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PoE Guide: How to Upgrade Gear Magic Find Potential?

In the world of Path of Exile, finding valuable loot and upgrading your gear is essential for progress. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to improve your character's gear and maximize your magic find potential. Keep in mind that this guide is geared towards an entry-level character with a limited Poe Currency budget.

PoE Guide: How to Upgrade Gear Magic Find Potential?


Shopping and Gear Updates

Begin by purchasing an extra-large cluster jewel. This will enhance your character's passive skills.

Look for two jewels with life and chaos damage over time multiplier. If possible, consider buying a jewel with the corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you mod to counter a common problem.

Depending on your budget, choose the cheapest jewel or invest in one with useful stats like inspiredlearning, or even a headhunter for better results. However, keep in mind the cost implications.


Crafting the Amulet

Replace your current amulet with an ideal Eyes of the GreatWolf Talisman. Look for one with at least a 15% increased quantity of items found, although it can be expensive.

Alternatively, craft your own amulet by using an amulet with Shaper influence and an increased quantity of items found, along with another amulet with Hunter influence and chaos damage over a time multiplier. Use an Awakener's Orb to combine them, as it is relatively cheap in this league. Pray for good results!

Remember, the amulet should have exactly one attribute with Shaper and Hunter's influence. This crafted amulet will provide the necessary attributes for the increased quantity of items found, damage, and life.


Anointments and Belt

Consider anointing your amulet with Acrimony for increased damage, as it is a cost-effective option.

Change your belt to one that provides extra movement speed. It is always beneficial for faster gameplay. Keep in mind that you will lose the rampage effect, but that's a trade-off.


Weapon Swap and Boots

Prepare an alternate weapon with Rampage for situations where it can be useful. Don't forget to switch to it when necessary.

Consider purchasing new boots with increased movement speed. However, keep in mind that these boots can be expensive, so it's an optional upgrade based on your budget and preference.


Six-Link for Toxic Rain and Totems

If you have enough currency, aim for a six-linked armor for your Toxic Rain skill. This will greatly enhance its effectiveness.

If you don't have a lot of currency, you can skip this step and focus on other gear improvements. It is not mandatory but can be advantageous.


Uber Lab and Ascendancy Points

Don't forget to complete the Uber Lab to obtain the last ascendancy points. This will significantly increase your damage output.

The Thrill of the Hunt ascendancy points are particularly valuable in build, so make sure to acquire them.


With your gear upgraded and character optimized, you're now ready to embark on a series of map runs and hunt for lucky drops. Keep in mind that the Magic Find aspect of the game is not always consistent, and valuable loot may not come easily. Patience and persistence are key. 

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