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Poe Boss Rushing: Farming Divine Orbs in Coves Maps

Welcome to Guides For Coves mapping strategies in Path of Exile. This time, we will discuss a speed-focused strategy for farming Divine Orbs, Synthesis, and Guardian maps. This strategy, known as boss rushing, can yield anywhere between five and a half to seven and a half Divine Orbs per hour, depending on luck and map clear speed. With practice, you can improve your efficiency and increase your profit. So, let's dive into the details of this strategy.



Poe Boss Rushing: Farming Divine Orbs in Coves Maps


Basic Items

10 Coves maps, some Alchemy Orbs, and some Chisels. This strategy is designed to be self-sustaining, so you won't need to interact with the trading system. You'll use everything you drop to continue your mapping strategy.


High movement speed

Whether it's inherent movement speed from gear or a movement skill like Whirling Blades, Leap Slam, or Shield Charge, having the ability to move quickly is crucial. If you're playing a caster with low movement speed and limited mobility skills, this strategy may not work as effectively. The key to maximizing profit in this strategy is being able to clear maps within one minute, ideally running any map mods. Running unidentified maps is particularly advantageous because of the quantity bonus. Rolling maps with specific mods can slow you down, so it's best to avoid that unless necessary.


Loot filter

Anything that drops and is worth less than one Chaos Orb should be ignored. Only show tier 1 uniques and currency items that are worth a Chaos Orb or more. You can find a recommended loot filter in "How to Use the Custom Loop Filter Filterblade for Path of Exile", but feel free to customize it based on your preferences.


Framing Build

you'll need enough damage per second (DPS) to clear T16 maps efficiently Build. Aim to take down bosses within five seconds as a baseline. Additionally, you should have enough survivability to avoid dying in T16 maps, as deaths can significantly impact your profit. You don't need to be extremely tanky, but being able to handle the encounters without dying is crucial.


Passive skill node

The core of this strategy revolves around the Wanderlust passive skill node, which doubles all small nodes and disables major passives. This provides several benefits, such as a significant increase in the chance to drop Maven's Invitations and a chance for monsters to drop connected maps. Another notable node grants a 1% chance for maps to be duplicated. These nodes, combined with the increased quantity and rarity modifiers on your maps, enhance the rewards of this strategy.


Atlas and Favor system

you need to favor two connected maps. This is important because of the node that guarantees a monster will drop a connected map. Two recommended maps for favoriting are Racecourse and Coves. Both have relatively quick boss fights, making them ideal for boss rushing. You can split your favorites between these maps, depending on your preference.


Atlas Tree > Click Here


Strategy effectively

you'll need to learn as you go. If you have only 10 maps to start with, you can continue the strategy by preparing additional maps while your portals are spawning. This way, you won't have any downtime between maps. Depending on the type of map you have, follow specific guidelines for rolling and running them. Unidentified rare maps can be run as they are, while unidentified magic maps should be identified, scoured, chiseled, and Alched. Normal maps can be chiseled and Alched. By optimizing the rolling and running process, you can maintain a steady flow of maps.

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