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PoE 3.21 Powerful Tornado Shot Ranger Raider Build

If you're looking for a build that can map efficiently and take down all in-game bosses, including their Uber variant, then you might want to try the powerful Tornado Shot build in Path of Exile. This build is designed to put ball belts back into the map by using a skill that fires secondary projectiles from each primary projectile. The secondary projectiles deal full damage and an enemy can be hit by multiple secondary projectiles originating from different primary ones, which means that theoretically, tornado shot damage can be multiplied by its arrow count, making it one of the best bow skills in the entire game.



PoE 3.21 Powerful Tornado Shot Ranger Raider Build


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But what about defenses? Don't be fooled by the low amount of life that this build has, as it also has 100 spell suppression and a 70,000 evasion rating. With this build, you can run 50 maps without getting hit once, which is quite impressive.



As a raider, this build has access to some great ascendancy nodes that complement its play style. Rapid assault, for example, provides access to a permanent onslaught buff from as early as Act 3, which is great for leveling. It also unlocks the avatar of the chase, which doubles the effect of the onslaught on you and grants you 10 more chances to evade attacks all the time. This goes really well with our massive evasion. The way of the poacher not only acts as a means of generating frenzy charges for us but also increases their maximum count by one. Finally, the avatar of the slaughter grants us many different bonuses based on how many frenzy charges we have.


Passive Tree

For the passive tree, this build focuses on frenzy charges, attack nodes, bow nodes, crit nodes, life, speed, and frenzy charge scaling nodes. One large cluster jewel setup is recommended, which adds the following notables: feed the fury, heavy hitter, and fuel the fight.



Now let's talk about items. This build is not Poe Currency budget-friendly, as is the case with most good bow builds in this game. For your weapon, you'll want a generic deck stacking bow with added cold damage to attacks per 10 dexterity. You'll also want attack speed, crit chance, and plus 2 arrows. The rest of the nodes are optional, although it's nice if you can get flat gold damage as well.


The Hyrri's Ire unique chest is a standard option for any cold-based bow build. It provides us with flat-added cold damage to attacks, spell suppression, dexterity, and lots of evasions, which makes it the best slot option that cannot be beaten by any other rare chest. You'll also want a deck-stacking amulet with increased dexterity, increased attributes, and a one percent increase in damage per 50 indexes. You can also add optional mods for crit multi, life, and increased projectile speed and damage. Anoint whispers of doom on your amulet, as you'll be applying two curses in this build.



For your quiver, you'll want a gg mirror tier quiver that has every damage mod you can think of. If you can't find one, then you can use the poised prism unique quiver, as it almost gives you the same damage as the mirror tier quiver. Fractal Thoughts unique helm is a pretty standard item for any deck stacking bow build, as it gives us 40 crit multi, 15 increase dexterity, and one percent increase elemental damage per 10 dexterity.



For gloves, you'll want rare ones with high tech, 30-roll attack speed, life, and resistances, as well as cold exposure and the chance to intimidate enemies on hit eldritch implicit. Your ring should have frostbite curse on hit, as well as crit multi, attributes, and life.

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