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Last Epoch Lootfile and Endgame Crafting: Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Last Epoch's ultimate player's manual in navigating its end game content. It is during this time that you will be moving from the initial campaign into the more challenging monoliths where things are higher and loots are rife. With great loot however comes great responsibility. This guide will therefore equip you with knowledge on how to master loot filters for endgame crafting, making your inventory a hoarder's treasure trove of functionality.


Last Epoch Lootfile and Endgame Crafting: Tips and Tricks


Loot Filters Set Up

The first line of defense against inventory chaos is a good loot filter. If items keep piling up, it is important that your filter evolves as per your needs. Here's how you can set up a loot filter that suits you best:

  • Think Ahead: Consider which classes you may play in future before delving into filter settings. This way, you can manipulate your loot filter to obtain loot relevant to these classes later on.
  • From Scratch: Start by hiding everything and gradually unhide only items that are necessary until everything else is hidden again so as not to get overwhelmed by irrelevant stuff.
  • Class-Specific Affixes: Look out for class-specific affixes; they might be less common but have much importance when it comes to gear crafting or enhancement for a particular class.
  • General Affixes: Do not overlook such general affixes as health or resistances since they can be used universally and thus worth keeping an eye on.
  • Prioritize Quality: Set your filter such that idols are shown only if there are multiple beneficial affixes or otherwise do not display low-tiered items amongst top-tiered ones following subsequent iterations which can fit an example of this scenario.
  • Color Coding: Use color coding to identify items with rare or class-specific affixes. This will help you know what to keep, shatter and remove at a glance.
  • Item Base Types: If you want to farm specific item bases (like Crystal Wand), ensure that such drops are highlighted, especially if they have valuable affixes at higher tiers in filters.
  • Tier Management: While tier six affixes should be chosen carefully, tier seven should be more inclusive. Therefore, tier seven affixes shouldn’t be wasted since they are rare and hence good for crafting top-tier gear.
  • Double Exalts and Uniques: Always show double exalted items and uniques; their rarity justifies their visibility in your filter settings.
  • Continuous Refinement: Your loot filter is not carved in stone. Keep on refining it based on what you need or do not need anymore to make sure it remains useful as you go further towards the end of the game.


Endgame Gear Crafting

Once you've sorted through all the junk, it's time for crafting. Here's how to turn every piece of gear into Last Epoch gold (figuratively speaking).

  • Know Your Goals: Understand guides or experiment with different combinations to grasp gear requirements for your build or future builds
  • Material Management: A well-organized stash of crafting materials and affix shards will save time and streamline the crafting process.
  • Material Management: Focus on creating gears which offer large upgrades or fill stat gaps instead of wasting resources on marginal improvements
  • Rare Affixes first: When keeping or crafting items, prioritize rares first because high-end craft recipes require shards obtainable from these cheap sources.
  • Material Management: In the case of rare items with legendary potential, you want to mix them up with exalted items that have the best affixes for your build when possible.
  • Experiment: Dare to try different affix combinations even those which do not look like the most powerful gear but one that is best suited to your way of playing.
  • Efficient Use of Resources: Be careful about the materials used during crafting. It is easy to waste a lot of valuable shards and other related items if you are not being cautious.
  • Backup Gear: Always make sure you have an extra set of gears while enhancing so as to avoid being caught off guard by things going wrong in crafting.
  • Wisely Use Your Crafting Bench: Make sure you use it wisely, improve primary stats first before moving secondary rolls using crafting bench systematically.
  • Stay Updated: The meta changes, new crafting orbs strategies emerge, thus remain well informed on new tips and findings within the community as far as keeping your gear up to date is concerned.


Legendary Crafting

Crafting a legendary item feels much like drawing a masterpiece because it requires patience, precision and luck all together combined at once. These steps will help increase your chances:

  • Exalted Item Choice: Choose exalted items with four desirable stats for your build and attempt making them forging rich.
  • Base Item Matching: Don't forget that an exalted's base type should correspond with unique type you wish to improve upon.
  • Crafting Strategy: Aim for high-tier affixes (T6/T7) and use crafting tools wisely. The Rune of Removal can be either blessing or curse; use it carefully too!
  • Legendary Potential: Take any unique with Legendary Potential (LP) and partner it up with best fitting exalted crafted ones; keep multiple options available for excellent results.


Endgame Strategies

The following are some other strategies that one should take into account when playing the endgame:

  • A Diverse Collection: If an item does not fit your current build, hold on to it. It can be useful for a future character or build.
  • Resource Allocation: Do not spend gold on short-lived power spikes. Generally, invest in extending the size of your stash.
  • Patience is Key: Crafting and collecting the perfect set of items takes time. Rushing through will not work as good things come to those who wait (and hoard).


Stash Management

In Last Epoch, your stash isn't just a place where you store stuff; it's like your treasure trove–it's the place that fuels your rise to dominance. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of it:

  • Invest in Stash Tabs: Stash space is priceless but gold is abundant. Therefore, buy additional stash tabs first so you can handle all the valuable stuff that will be coming your way.
  • Organize Relentlessly: Give names to tabs (like E15 Purple for exalts) and arrange them in order. Keep rotating as they fill up with recent tab always at front for easy accessing.
  • Crafting Materials: Have lots of crafting materials although once you have reached a comfortable threshold (say 15000) think about dropping items which are less worthwhile. 



Testifying for strategy, insight into future and the way resources are managed is the very purpose of the endgame of Last Epoch. Adhering to these guidelines, you will be ready to face any hurdle that you have to cross on your path. It is essential to remember that all items could become useful, every stash tab counts and each crafting choice taken may either lead one to the glory or despair alike. 

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