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Poe Farming Currency Strategy with Strongboxes, Legion, Expeditions and More

In this article, LOLTANK Editor Katrina will share a currency farming strategy that we have been using over the last couple of days. We have tested various methods in this league, but ultimately, we found ourselves going back to one of our tried and true strategies. Our strategy focuses on maximizing the potential of strongboxes, beasts, legion encounters, expeditions, and the Atlas passive tree.



Poe Farming Currency Strategy with Strongboxes, Legion, Expeditions and More


Atlas passive tree for Strongboxes

We took the Twice Tempted passive, which grants an additional strong box in your maps. Furthermore, Damper Proofs ensures that currency items from boxes in your maps are corrupted. Storm Oxycontinia maps are at least rare, and Secret Operations make sure that strong boxes in your maps have a 6% chance to be an Operative Strumbox. Moreover, Backup Cage duplicates currency items from strongboxes, and Vault of Mysteries duplicates divination cards from Strongboxes. This setup maximizes the potential for valuable drops from strongboxes.


Atlas Tree:



we invested points into the Animal Companion passive. Additionally, we took the Model Gateway and Get Over Here passives to enhance our beast capturing capabilities. With these passives, your maps will have a 15% chance to be replaced with Red Beasts. To further boost the chances of encountering valuable beasts, we invested points into the Eldritch Gateway and Scroll Up Here passives. The Fang of the Deep and Natural Selection notables increase the chance of finding valuable Red Beasts from the deep and venomous caverns, respectively. This ensures that the beasts encountered in your maps are more likely to be of the rarer and more valuable varieties.


Legion Encounters

we focused on the Chain of Command notable. This passive grants two additional Surgeon Legionnaires in your maps. Additionally, Protracted Battle increases the duration of Legion encounters by 40%. However, be prepared as Legion monsters in your maps will also deal 50% increased damage while in stasis. The Emblematic passive ensures a 0.6% chance for timeless splinters to drop as Timeless Emblems, further increasing your potential rewards. Likewise, the Emblematic passive also grants a 0.2% chance for timeless splinters to drop as Timeless Emblems. These notables maximize the rewards and increase the chances of encountering generals during Legion encounters.



Investing in the Tujen and Forbidden Knowledge notables will provide a 90% increased chance for Expeditions in your maps to be led by Tujen. This ensures more rewarding encounters and increased opportunities for valuable drops. Additionally, the Rampant Growth passive grants a 50% increased quantity of Expedition Logbooks dropped by Ruin Monsters in your maps. This notable boosts the number of logbooks obtained, increasing your chances of acquiring valuable rewards.


To further enhance your Expedition farming, consider investing in the Runic Monster Markers passive. This notable increases the number of runic monster markers in your maps by 200%. Runic monster markers are essential for activating Expedition encounters, and having more of them increases your efficiency in triggering these encounters and reaping the associated rewards.


Eyes of the World notes

Influencing your maps with the Eyes of the Ito Force has an additional downside, while maps influenced by the Eyes of the 804s have a 50% increased upside. Additionally, the Rampant Growth passive ensures a 10% chance for average Icos found in your maps influenced by the Eyes of the Walls to be duplicated. This can significantly increase the quantity of valuable Icos obtained during Expeditions.


Furthermore, monster packs influenced by the Eyes of the World in your maps have a present chance to contain additional Touching Tentacle Mass. These unique monsters can drop valuable items, adding to your potential profits. Lastly, the Shadow of Anglo passive increases the chance to find Eyes of the World altars in your maps by 20%. This improves your chances of encountering lucrative Eyes of the World encounters, which can yield valuable rewards.


Map selection

the Cemetery map is a solid choice. It boasts a variety of good divination cards that can drop, such as the Dragon's Heart and The Professor cards. These cards can significantly increase your profit margins if they drop during your runs. Another advantage of the Cemetery map is that you can simply rush to the boss and eliminate them, guaranteeing that there will be no boss altars present. This saves time and ensures a smoother farming experience.


Optimize your currency farming

To further optimize your currency farming, consider utilizing specific scarabs. Divination Scarabs, Legion Scarabs, and Expedition Scarabs are recommended choices. Divination Scarabs enhance the chances of encountering valuable divination cards, while Legion Scarabs increase the number of Legion encounters and the associated rewards. Expedition Scarabs boost the quantity and quality of Expedition encounters. Additionally, Pay Ambush Scarabs to provide an additional 44 strongboxes, increasing the chances of obtaining valuable Poe currency items. Combining these scarabs with the aforementioned strategies can greatly enhance your currency farming potential.



By focusing on Expeditions, utilizing the Eyes of the World notes, selecting appropriate maps, and using scarabs effectively, you can maximize your currency farming potential in Path of Exile. Remember to adapt your strategy based on the ever-evolving state of the game and adjust to new league mechanics and updates.

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