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Last Epoch Guide: Creation Character, Masteries, Skill Previews, and More

Last Epoch incorporates time travel, exciting dungeon crawling, character customization, and endless replayability. Similar to the earlier Diablo games, Last Epoch follows an old-school system where you pick one of the available classes without any gender customization. However, you'll have complete control over your character's skills, talents, and equipment once. In this article, we'll explore Last Epoch's character creation process, including all available classes, masteries, and skill previews. 



Last Epoch Guide: Creation Character, Masteries, Skill Previews, and More



Sentinel class is a formidable fighter known for their honor and courage in combat. Unlike other character classes, players cannot switch between male or female versions of the Sentinel. This is the starting class, and players can later activate a mastery to switch to a Void Knight, Forge God, or Paladin. The Sentinel has a combination of fighter and paladin-style abilities such as Warpath, Shield Bash, Javelin, Rebuke, Multi-Strike, and Lunge.

Last Epoch Sentinel Class

The Void Knight is a variation of the Sentinel that has taken on the power of the void to defeat its enemies. Their abilities include Leave Trails, Volatile Reversal, Abyssal Echoes, Devarian Orb, and Anomaly. The Forge God is a steel-clad warrior with a mastery of weapons, armour and other Last Epoch items. Their abilities include Ford Strike, Shield Throw, Manifest Armor, Ring of Shields, and Smelter's Wrath. The Paladin is a righteous warrior who empowers and heals allies with abilities like Holy Fire, Holy Aura, Healing Hand, Sigils of Hope, Judgment, and Smite.


Players can select their mastery later on after starting with the Sentinel class. The Void Knight is a shift from the Sentinel's tanky playstyle, while the Forge God focuses on weapons and armour. The Paladin, on the other hand, is a classic holy warrior class.



Rogue class is unparalleled in both archery and close combat. Operating from the shadows, the Rogue utilizes deadly skills to accomplish a higher purpose. The Rogue's abilities include flurry shurikens, shift, umbral blades, smoke bombs, and ballista. The subclass options are the Blade Dancer, the Marksman, and the Falconer.

Last Epoch Rogue Class

Although the Falconer subclass is not yet active, its description is available. The Blade Dancer is an expert in the art of shadow, effortlessly dodging enemies and delivering swift, fatal cuts with her blade. Her abilities include daunting strikes, shadow cascade, synchronized strikes, and lethal mirages. The Marksman, on the other hand, focuses on archery, delivering precise shots that can take down multiple enemies at once.


Her abilities include detonating arrows, arrow storms, dark quivers, and the hail of arrows. The Falconer is a master tactician who never fights alone and uses traps and the assistance of a powerful bird of prey to outsmart her foes. Her survival depends on her intelligence, resourcefulness, and the unwavering loyalty of her falcon. Overall, the Rogue class offers a diverse set of options that cater to a range of play styles.



Mage Class, also known as the Elder Crest in his prime, wields the power of the arcane to atone for past wrongs and shape a new future. This class offers a wide range of abilities, including Lightning Blast, Elemental Nova, Flame Ward, Glacier Disintegrate, and Volcanic Orb. The Mage has three mastery paths: Sorceress, Spellblade, and Rune Master.

Last Epoch Mage Class

The Sorceress is a master of the arcane who can devastate foes from a distance. Their abilities include Lightning Eruption, Flaming Meteors, Meteor Static, Orb Ice Barrage, Arcane Ascendants, and Black Holes.


The Spellblade mixes martial prowess with mastery of spells to face enemies in close combat. With their Ranger sword coated in ice and flame and a shield gleaming with wards, the Spellblade is as brilliant as they are deadly. Their abilities include Shutter Strike, Flame Reeve, Enchant Weapon, Firebrand, and Surge.


The Rune Master is a servant of the arcane, weaving its chaos with the art of runes. They infuse magic into offensive and protective wards that devastate those who trespass them, engineering their foes, raising walls, and summoning golems.


While the Rune Master is not yet available, it is assumed that it will be included in the full launch. While it would have been nice to see a preview of each ability as we clicked through, the variety of abilities and mastery paths available make the Mage a formidable class to play.



A skilled warrior hailing from the north who has witnessed the brutalities of war firsthand. This fierce warrior seeks to connect with the power of nature itself, known as the power of Itera. Primalist class appearance is reminiscent of a barbarian but also shares similarities with a druid.

Last Epoch Primalist Class

The Primalist's masteries include a range of skills such as Maelstrom, Thorn Totem, Swipe War, Cry Storm, Crows, and Serpent Strike, showcasing their proficiency in combat.


Moving on to the Beast Master, a warrior who commands beasts with raw strength and power, leading by example. With the ferocity of his animal companions at his side, the heart of the wild beats within him, fueling his fury. The Beast Master can summon a variety of animals, such as raptors, bears, sabre-tooths, and scorpions, totem and frenzy, making them a force to be reckoned with.


Next, we have the Shaman, who harnesses the power of nature and its fury to take down enemies. With the aid of sacred totemus, the Shaman can unleash a range of skills such as Totem Tornado, Earthquake, and Avalanche, recalling the elements of storm, earth, and fire.


Finally, the Druid is a conduit for the long-dormant power of Terra, bending the fury of nature to their will, even taking the form of ferocious creatures. The Druid is an avatar of the earth's latent power and will fight against all that would threaten her. The Druid's skills include Bear Form, Ensnaring Roots, Summon Spriggan Spring, and Form and Swarm Blade Form. Overall, the Primalist class offers a diverse range of skills and abilities, showcasing their prowess in combat and their deep connection to nature.



The Acolyte class offers a great variety of abilities that are both intriguing and make sense within the context of the character's backstory. This rebellious scion disobeyed her masters and sought out forbidden magic, determined to become more powerful.

Last Epoch Acolyte Class

With skills like "Summon Skeleton," it's easy to see why. Other abilities in the Acolyte's arsenal include "Harvest Bone," "Curse," "Volatile Zombie," "Spirit Plague," and "Infernal Shade." These dark creations are the tools of her trade, used to swarm her enemies with the hunger of the dead that she commands. The Acolyte is just one of several subclasses available in this class, including the Necromancer, Lich, and Warlock.


The Necromancer class is a master of flesh, bone, blood, and lingering essence. They create and command armies of the undead, using abilities like "Summon Wraith," "Summon Skeletal Mage," "Sacrifice," "Grid Shade," and "Abomination" to do their bidding. The Lich is another subclass that has fully embraced the corruptive nature of their power. They use the magic of blood and death at the expense of their own health, stealing life and consuming the essence of the dead and damned to gain strength. Their abilities, such as "Re-perform Life," "Wrath Decay," "Soul Feast," and "Death Seal," are formidable indeed.


Finally, the Warlock is a master of the forbidden arts, tearing into the essence of their foes and corrupting their spirits. They are able to curse and weaken their enemies with a single word and can even snuff out their lives entirely. Overall, the Acolyte class offers a clear delineation between each subclass and their respective abilities, making it easy for players to choose which path to take.


Outro & Extras

The subclasses in the Last Epoch game offer a diverse range of unique skills and specializations, which is cool. However, it needs to be clarified whether players can switch between subclasses or if they have to create a new character to change. If anyone knows more about this, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

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