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POE Farming Currency By Running Delirium Encounters Guides

In this guide, we will explore an optimized strategy for running Delirium encounters in Path of Exile. By utilizing specific map modifiers, focusing on boss drops, and making effective use of essences, this strategy aims to maximize efficiency and profitability while catering to different play styles and build strengths. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer, this guide will provide valuable insights to enhance your gameplay. 

POE Farming Currency By Running Delirium Encounters Guides


Atlas Passive Tree

To optimize your Delirium strategy, we will make targeted choices on the Atlas Passive Tree. By focusing on Delirium and boss-related nodes, we can significantly increase the chances of encountering Delirium and obtaining valuable rewards. The chosen tree includes nodes that enhance Delirium frequency and improve the loot drops from bosses.


Essence and Delirium Nodes

Starting at the bottom left of the Atlas Passive Tree, allocate points that increase the chance of encountering Delirium. Remove other modifiers to prioritize Delirium encounters. Proceed upwards, grabbing more Delirium and Essence nodes along the way. While the tree may not appear optimal at first glance, each node serves a purpose in maximizing rewards and boss drops.


Enhancing Map Drops

By investing points into the Seance node, you increase the chance for rare monsters to spawn in your maps, improving loot drops and increasing the chances of obtaining valuable items such as scarabs or divine orbs. Additionally, allocating points to the Final Boss nodes improves the likelihood of acquiring end-game maps, including Conqueror, Synthesized, Elder, or Shaper Guardian maps.


Variations and Adjustments

Depending on the strength of your build and personal preferences, you can make variations to this strategy. The guide presents two variations, one for maximum efficiency without the need for additional decision-making and one with added flexibility. The latter includes investing points in Searing Exarch and interacting with the Altar for further rewards.


Replacing Harvest with Trade

After evaluating the drawbacks of the Harvest mechanic, the guide suggests replacing it with trading. Instead of spending time in the Harvest crafting mechanic, you can purchase blue essences directly from other players using the in-game trade system. Buying blue essences with Divine Orbs provides a more time-efficient and profitable alternative to the Harvest mechanic.


Choosing the Strand Map

The Strand Map remains an excellent choice for running Delirium encounters due to its linear layout, simplicity, and reduced backtracking. While other maps like Tropical Island may suit certain preferences, the guide emphasizes the effectiveness of Strand for Delirium runs.


Executing the Delirium Encounter

Upon entering the Strand Map, activate the Delirium Mirror. However, refrain from immediately engaging enemies. Instead, take a step back and clear the monsters near the mirror first. By doing so, you ensure that all subsequent kills count toward your reward progress. Use the increased duration from the Atlas Passive Tree and the map's linear layout to your advantage, clearing and picking up loot efficiently.


Optimizing Essence Drops

When encountering essences, focus on identifying purple essences starting with "MED" or "S" as these have the potential for significant upgrades. Utilize Remnants of Corruption to corrupt these essences, potentially turning them into the Essence of Insanity, the Essence of Horror, the Essence of Delirium, or the Essence of Hysteria. 


When delving into delirium encounters in Path of Exile, it's essential to assess your character's strength before taking on challenging essence monsters. If you feel underpowered, it's wise to start with lower-tier maps to accumulate Poe currency and upgrade your equipment. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of utilizing delirium orbs effectively to maximize your gains.


Acquiring Delirium Orbs

  • After completing a delirium encounter on a map, collect the delirium orbs that drop.
  • To store and manage the delirium orbs, place a Hoarder Crafting Station in your hideout. Access the decoration menu by clicking the arrow at the bottom right corner of the hideout screen.
  • Search for "Hoarder" in the decorations list, drag it out, and place it in your hideout.


Delirium Orb Crafting

  • Interact with the Hoarder Crafting Bench in your hideout.
  • Type the keyword "Delirium" in the search bar to filter the available crafts.
  • Use a stack of delirium orbs and apply the "Change" craft until you obtain either a Divine or a Skittering Delirium Orb.
  • Repeat this process using White Lifeforce (30 per craft) until you acquire a stack of Divine or Skittering Delirium Orbs. You can keep them in a designated tab (optional).



By following this guide, you can effectively utilize delirium orbs to upgrade your equipment, accumulate currency, and optimize your gameplay experience in Path of Exile. Remember to adjust prices based on the current market rates and adapt the strategy to suit your play style and character's strength. 

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