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Last Epoch Classes Ultimate Guide: How to choose your first character?

If you are new to the playership of the last epoch, there is a good chance you are puzzled over which professional life line to choose. The fifteen masteries at your disposal can be overwhelming. Fear not, as this manual is here to simplify those choices so as to resonate with your personal playstyle preferences. We'll go through all these complexities together and help you make an informed decision on which class will serve as your first character.



Last Epoch Classes Ultimate Guide: How to choose your first character?


Remember, it isn't necessary for a "best" category of course; rather it's about what resonates with you. The games design promotes diverse build strategies without succumbing into any strict meta. Therefore, go for a mastery, pick abilities which bring joy and embrace some damage type which catches your fancy.


Unlocking Your Mastery

Let us first clarify when specialization takes place before we get into the details of Sentinels intricacies. You won't immediately access masteries; instead, they unlock at a very particular point in the campaign. Put all 20 points earned initially into your base class and then proceed to reach Lower District whereupon your selected mastery becomes accessible. This usually occurs around an hour or two of gameplay time. Be patient, oh young wanderer!


Sentinel Overview

Last Epoch Class Sentinel

In its essence, the Sentinel is the archetypal knight in shining armor— picture him as more of a battle-hardened warlord than a bright aluminum can. Below are some of what you will have with this beast:

  • War Path: Spin-to-win and bring destruction upon all.
  • Shield Bash: Have you ever wanted to hit someone with a door? You've got it now.
  • Javelin: Who says knights cannot be Olympians? Just throw that pointed stick!
  • Lunge: Cross distances so fast that you won't even say surprise attack!
  • Multistrike: Get hit and hit harder. This is similar to reflexes except it's much cooler.
  • Rebuke: And angrily say no.


But wait, there's more! In addition, the Sentinel offers three masteries that each has its own flavor of ass-kicking skills:

  1. Melee Bruiser
  2. Summoner Supreme
  3. Support Range St... Wait, what?


Let's take a closer look at these masteries and see which one feels like "you."


Void Knight

The Void Knight is like that friend who is always the life of the party but doesn't understand jokes. Its focus is on dealing heaps of damage and bouncing around like pinball on methamphetamine. These are some reasons why it is good for you:

  • High Mobility: Tippy toe your way through enemies like an over caffeinated ballerina.
  • Void Damage: It does not only deal damage, but also voids it.
  • Glass Cannon Vibes: Tough hits but bad defense means he can hit hard but don't get hit back.

If you're all about those big crunchy numbers, then the Void Knight is your jam.


Forge Guard

Imagine if about your beloved tank and a necromancer had a child together. Say hello to the Forge Guard. Now let's get down to business:

  • Disembodied Weapon Buddies: Summon spectral armors that fight for you because making friends is hard.
  • Tanky as Heck: Built like fortress with legs.
  • Needs an Identity Boost: Currently in an it's complicated relationship with its own uniqueness.

Choose Forge Guard if you enjoy a leisurely pace and having ghostly minions do your bidding.



Finally, there is Paladin—why swing a sword when you can throw divine judgment from afar? Here's what makes the Paladin special:

  • Holy Aura: Beam awesomeness (and damage boosts) at everyone nearby.
  • Range Build Potential: Ever wanted to play knight darts? Now's your chance.
  • Supportive Spells: Treat, Smite, everybody loves you right now!

For those who would like to mix magic with strength and look fabulous doing it, there is Paladin.


Rogue Overview

Last Epoch Class Rogue

Do you want to play Diablo-like rogue? Rogue is the class that you are looking for. They are all about movement and mobility and can be considered as the acrobats of the battlefield; they can easily deal heavy damage and disappear without leaving a trace. And guess what? Shadow clones come standard with your base kit! That's right; no matter which mastery you choose, you'll be able to summon doppelgangers to double the trouble for your foes.



With Bladedancer, it's all up close and personal. After investing some skill points in a passive ability that enables dual wielding, you will join the best of them in slicing and dicing nothing else but enemies. Let's consider a few skills:

  • Shadow Cascade: Visualize an area attack that not only hits hard but also has a mirror image capacity triggered by shadow clones. It's like having a dance troupe armed with swords.
  • Synchronized Strike: This skill lets you leap forward and unleash a flurry of strikes in an area, perfect for those "Surprise! It's me!" moments.

The Bladedancer is like whirlwind of blades – part ballerina, part ninja – who leaves behind nothing but chaos.



Would you rather keep at range? The Marksman mastery makes you into a ranged combat specialist. Although elemental damage dabbling may occur among others, physical ranged attacks accompanied by tactical trap deployments are this mastery specialty here is an idea:

  • Elemental Arrows: Customize your quiver with elemental enchantments to adapt to any situation.
  • Shuriken Throw: Keep enemies at bay with a barrage of deadly stars. Who needs a ninja star when you have... well, actual ninja stars?

The Marksman is all about being accurate and versatile while still keeping Rogues' mobility intact on the battlefront from afar.



The newest addition to the Rogue's arsenal is the Falconer, where your bird isn't just a pet – it's an extension of your will. This mastery is about you and your avian ally being in sync with each other. Here's how it works:

  • Falcon Abilities: Your Falcon doesn't just sit on your shoulder; it really gets involved in combat, circling around you and diving as you allow.
  • Companion Synergy: While most classes summon minions to fight separately, the Falconer uses their companion within every move creating a seamless dance of destruction.

Currently, the Falconer might be flying a bit too high on the power scale, so brace yourself for potential adjustments. But don't worry; any nerfs will be about balance, not obliteration.


Mage Overview

Last Epoch Class Mage

Every Mage has a deep connection with the elemental forces. Think necrotic and poisoning when you hear Acolyte? Un-flip that coin because Mages are all about that elemental flair – lightning, fire, ice, etc. They're the cool kids at an arcane block party, doing flashy disintegrate spells and beams that can knock off flies from a dragon's back.

But every Mage has to choose—this is like picking your favourite ice cream flavour except with more fireballs. Here we go:



To focus on elemental magic even more? Go for the Sorcerer. Just think of what it would be like to have Static Orb or Meteor as part of your repertoire in order to become the life of any party! And if you are dreaming of an ice meteor do not be worried; these spells change elements faster than you can say abracadabra!

Pure elemental magic is what the Sorcerer is all about. This includes:

  • Playstyle: A generic spellcaster who primarily utilizes elements to deal damage.
  • Abilities: Versatile arsenal ranging from Static Orb to Ice Barrage.
  • Customization: Want fire or thunderstorm instead? You can tailor make any spell into your chosen element.



For swordplay lovers who wish they could cast spells too, this is definitely their thing. It's like being a warrior with a PhD in Magic. With abilities such as Flame Reeve and Enchant Weapon, you will be able to dole out some serious elemental damage up close and personal.

Combine a warrior's strength with a mage's agility, and bam! The result would be the Spellblade:

  • Playstyle: Rich blend of melee combat mechanics and magical aptitude.
  • Abilities: Swift but mighty spells such as Flame Reeve and Surge enhance mobility or increase damage output
  • Mobility: High mobility with abilities like Teleport and other traversal skills – just be careful of the cooldowns!



The casting equivalent of Dance Dance Revolution is the Runemaster. Runic Invocation allows you to weave spells into new ones—think of them as spell recipes that pack a punch! 

The Strategist-Mage:

  • Playstyle: Challenging and intricate, relying on wise combinations of spells.
  • Abilities: Elemental Runes can be casted in order to generate more powerful spells via Runic Invocation.
  • Creativity: Different elements combine for various results – become the ultimate runemaster!


Primalist Overview

Last Epoch Class Primalist

One class that best represents the power of the natural world is this one. It is not just a class but also a force of nature that adds more ways of playing to your gaming experience.

At its core, it harnesses elemental forces of the world. Whether you are making storms, commanding creatures or taking on the shape and abilities of powerful monsters, this class embodies fury of nature. Aren't sure what kind of creature can be expected?

  • Elemental Abilities: These include skills where you channel fire, ice, lightning and others.
  • Summoning: You'll summon wolves from their hidden dens to fight for you or send bears after your enemies.
  • Totems: Your enemy's strength will wither away while yours will grow stronger since they will increase it.
  • Melee and AOE Attacks: Be with some close combat strikes and have other sweeps through some enemies too.

The Primalist class diverges into three specific masteries which bring about unique gameplay.



An animal whisperer in the Primalist. When you become a beastmaster, think owning a zoo as part of your warfare equipment. Here's what to expect:

  • Summon Variety: Raptors, bears, saber-tooth tigers – any beast you can name! This is where your strength lies in terms of summons.
  • Customization: Make up some combinations with animals depending on how you like to play it out in an RPG game.
  • Unique Gear: Items that convert or empower summons are somewhere within reach.


Here is exactly why we call him the Beastmaster; he loves his beasts. He calls them pets, they call him lord during battles. What makes the Beastmaster special?

  • Synergy: They are fighting alongside each other rather than under command from you alone. Enhancing one another helps these beings deliver devastating effects whenever they attack simultaneously.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: The number may range from a single strong companion to a host of smaller ones. This is precisely why the Beastmaster can adapt itself for you.
  • Item Interaction: It's not just about their appearance; what they do in battle also counts. So, change that and give them something new.



Master of elements, weaver of totems. By this way, one can:

  • Dual Wield or Go Ranged: Either go into melee range combat or stand at a distance and use magic arrows.
  • Totem Focus: Increase your elemental powers by having active totems around you.
  • Elemental Versatility: Different types of elemental damage should be specialized in so that enemies won't be able to predict your next move.


The Primalist class' Shaman is a bit like an identity thief. Perhaps future updates will reveal other aspects about this character class in future expansion packs as well. Here's what you can currently expect:

  • Enhancement and Elemental Styles: Improving strength through physical methods or causing disastrous harm by controlling elements are all possible directions.
  • Totem Power: They are conduits of raw energy rather than mere wooden statues used only for decoration and enhancement purposes.
  • Flexibility: There are numerous ways to approach different tactical situations via the shaman's toolkit.



Druid mastery is completely based on shape-shifting abilities it bestows upon its followers:

  • Multiple Forms: Different creatures inhabited by none but unique entities inside them each possess special skills which help them survive with ease in the wild.
  • Spellcasting Shifts: A perfect example of such forms is spellcasters or mages that may combine both melee offense and magic defense.
  • Adaptability: Tweak your shapeshifting towards the fighting style of your choice.


The druid is about accepting new shapes and employing distinct abilities that come with each change. It's a slant of mastery which defies expectations and offers a changed perspective on combat roles.

  • Various Forms: From bears to swarm blades, every shape provides a different approach to fighting.
  • Beyond Melee: Although capable of brutal hand-to-hand combat, Druids may also have ranged casting as their specialty.
  • Unique Mechanics: Every form has its own mechanics; this makes the druid a complete master of versatility.


Acolyte Overview

Last Epoch Class Acolyte

If you're ready to command the undead, curse your foes, and use necrotic powers then this is the place to be. The Acolyte class is no ordinary spellcaster. This class is a haven for those who find pleasure in the darker side of magic. Below is what you should expect from this base class:

  • Summon Skeletons: Want some walking dead by your side? Well, that's just an understatement.
  • Soul harvesting: Reap as many souls as possible; it's less sickening than you think!
  • Bone Hexes: Place a spell on your enemies and see them falling apart.
  • Exploding Zombies: Who doesn't like minions that explode?
  • Bleeding & Necrotic Damage: It's about taking their life away bit by bit in agonizing pain.

You can make your Acolyte suit your style of play. Do you adore having minions? Then become a summoner throughout. Would you rather fight up close and personal? Transform into a Lich! On the other hand, do you prefer casting with curses and DoTs from afar? That is why we have Warlocks.



However, The Necromancer stands out among pet classes. What follows are just some of the things that come with mastering this skill:

  • Army of Undead: Even bone mages, warriors or even abominations at beckon call.
  • Bomber Zombies: Imagine boom! Your enemies will never know how they fell.
  • Skeletal Mages & Wraiths: It's about variety in the undeath menu too right?

Don't think of a few minions; rather consider having an army summoned forth by a Necromancer. If overwhelming an enemy with more bodies than he can handle sounds great to you then go for it my friend become a Necromancer.



For example, there are unique elements to Lich mastery compared to the typical melee mage archetype. What separates it from others is:

  • Reaper Form: Be the bringer of death, but remember your health will always ebb.
  • Health Drain: Keep siphoning life out of enemies in order to stay on in the Reaper Form.
  • Life-Leaching Powers: Make sure they die so that you live

Lich is about maintaining your own existence at the expense of others'. It's a risky balancing act that requires expert timing and execution.



Last but not least, we have the Warlock, a recent addition that's already turning heads. Here's why:

  • Damage Over Time (DoT): DoT are like slow killing agents; watch as your curses wither away your foes.
  • Hexes and Curses: Curse or hex your enemies and leave them helpless.
  • Mobility: This should change our mentality on stationary spell casters!

Warlock is one who is versatile. Want to mix in some summoning with your curses? Go right ahead. This mastery allows you to adapt and conquer in style.


How to Choosing Your First Class in Last Epoch?

As you embark on your Last Epoch journey, consider the following:

Playstyle Are you more interested in playing near opponents or far from them? The distance at which you fight will help determine which mastery to choose.
Damage Type Does elementalism intrigue you or are you attracted by abyss? Match up abilities with damage type that appeals to you.
Pace Do you fancy slowed-down combat or lightning-fast action? Pick a mastery matching your pace.



To conclude, remember that there is no one "best" class in Last Epoch. What's good about this game is that it can be tailored to your own preferred playstyle (you can always customize a Mastery). While some classes may shine more than others do now (Falconer and Warlock), the game is open for all paths with dedication and creativity.


Take these insights as your north star, brave adventurer, but let your instincts guide you. Choose the class that calls to you as you forge your legend in Eterra-and remember, if you ever want to change your mind on what class you want to be, there are many respec options available except for the Mastery choice. Now go forth, make history and let your journey through Last Epoch become a legend like old tales.

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