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Poe Crucible Mods for Elemental Bows Guides

Welcome to today's guide on the best Crucible mods for Elemental Bows, such as Lightning Arrow, Tornado Shot, and other bows played by many Exile players. If you're looking to maximize your damage potential with these bows, then you've come to the right place! In this guide, we will go over the best mods for these bows, looking at the Mirabos' perfect Crucible tree for a good grasp of the best mods. Before we dive into the specific mods, let's first take a look at the structure of a Crucible tree. The tree has the potential for five depths or layers. Each depth provides different types of mods, and it's important to understand what each depth offers to maximize your bow's potential.


Poe Crucible Mods for Elemental Bows Guides



Depth 1

The first depth provides flat elemental and physical damage mods, which are essential for any bow build. For an Ellie bow, you want to go with either a T1 flat damage roll or a T1 cold damage roll. Some of the mods have special effects like conversion to cold or increased effects of non-damaging ailments, while others may have downsides like increased lightning damage taken.

  • Depth 1 provides Flat Elemental Damage, Flat Physical Damage, and Global Damage.
  • Goal is to get as high Flat Elemental Damage or Physical Damage as Possible.
  • Some damage types have special effects like Physical Conversion to Cold, Increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments, Attack Speed.
  • Mods that have downsides attach generally have higher rolls like the Added Flat Lightning Damage.
  • Huge Amount of Flexibility for which Mod you can use.



Depth 2

The second depth provides mods for attack speed, critical chance, accuracy, and passive tree notables. The best options for this depth are 30% increased attack speed and 15% less global damage, or 7% increased attack speed. You never want to get reduced attack speed, as it can significantly decrease your DPS.

  • Depth 2 Nodes grant attack speed, critical strike chance, accuracy, and passive tree notables.
  • Best Node in this Depth is 30% Attack Speed and 15% Less Global Damage.
  • Another great option is 7% Attack Speed, but the extra 30% Attack Speed makes the game feel a lot better.
  • Critical Strike Chance could be an option if you are struggling for crit with the node (1.5%+ Critical Strike Chance and -500 Accuracy).


Depth 3

The third depth provides a wide variety of options, such as increased attributes, cooldown recovery, flask effect, and the chance to inflict ailments. The two clear-cut winners for Ellie bows are 16% double damage if you have under 100 strength and 15% increased explicit elemental modifiers. For FSBOs, 15% increased percent increase explosive physical modifiers are the best option. Other good options are percent attributes or flat attributes, the chance to inflict scorch, cooldown recovery, and movement speed.

  • Tons of overlapping nodes that grant a variety of benefits like increased attributes, cooldown recovery, movement speed, chance toinflict scorch.
  • Best Nodes in this Depth are 16% Double Damage if you have under 100 Strength, which is useful for all Omniscience Builds.
  • The other BlS node is 15% Increased Explicit Elemental Modifiers or 15% Increased Explicit Physical or Chaos Modifiers depending onwhat type of bow you use.
  • Some other great nodes include any %Attributes of Flat Attributes for Omniscience.
  • Another option could be Scorch, which grants a large amount of Elemental Penetration.


Depth 4 -5

The fourth depth grants extra links, which are incredibly powerful for any build. The fifth depth provides skill-specific interactions, which can be a game-changer for your build. The highest damage bonus is energy leech at level 10, which gives a 19% more damage multiplier. You can also get a level 3 enlightened if you want to run some auras.

  • For this Depth, these nodes primarily include extra links and skill-specific interaction.For magic finding, Socketed Gems supported by ltem Rarity is a huge bonus.
  • Highest DPS bonus will come from Socketed Gems Supported by Energy Leech, but this does not affect your totems.
  • Another super rare node is Rampage, but it is mutation only.
  • For Lightning Arrow and Tomado Shot none of the Depth 5 Nodes are signifcant increases to the build, but you should stll ick it up if possible as itis ree power.


Final Thought

  • Playing bows next league without the Crucible Tree and nerfed Vengeant Casacde will feel especially bad.
  • Crucible is a very painful process with multiple layers of RNG that requires expensive lmprints to be deterministic.
  • Have to keep in mind the 15%Less Global Damage when comparing the Elemental Dps of bows.
  • Having higher attack speed will make the game feel a lot smoother.


In conclusion, if you're looking to maximize your damage potential with Elemental Bows, then it's important to understand the structure of a Crucible tree and what each depth offers. The mods you choose for each depth can significantly impact your DPS, so choose wisely! Remember to prioritize flat elemental or physical damage for the first depth, attack speed for the second depth, and double damage and increased explicit elemental modifiers for the third depth. And don't forget to take advantage of the extra links and skill-specific interactions in the fourth and fifth depths. 

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