the notable nodes in the Deadeye tree, including Focal Point, and adjust pathing accordingly. Most players go with Far Shot, but it can be expensive. The empty jewel sockets in the clusters are left for players to customize according to their preferences. The author of the guide recommends using a Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh setup.



The body armour recommended for this build is Hyrri's Ire, which provides free damage and spell suppression. However, it's not necessary to use this armour and players can adjust their gear according to their preferences. Once the player obtains Headhunter, they can adjust their gear accordingly. The gear provided in the guide is designed to be the bare minimum for the swap, but it can be upgraded significantly in this variation of the PoB.

A belt option to consider is Darkness Enthroned, which allows players to get juiced six-stated abyssal jewels. However, the author notes that they haven't explored this option yet and encourages players to look into it themselves.


Atlas Tree

Take Ricochet as your Deadeye ascendancy, which means your skills will chain one time. You'll also take Plus two additional projectiles, Gathering Winds for Tailwind all the time, and Focal Point for increased damage.



Start on a basic Tier 16 Crimson Temple Map. Your defenses will come from the fact that you're a Ranger, and you'll be able to kill things immediately. You'll be able to clear fast and your damage will feel really good.



Socket coloring with gear can be difficult, particularly when trying to maintain blue sockets. They recommend using Dash instead of FrostBlink to make it easier to socket in the necessary skills. The author also suggests using the Blink Arrow and Dash combination for movement, but notes that taking the Blink Arrow CDR mastery is a personal preference.


Act 1

When playing through Act 1 of Path of Exile, it is often useful to take the Primal Spirit node early on to access Int/Strength and mana regen. These nodes can be taken at any time, but I often find myself needing them by Act 4. Additionally, it is recommended to head towards the Aspect of the Eagle and Heart of Oak nodes before Brutus and Mervail to help with damage. 


Act 2 

For Act 2, it is recommended to kill all the bandits for the extra skill points. 


Act 3 

For Act 3, it is important to remember to take the Int Amulet from the rewards! 



When selecting auras, it is important to take into account your needs. If you need more resistances, use Purity of Elements. If you need more movement speed, use Haste. If you need more damage, use Wrath. Advanced players can use a combination of Wrath and Haste, mid-tier players can use Purity of Elements and Haste, while lower tier players can use Purity of Elements and Wrath. 


Act 4/5 

In Act 4 and 5, it is recommended to wait until you can get a 4 link for Lightning Arrows before swapping out Galvanic/Rain of Arrows. 4 green is ideal for the lightning arrow swap, but other link combinations can work in a pinch. 


Act 6-10 

For Act 6-10, consider adding LifeTap to Artillery Ballista instead of faster attacks if you have mana issues. The same goes for Lightning Arrow if you feel comfortable enough to switch it to LifeTap. Additionally, consider swapping Chain into your setup for extra projectiles and better clear. 


Strength and Int Nodes 

It is important to note that the Strength and Int nodes I have mentioned are only for the campaign and leveling. Once you have sorted out your gear, you should not need them. Only take them as needed.


In summary, playing as a Deadeye in Path of Exile requires the right gear choices, and mapping strategy. With the right gear progression and gameplay strategy, you'll be able to deal massive amounts of damage and clear maps quickly.

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