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Last Epoch Dev Stream Highlights: Teasers, Corruption Updates, 1.0 Release, and Factions

Hello everyone, and welcome to the action RPG Last Epoch! In this guide article, we'll be covering the key highlights from the recent Last Epoch developer stream hosted by Aaron, where Mike, one of the senior developers from 11th Hour Games, provided some exciting information about the game's future updates and features. Let's dive right in!


Last Epoch Dev Stream Highlights: Teasers, Corruption Updates, 1.0 Release, and Factions



During the stream, Mike shared a couple of teasers to pique the community's interest. The first teaser showcased a unique in-game item with a render. Although this may be familiar to some players, it was a visual treat to witness. The second teaser revolved around the expansion of Holy Lightning effects, including on-hit and on-death VFX for enemies. These new effects will bring more thematic variety to the game.


Customizable UI and MTX

One of the questions from the community was regarding the possibility of customizable UI or Microtransaction (MTX) options for the UI. While Mike acknowledged that the idea had been considered, there currently needs to be plans to implement it. However, he did mention that they had dabbled with the concept before, so it remains a possibility for the future.


Missing Masteries and Patch 1.0

Another topic discussed was the release of missing classes, also known as Masteries, before or with the arrival of Patch 1.0. Mike confirmed that all the missing Masteries would be released before the full release of Patch 1.0, which is expected later this year. This exciting news ensures that players will have access to all the Masteries and their unique playstyles in the near future.


Balancing and Hotfixes

The community expressed their desire for balance hotfixes in the next patch. Mike acknowledged the request and mentioned that there were discussions about the possibility of a mid-season balance patch. However, he also highlighted the challenge of balancing top-tier builds without causing significant disruptions mid-ladder. With numerous tasks to accomplish for the 1.0 release, including fixing bugs and improving features, it remains to be seen whether a comprehensive balance update will be possible.


Factions and Community Testing

The topic of factions, a highly anticipated feature for 1.0, was brought up during the stream. The question revolved around whether the community testers would have the opportunity to test factions before its official launch. Mike confirmed that the plan is indeed to release factions to community testers before the full launch. While specific details about the testing phase were not provided, this ensures that the player community will have a chance to provide feedback and help refine the feature before its official implementation.


Corruption System

Regarding the Corruption system, Mike acknowledged that reaching high corruption levels, such as the ambitious 1500 corruption mark, is incredibly challenging and time-consuming. He mentioned that there is room for improvement in the system, possibly through adjustments to the difficulty and reward curves. While the specifics were not discussed in detail, it's clear that the development team is actively looking into refining the Corruption system to strike a balance between challenge and reward.



The Last Epoch developer stream provided us with a glimpse into the exciting updates and features coming to the game. Teasers of unique in-game items and expanded Holy Lightning effects showcased the team's commitment to visual and thematic variety. The confirmation of all missing Masteries releasing before Patch 1.0 ensures a complete gameplay experience. Balancing, hotfixes, and the introduction of factions are all points of interest for the community, with the development team aiming to involve community testers in shaping the game's future. Finally, the discussion around the Corruption system highlights the team's dedication to finding the right balance of challenge and reward.

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