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Guide to Currency Farming in Path of Exile with Heists, Expeditions, and Strongboxes Explained

Currency farming is an important aspect of Path of Exile, as it allows players to accumulate valuable items and POE currency to upgrade their characters and gear. In this guide, we will discuss a specific method of currency farming that involves utilizing various mechanics in the game, including heists, expeditions, and strongboxes.

Guide to Currency Farming in Path of Exile with Heists, Expeditions, and Strongboxes Explained


Setting Up Your Atlas

To begin with, it's important to set up your Atlas in a way that maximizes your currency farming potential. this guide has heist notes on their Atlas, focusing on necessary ones and interesting blueprints. We also run specific contracts, rather than all of them, and focus on the Tujen expedition mechanic. Additionally, we have notes on their tree for strongboxes, including diviner strongboxes, which like for the divination cards.


Utilizing Heists and Contracts

Heists and contracts can be a lucrative source of currency. this guide uses heists and contracts as part of their currency farming method. We invest in heists by using Nico for maximum elemental resistances and movement speed, as well as using six chaos to run heists. We also focus on specific contracts, rather than running all of them, to maximize efficiency.


Exploiting Expedition Mechanics

Expeditions, specifically focusing on the Tujen expedition mechanic, is another aspect of the currency farming method used by this guide. We mention using polished expedition scarabs, which cost around 5 chaos each, and some sulfur scarabs to have Nico in the map. This investment per map is around 10 chaos, making it an affordable and potentially lucrative method of farming currency.


Taking Advantage of Strongboxes

Strongboxes can also be a valuable source of currency and items. this guide has notes on Atlas for strongboxes, including corrupted and rare strongboxes. Also mention using scarabs on strongboxes for additional rewards, such as operators' strongboxes with scarabs, diviner strongboxes, and notes on their tree for strongboxes.


Optimizing Your Build

Having a strong and efficient build is crucial for effective currency farming. uses an explosive arrow elementalist build, but mentions that tree is not yet finished, with some points missing at level 95. We also mention using large cluster jewels, such as the Unnatural Instinct jewel, to further optimize build.


Clearing Maps and Maximizing Loot

When running maps, in this guide mentions quickly clearing the map and picking up items of interest, such as essences and strongboxes. We also mention using flame dash to quickly move around and let their totems kill mobs, optimizing their map clearing speed. also mention checking for additional loot at the end of the map, such as artifacts and chests.


Adjusting Your Strategy

This guide mentions that we are continuously adjusting currency farming strategy, such as considering taking additional notes on their Atlas, optimizing their tree, and using different scarabs. It's important to regularly assess and adjust your strategy to maximize efficiency and keep up with changes in the game.


In conclusion, currency farming in Path of Exile requires careful planning, optimization of your build, and utilization of various mechanics in the game. By setting up your Atlas, utilizing heists and contracts, exploiting expedition mechanics, taking advantage of strongboxes, optimizing your build, clearing maps efficiently, and adjusting your strategy, you can create an effective currency farming method that suits your playstyle and goals. Happy farming, Exiles!

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