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Last Epoch 15 Pros Tips | Beginner and Advanced Players

If you've only just started playing Last Epoch or are an experienced Diablo player looking for new things to try, this article is for you. Now that the game's 1.0 release has settled down the early turbulence, it's time to get pro tips that will help you thrive in this action-packed RPG. Let me help identify some things about Last Epoch from loot to leveling up so that your journey becomes victorious one.


Last Epoch 15 Pros Tips | Beginner and Advanced Players


Tip 1. Itemization

Itemization is the bedrock of any RPG, including Last Epoch. Here are some highlights:

  • Base Items & Implicits: Each gear piece comes with built-in implicits, which are static bonuses inherent to the item type. That movement speed boost may follow you even if it's a common silver ring or legendary silver ring.
  • Affixes Are King: Gear affixes include two prefixes and two suffixes; they are your lifeblood in terms of stats. These are what define your character.
  • Tiered Power: Affixes come in five tiers of potency. For information on these tiers use ALT key while for more info on each affix available use CTRL+ALT.


Tip 2. Leave Loot Alone

Here's a quirky tip: don't pick up everything. Last Epoch isn't a hoarder's paradise:

  • Selective Looting: You won't need every drop thanks to implicit system. Look out for upgrades instead of picking any kind of loot.
  • Gold Gains: Don't fill up your bags with items that cost nothing at all because enemies will earn you enough money through gold drops.


Tip 3. Health and Ward

It isn't too hard but it's very important to stay alive:

  • Early Investments: Invest in health or ward from the beginning in order to avoid dying repeatedly.
  • Flexibility: Don't worry about changing your passives, so you can be bolder when you first start playing and focus on defenses.


Tip 4. Kills & Skills

Begin to craft as early as possible. It is a bit complicated at first sight but experience is the best teacher.

  • Affix Management: Using these shards will help you add, replace or upgrade affixes on items with free slots.
  • Forging Potential: When crafting items, you need to be aware of their forging potential so that you do not over-craft them and lose an opportunity to modify them later on.
  • Strategic Shattering: Get affix shards from shattering unwanted armor and use them on good gear that you wish to keep for a long time.


Tip 5. Experimentation

  • Construct without restraint: Be willing to change your build as you proceed while still on the game. Lower levels are quite forgiving, you can use them to try out different abilities and get the right one.
  • A myriad of talent trees: Each class has around 25 skills across unique trees. Feel free to respec; there's no cost and it enhances gameplay.
  • Evolving Builds: Your build can evolve but still retain its core essence. You may swap skills and end up with a much stronger combination that sticks true to your original build fantasy.
  • Guides vs. Self-Made: Whether you want to follow guide or not, Last Epoch will accommodate all types of players due to its many options available for every style of play.


Tip 6. Crafting

  • An early introduction: Start crafting as soon as possible. It might seem difficult at first but hands-on experience is always the best teacher.
  • Handling Affixes: Add/replace buff lines using crystal shards collected from dismantling other magic things in free slots of items
  • Forging Potential: Watch for forging potential on an item so that it does not become unmodified when over-crafting is done.
  • Strategic Shattering: Break unnecessary items into affix shards; collect them then use them to enhance gear which will serve longer periods of time.


Tip 7. Merchants

  • Check Regularly: Merchants may have the perfect base item for your Last Epoch build. They refresh inventory therefore frequent visits are necessary.
  • Affordable Options: For cheap prices, merchants are a valuable resource for getting basic items and shatter runes.


Tip 8. Resistances

  • Vital Stats: Prioritize increasing resistances first especially against necrotic and void damage types which are found throughout the game.
  • Passives and Idles: Use passive skills and idles to boost resistances; keep extra idles in your stash for quick adjustments as your gear evolves


Tip 9. Side Quests

  • Rewards Prioritization: Not all side quests make the same impact. Focus on those that offer passive skill points or idle slots for significant benefits.
  • Map Consultation: Use the map to preview side quest rewards so as to plan your questing strategy accordingly.


Tip 10. Loot Filter

  • Customization Made Easy: The built-in loot filter system simplifies organizing looting experience by hiding off undesired items while highlighting wanted ones.
  • Rule Sets: Make filters based on specific affixes or item tiers to narrow down your inventory to find more valuable stuffs.
  • Online Resources: In case creating a filter seems daunting numerous pre-existing filters are available online depending on what one needs.


Tip 11. The Stash

To avoid having stash chaos, do this:

  • Customize: Rename tabs, give them color codes and unique symbols. Organize!
  • Categorize: Group similar items together. Do not mix fire-buffing swords with poison-resisting armor.
  • Search: Use the search function to filter items by attributes. Want something specific? Just type it in and voila!


Tip 12. Circle of Fortune

As you progress through the campaign, you will encounter a Circle of Fortune Here is how to use the stars for your own advantage:

  • Focus Your Loot: Constellations can help you farm for specific drops like unique belts or idols.
  • Strategize: Each constellation has a target, an activity, and a reward which means your runs should be well planned.
  • Stack Rewards: Find constellations with similar requirements for massive loot.
  • Weaver's Will: This unique reward will turn any item into a legendary!


Tip 13. Legendaries and Exalted Storing

It is important to note that when dealing with Legendaries and Exalted Items it is all about quality over quantity. Here is your gameplay;

  • Legendary Potential: These uniques can absorb affixes from exalted items
  • Selective Hoarding: You only want to keep exalted items that have affixes that go along with your build.
  • Crafting: Merge a unique with an exalted item in Temporal Sanctum to create a legendary.
  • Preparation: Store exalted items with good affixes for future legendary crafting sessions.


Tip 14. Sharing Items

Did you know you can share your legendary creations with your other characters? Why?

  • Boost New Characters: Give new characters powerful legendaries to help them get started quickly. 
  • Encourage Diversity: When we share items this encourages us to experience alternate classes and builds.


Tip 15. One-Shot Mechanics

These fantastical bosses in Last Epoch do not joke around. They have one-shot mechanics that can terminate your run without skating an eye. Here is how to evade death:

  • Learn the Fights: Analyze the patterns of bosses and their one-shot moves.
  • Stay Agile: Bob and weave. Not moving is a death sentence.
  • Research: Just consult boss guides to prepare for whatever lies ahead.


Now armed with these tips and tricks, you are better prepared to face Last Epoch's dangers. Make sure your stash remains organized, choose wisely in the Circle of Fortune, craft legendaries according to plan, share spoils with fellow adventurers, and never underrate dungeon bosses.

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