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Last Epoch Review: Should You Buy and Play It In 2023?

The action RPG genre is experiencing a surge in excitement, with upcoming titles like Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 on the horizon. However, one game that is already making waves in the genre is Last Epoch. In this guide, we will explore Last Epoch's positives and negatives, providing a comprehensive picture of what the game has to offer, including first impressions of the game's beta version 0.9. If you're a fan of RPGs and interested in discovering whether the Last Epoch is worth playing in 2023, this guide is for you.



Last Epoch Review: Should You Buy and Play It In 2023?


This unique ARPG features a time-travel concept that sets it apart from its competitors. As you journey through different eras, battle enemies, and face wrathful gods, Last Epoch brings this thrilling concept to life with engaging graphics, in-depth character building, a loot system done right, and exceptionally smooth gameplay. 



Classes and Masteries

Last Epoch offers players a choice of 5 distinct classes to select from: Sentinel, Rogue, Mage, Primalist, and Acolyte. These classes can specialize in one of three masteries, resulting in a multitude of unique gameplay experiences. Although some masteries are not available in the beta version of the game, the currently accessible options provide a diverse range of combat styles and aesthetics.


Having played as both the mage and the rogue, each class has its own unique set of abilities and strategies, providing players with an array of gameplay options to explore. Overall, the class system in Last Epoch is a standout feature of the game, offering players an engaging and gratifying experience that caters to their preferences for variety and depth in gameplay.


Character Building and Loot Systems

One of the standout features of Last Epoch is its impressive character-building systems, which give players the ability to create unique and distinct characters. At the core of this system is the passive skill tree, which allows players to allocate points not only in their base class and chosen mastery but also in the trees of other masteries. The game also offers a skill and specialization system that allows players to select and level up their preferred abilities, providing a high level of customization for their characters.


Additionally, Last Epoch's idol system adds a unique touch by providing slots for players to equip powerful and distinct items. The game also includes various buffs known as Blessings that players can select once they start clearing endgame content. Despite the depth of the character-building systems, they are easy to understand, making them accessible for players of all levels.


This game also delivers a flawless look and banking experience. The game boasts an exceptional UI and UX that sets a high bar for other games to follow. Last Epoch Items drops feel incredibly rewarding and fun, thanks to the in-built loot filter that allows players to personalize their drop preferences. Unlike other ARPGs that rely on external sources to deliver a satisfying loot experience, Last Epoch goes above and beyond to ensure that players have a great experience.


Moreover, the game offers a variety of sorting and customization options for both inventory and bank items, making it stand out from other RPGs. Players can transfer crafting items out of their inventory with a single click and enjoy highly customizable player banks with different visual features. Overall, Last Epoch's exceptional character-building and loot systems set the game apart from others in the genre.


Story, campaign and levelling

The story, campaign, and levelling experience in this game have both positive and negative aspects. While there are many positive aspects to the game, the story, campaign, and levelling experience left something to be desired. Of course, this is subjective, as opinions on these matters can vary. We found the story to be uninteresting from the beginning.


Even after starting a new character to give it another chance, We still felt the same way. While there are some interesting elements to the story as you progress through the campaign, missing out on the initial story makes it difficult to become invested later on suddenly. The lack of voice acting and dull dialogue early on contributed to this feeling. It's disappointing that a game with an innovative time-travel concept doesn't deliver a more engaging story.


As for levelling, it feels like a long, unnecessary tutorial until you reach the endgame. This is similar to the levelling experience in Lost Ark. While it's not the worst thing for one character, it can be tedious when playing multiple characters and classes. On the bright side, the game does a good job of explaining the controls and systems as you progress through the game.


Gameplay & Graphics

Let's shift our focus to the positive aspects of the game, starting with the gameplay. The combat in this game is incredibly smooth and immersive, making it hard to stop playing. The abilities trigger instantly upon use, which takes some getting used to, but ultimately enhances the gameplay experience. The combat system is definitely a strong suit of this game, making it worth playing.


Moving on to the graphics, the zone, level, and monster designs are all visually impressive. The game features multiple dimensions within different zones, which adds a unique touch to the overall design. Additionally, the game's concept of time travel is noteworthy, as players will visit the same locations in different timelines, making for an interesting and enjoyable experience.


Travelling through time is also made easy with the game's user-friendly map feature. With just a few clicks, players can travel to any timeline they desire, adding to the game's overall smooth and enjoyable experience. Overall, the gameplay and graphics of this game are impressive, making it a must-play for any gamer.


Last Epoch Screenshot


Pros of Last Epoch

Firstly, it features a unique time travel concept that is flawlessly integrated into the gameplay. Additionally, the game provides players with extensive character-building options through various systems without overwhelming them. Its loot and banking systems are seamlessly integrated with an integrated loot filter, setting an example for other ARPGs to follow.


The user interface and user experience are top-notch, making it the best in the market. Lastly, the smooth gameplay of different classes is so addictive that players may struggle to stop playing, which could be a disadvantage for those with addiction problems.


Cons of Last Epoch

However, Last Epoch also has its share of disadvantages. For instance, the character models look weird, which is unfortunate, as it is the only visually noticeable negative aspect of the game.


Moreover, the story's beginning could be stronger and has a lack of voice acting and dull dialogue, although it does improve as players progress. Losing players' interest early on, especially in an investment-driven aspect such as the story, is challenging to recover from, and regaining their interest is crucial.



The multiplayer aspect of the game has recently been implemented, and as such, We have not had the chance to review it thoroughly. However, it is worth noting that players can form a party of up to four individuals and play through the game together.


Although the multiplayer features may currently be slow and contain bugs, they will be addressed before the game is officially released. We have had a positive experience with the multiplayer aspect thus far, as players are able to embark on the campaign together from the very beginning. Additionally, teleporting to other party members is made easy through the creation of a portal by simply right-clicking on their names.


Should You Buy and Play the Last Epoch?

The decision to buy and play Last Epoch depends on your expectations from the game. If you're looking for a great ARPG to play and have fun with, then my answer is a definite yes. However, keep in mind that any character created during the beta phase will be transferred as an offline character in the future. So, if you want your character to exist in the online realm, it might be better to wait until the game goes live.

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