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Last Epoch Each Class Best Masteries Ranking

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Last Epoch Class and Masteries Tier list and Rankings! Understanding the hierarchy of classes and their respective masteries can be pivotal to your gameplay success. With the competitive ladder system in place and additional data from Last Epoch tools website, we have a clearer picture of which classes and masteries are dominating the arena. Let's jump right into it.


Last Epoch Each Class Best Masteries Ranking


Acolyte Masteries

  1. Warlock: The undisputed champion among Acolyte class. Warlock has proven itself to be an intimidating force with players like C_kyber achieving more than 2,200 waves in arenas. Due to its AOE capabilities and damage per second potential, builds that are concentrating on bleed or torment are showing great progress.
  2. Necromancer: This mastery takes second place with an impressive build diversity. Explosive Wraith Builds give Necromancer great AoE synergy. Newman is currently one of our best Necromancers with a score above 800 waves in Arena.
  3. Lich: Despite its strengths, Lich falls behind its counterparts with a top score just over 200 in arena waves. Death seal builds are common among top Lich players, but they lack the popularity and power of Warlock and Necromancer.


Rogue Masteries

  • Falconer: At number three stands Falconer among Rogue masteries as well as the overall rankings.Going up to 1,100 arenas means this build really knows what versatility is all about along with umbral blades if not ballista.
  • Blade Dancer & Marksman: the second best of Rogue masteries after clearing just under 290 waves each. Blade Dancer is perfect for fast leveling whereas Marksman is loaded with single target damage.


Mage Masteries

  • Runemaster: Runemaster barely squeezes into the top 50, where a player named 'Cat’ got over 400 waves. With its complex playstyle and potent abilities, this Mage mastery is considered to be one of the most popular ones among others.
  • Sorcerer: Having a top clear of 274 waves, Sorcerer remains a strong contender in comparison to Runemaster which outshadows him in many ways but still has good leveling potential .
  • Spellblade: As a result, it is less loved among Mage masteries due to poor arena score as seen from his rating below two hundred waves.


Sentinel Masteries

  • Void Knight: The sentinel's leader on wave eight Chicken completed nearly four hundred waves. Crowdpleasing warpath builds are why Void Knight can contest for top spot here
  • Paladin: Paladin is not far behind Void Knight; the class boasts diverse builds such as Healing Hand and Smite-focused strategies. Paladin variety is at an all-time high.
  • Forge Guard: It cannot boast much popularity nor performance though their maximum clears are around 160 waves.Leave Forge Guard at least until it gets some buffs now so that it will compete with other Sentinel masteries later.


Primalist Masteries

  • Druid: The highest scored Primalist mastery by Padder (378). They come in different forms and use Maelstroms, War Cries and other skills which help them gain these high rankings amongst Primalists…
  • Beastmaster: On par with Druid, Beastmaster works well when using totem or wolf based builds with frenzy totems leading the charge in arena clears.
  • Shaman: Shaman is less than Beastmaster, but it has totems that primarily deal in ranged attacks and have high levels of survivability.


Despite the fact that currently some masteries such as Warlock and Falconer are very popular, we should always bear in mind that balance patches may change this. Every mastery has its own strong points and can be good in one situation while bad in another. Use this guide to begin your Last Epoch journey, but feel free to step out of the box and find your own way. Enjoy time travel!

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