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Last Epoch 1.0 Best Items for Leveling Up Guide

Starting out in the Last Epoch campaign can be intimidating – especially if you're playing solo. It's just you against a world of monsters, and without a good build you're going to get chewed up and spat out. Here are the top unique items that will carry you through the campaign. From boots that let you zoom around like Sonic to relics that empower your hero like never before - these are the essentials of any solid build.


Last Epoch 1.0 Best Items for Leveling Up Guide


Legendary Potential

Before we even start with our list of goodies, let's talk about Legendary Potential. Some Uniques have it - it lets you beef them up without raising their level requirements or putting yourself at risk of being too weak to continue with new content.


Here's an analogy for how cool this feature is: imagine strapping a rocket to your belt so that walk everywhere faster - but still being able to go on kiddie rides because those are fun too sometimes. That's what we mean when we say Legendary Potential.



Unique Weapons

  • Firestarter's Torch — A fiery stick with spreading flames that jump from foe to foe.
  • Alchemist Ladle & Mad Alchemist Ladle — Whip up potions of destruction and slap ailments on enemies like stickers on street signs.
  • Hillreach — Not even Robin Hood could resist this bow if he saw it in real life!
  • Chronicle of the Damned — Spirits and souls become your primary form of sustenance until level 20.
  • Reach of the Grave — Minions minions MINIONS!
  • Dreamthorn — Melee enemies will drop as fast as wheat under a scythe when you swing this thing.
  • Cradle of the Erase — Shields might not be too exciting, but they can be your best friend when things get tough.



Unique Rings

  • Boreal Circuit — This ring is like Usain Bolt in jewelry form.
  • Quicksilver Coil — Haste will make enemies waste right away with this ring on.
  • Tongue of the Abin Seer — Poison builds will slurp this one up like it’s their favorite milkshake.



Unique Helmets

  • Calamity — Fire builds are going to love this helmet's hot fire!
  • Snowblind — It offers both tankiness and Legendary Potential as you level up. Yum!
  • Vitus' Crown — Rule the battlefield with a shocking aura by wearing this mage-favorite crown.


Body Armours

Unique Body Armours

  • Castrol - Dexterity heroes won't get hit very often, but when they do, they’ll dodge roll through danger at lightning speed while wearing Castrol!
  • Doublet of Onthoull's Regret - Minions need extra beef!
  • Prism Wraps - Elemental mages will wrap themselves in these deadly and cozy wraps every time!



Unique Boots

  • Lessons of the Metropolis - These boots offer a significant boost to Dodge rating. They make you feel like you're sturdier than ever as you breeze through the campaign. But when you level up some, consider replacing it with rare boots that have better movement speed.
  • Lessons of the Metropolis - These Weaver items self-improve over time and have a high chance of rolling movement speed or other useful stats like intelligence or vitality.



Unique Gloves

  • Avarice: Given out during the campaign, Avarice is perfect for elementalists because of its Elemental leech property.
  • Stormtide Paws: Although these gloves were made for Primalists, they actually help anyone out with their health and cold resistance bonuses. The gloves are most powerful on lightning and cold-based builds.
  • Riverbend Grasp: For throwing folks, this pair not only gives health and Dodge but also massively boosts throwing damage.
  • Fighting Chance: Melees will enjoy these gloves' melee damage and 10% movement speed.



Unique Amulets

  • Gamble's Fallacy: Just like Avarice, this amulet is free from campaign drops. It;s better for fast-moving attackers because it provides health on crit.
  • Bleeding Heart: Attackers looking for something heavy should pick up one of these amulets considering their substantial health leech stat. It;s lethal to spellcasters though due to self-inflicted bleeds.
  • Claw Amulet: Provides base health and cast speed bonuses. Getting one to two Legendary Potential (LP) on this amulet is simple so it can provide a lot of power.



Unique Belts

  • Scavenger: People who love Dodging will appreciate this belt. Plus, it's like having a small pharmacy at your hip with all those extra potion slots.
  • Jungle Queen's Roots: Very similar to Scavenger but with a hint of dexterity and more damage.
  • Thorn Slinger: Don't have time for slow? This belt has got your back. It also features a nice boost if physical skills are what you're all about.
  • Community of the Eras: Another self-improvement gem from the Weavers. Doubles down on stats after potion use. Talk about a power sip!



Unique Relics

  • Totem of the Elements: Elementalists, this is what you need. It provides a juicy leech and ailment buffet.
  • Grimoire of Necrotic Elixir: A powerhouse that makes potions pop like fireworks. Dishes out flat necrotic damage to all your attacks and spells. This early on, it's an absolute monster.
  • Erased Relics (Class-Specific): At level 30 these relics roll out red carpet with +1 to all skills. Each class has its own unique benefits like reduced damage taken or boost to Mana efficiency so find yours! 


Arming yourself with these uniques will supercharge your leveling journey. Imagine doubling your speed through the campaign—these items make it possible with their potent mix of damage, survivability, and mobility.

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