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Last Epoch Beginner 2024 Guide: Crafting and Endgame Activities

Welcome new time travelers to the mind-boggling universe of Last Epoch. As you engage in battles with tough adversaries and control paths leading to destinies that can be changed, this action-packed RPG presents an opportunity for individuals to create their own path through history. Whether you are a genre veteran or freshly curious about it all, this guide will furnish you with the information needed to get started on your great quest.


Last Epoch Beginner 2024 Guide: Crafting and Endgame Activities


What is Last Epoch?

Imagine a realm where time is simply nothing—a place where deep character customization meets action-packed combat. That's what Last Epoch is all about. An ARPG that fits nicely between Diablo simplicity and Path of Exile intricacy; offering an accessible yet profound crafting system alongside its engaging class system which provides a balanced experience for both beginners and veterans alike.

Last Epoch Early Access Action RPG


Build Guides & Loot Filters

Don't worry if thinking about build diversity in Last Epoch makes your head spin because we've got build guides suitable for every playstyle complete with loot filters which allow players to easily hunt for treasure. These guides are going to navigate you towards gear that seamlessly synergizes with your chosen build.


Picking a Class & Mastery

The decision concerning your base class and subsequent mastery lies at the core of Last Epoch. This choice defines the entire gameplay experience so choose wisely! Each class has different playing style options plus it gains various Ascendancy Points that further refine abilities of characters.


Build Recommendations

Need inspiration? Here are some builds weve liked:

  • Swarmblade Druid: Unleash your inner Scyther as you shock cut through hordes using lightning.
  • Shadow Daggers Blade Dancer: If you dream of annihilating enemies with shadowy swords, then this build is for you.
  • Death Seal Lich: Rise above the grave and top leaderboards with unimaginable power.
  • Echo Warpath Void Knight: Whirl in a trail of annihilation as you go along.


Game Modes & Challenges

Standard or hardcore? Solo self-found or masochist mode? The game mode that you choose will add more adventure and thrill to your progress through Last Epoch. Choose a way forward that resonates with your thirst for adventure then test yourself against time.


Items & Idols

Your arsenal is key to survival. There are items from basic pieces to legendary ones hiding life-changing effects. Yet idols offer passive boosts which can be modified so as to support your build.


Loot Filters

No more junk in the inventory thanks to customizable loot filters! Essential tools like these enable players concentrate on the gear that matters most for their characters thus ensuring that every drop can potentially become an upgrade worth noting.


Inventory & Stash Management

Last Epoch makes managing inventories easier by providing smart sorting functions and a large stash system. Learn how efficiently manage all your loots and crafting materials so that you never lose focus from the action itself.


When should one start making crafts?

There is a stirring of the pot early in your journey as far as last epoch crafting is concerned. By the time you reach levels 10-20, you should have saved enough shards to get you started with your crafting plans. You can begin forging at any time by simply pressing 'F' even if you are not near a town.



Up to four affixes can be on each item which include two prefixes and two suffixes, but let's focus on Forging Potential – your item's crafting lifeblood. This is what powers up your crafting. When it reaches zero that's it, no more crafting for that item.


Your Crafting Arsenal

Here is an overview of the key tools available to you:

  • Glyph of Hope: The next craft might save you some Forging Potential. It's like rolling dice and hoping for a free turn.
  • Glyph of Chaos: Fancy swapping out one affix for another? That glyph there is your wildcard remember though it will cost you some Forging Potential.
  • Critical Hits While Crafting: Occasionally, things go right and an extra tier gets added to an affix making matters worse in one way or another quite often quite good instead — especially if it wrecks my build.
  • Rune of Shattering: When broken down into shards this rune gives back some materials hence recycles gear for a good cause.
  • Rune of Removal: This picks out all the cherries then hands them over to you rather than removing cherry from cake’.
  • Build Up Your Shard Collection: Shards are the currency of crafting, so don't overlook any shard because it doesn't seem relevant now – you may need them when using Glyph of Chaos later on.


Last Epoch Crafting


Crafting Runs

Let's try to put theory into practice by taking these steps:

  1. Choose an Item: Make sure that whichever one has desirable affixes or high Forging Potential.
  2. Add Affixes: Press the plus icon to include a health or resistances affix which are useful everywhere.
  3. Use Glyphs: Apply either Glyph of Hope or Chaos onto your item without necessarily consuming it.
  4. Modify as Needed: If you don't like an affix, use Glyph of Chaos and replace it.
  5. Upgrade Affixes: Making sure that all your affixes reach level 5 is one of the ways you can maximize their effects.


Tools for Advanced Crafting

There are few items awaiting your expertise in crafting such as:

  • Rune of Discovery: This is great for upgrading those basic gray items because it fills in empty affix slots on an item.
  • Rune of Ascendance: It's like having gear take over every item that turns into a unique piece based on its type.


Summary of Crafting

The idea with Last Epoch Crafting is essentially about making early and constant improvements to your equipment. Utilize your devices well, obtain different shards, don't fear experimentation:

  • Start crafting early
  • Watch out for Forging Potential
  • Use glyphs strategically
  • Shatter and remove selectively
  • Discover and ascend at the right time.


Endgame Activities

The three primary activities that define Last Epoch endgame are dungeons, the arena and monolith. Each activity presents unique challenges and rewards so that all heroic efforts are never wasted.

Last Epoch Endgame Activities



Welcome to every dungeon delvers fantasy! There Are Three Different Dungeons In Last Epoch Including;

  1. Lightless Arbor: It is a gold sink with no light. It is worth your gold since you might win big.
  2. Soulfire Bastion: Here, the Gambler resides and he has special items with good affixes for the player's characters to be able to defeat any challenges.
  3. Temporal Sanctum: This is where legendary items were born from. Mix a unique and a rare item with five modifiers that are all exalted in order to make your legendary gear which they called "god-tier".

When you want to access a dungeon, just right-click on its key and it will show up in the map where it is located or else, you can use that key at its marked entrance point.



The arena is where you can have endless battles. Go through different monster waves as you try rising up one rank after another and wait for the moment when Arena Key of Memory shows up if you want to make it at the top level (of course there is Leaderboard – press L button).



It will be spending most of your time here in this monolith; a network of echoes (think maps or dungeons from other ARPGs) which may span over several runs with both bonuses and penalties rewarded along this path taken in development control. Be stable by finishing quests and echoes until you reach the boss which will offer powerful blessings.


Empowered Timelines, Corruption & Shade of Orobyss

Upon completing three normal timelines successfully, empowered timelines are unlocked; offering tougher challenges but greater rewards hereafter. You can increase corruption for better loot and experience gains here. Beware of Shade of Orobyss though; killing him increases corruption while resetting progress thereby presenting players with new beginning at higher stake levels.


Target Farming Items

Each monolith has different drops and some way or another how gear should be farmed inside it. By finding guides about where what goes drop wise needed for your building, will help a lot.


Endgame Summary

In summary:

  • Run through the monoliths.
  • Build stability by completing echoes and quests.
  • Defeat bosses for blessings.
  • Unlock empowered timelines.
  • Increase corruption for better rewards.
  • Face the Shade of Orobyss to reset and raise stakes.
  • Target farm items for your build.



Last Epoch's endgame is diverse and abundant; there is something for everyone out there as far as players are concerned. Whether you get into dungeons, climb the ladder in arena or make your own destiny in monoliths – each of them involves new trials and awards which you can receive there and then again.

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