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How to Crafting the Path of Exile Ultimate Two-Handed Axe?

Crafting powerful items in Path of Exile can be a daunting task for many players. However, in this guide, we will walk you through a streamlined process to create one of the coolest items ever made in the game: a two-handed synthesized axe. This community-funded project aimed to make an accessible item that could be copied with the Mirror of Kalandra without incurring any mirror fees. We'll delve into the steps we took, the challenges we faced, and the impressive results we achieved.

How to Crafting the Path of Exile Ultimate Two-Handed Axe?


Step 1: Setting the Foundation

To begin our crafting journey, we acquired a base axe with the Rampage node. This axe had no synthesized modifiers and served as a blank canvas for our project. The Rampage node provides an additional boost to our damage output, making it a desirable starting point.



Step 2: Synthesizing the Axe

To synthesize the axe, we needed to create a copy of it and attempt to synthesize it using the Harvest mechanic. Using a Cricked Chimeral beast, we made an imprint of the Rampage axe. We then used the imprint to synthesize the axe by combining it with 5,000 yellow and one white seed. This process granted the axe three random synthesized modifiers. If unsuccessful, we used the imprint to revert to the previous state and tried again.


Step 3: Rerolling Synthesized Modifiers

Next, we wanted to reroll the synthesized modifiers to obtain desirable affixes. By using Vivid Vultures, which can be acquired by farming Iron Heart memories, we re-rolled the synthesized implicit. These vultures cost approximately two Divine Orbs each. We continued this process until we obtained the desired modifiers, such as increased maximum life, increased attack speed, flat physical damage, or others.


Step 4: Creating Imprints

Throughout the process of rerolling modifiers, we needed to safeguard our progress. To do this, we created imprints of the axe using Cricket Chimeral beasts. These imprints ensured that we could revert the item to its previous state in case of undesired outcomes. Each imprint cost approximately two Divine Orbs.


Step 5: Iterating and Refining

We repeated Steps 3 and 4, investing considerable time and Poe currency until we obtained all the desired modifiers. This process involved countless re-rolls, precise decision-making, and a bit of luck. Patience and persistence were key during this phase.


Step 6: Crafting the Fizz Weapon

At this stage, our axe had the desired synthesized modifiers but lacked the crucial tier one merciless physical damage modifier. To address this, we employed Craft of Exile, an external tool, to guide us through the crafting process.


Step 7: Setting the Stage

To begin the crafting process, gather a group of like-minded individuals who share your goal. Spamming and searching for specific prefixes can be time-consuming, but the camaraderie and shared excitement make it worthwhile. Aim for a very specific prefix that suits your build, such as % Physical Damage for this example.


Step 8: The Imprint Strategy

Once you hit a desired tier one increased physical damage prefix and have a suffix that you don't need, create an imprint of the item. This serves as a safe state for future attempts. If you fail to annul down to prefix only, you can revert back to the imprint and try again. Persistence is key at this stage.


Step 9: Crafting Prefixes

With the desired tier one flat physical damage prefix secured, lock it in using the crafting bench. Use the Crafted Prefixes Can't Be Changed modifier, which ensures the prefix won't be altered in subsequent crafting steps. This is where the real fun begins!


Step 10: The Elusive Reforge Fizz

Prepare yourself for a lengthy and challenging process known as reforge fizz. Reforging is all about obtaining a tier one flat physical damage modifier or a tier three or higher hybrid modifier. It may take hundreds or even thousands of attempts, but each success brings you closer to your goal. Persistence and patience are crucial during this phase.


Step 11: Regaling the Perfect Suffix

Once you manage to hit the desired tier one flat physical damage or tier three or higher hybrid modifier, it's time to regal the item. Pray for a favorable outcome as you hope to obtain a valuable suffix. Make use of the Harvest crafting mechanic and reforge the item with the intention of hitting tier six or higher flat physical damage.


Step 12: Balancing Imprints and Crafting

Throughout the process, you'll encounter hits and misses, successes and failures. Imprinting and reverting back to safe states will become routine. Expect to spend significant time on this step, as it plays a crucial role in achieving the desired outcome.


Step 13: Hybrid Fizz and the Final Touches

If luck is on your side, you might hit a tier two hybrid fizz modifier—a rare and valuable outcome. At this point, imprints won't be possible, so make sure you're satisfied with the result. Your goal is to nullify the cold damage modifier using the Cannot Roll Attack Mods crafting option. This ensures that the attack tag is blocked, increasing the chances of rolling a desirable modifier.


Step 14: The Final Crafting Touches

Craft the remaining modifiers to optimize your fizz weapon. Use the Crafted Modifiers: Prefixes Can't Be Changed option to protect your valuable prefixes and prevent unwanted alterations. At this stage, focus on adding a life leech or mana leech as desired. Craft life leech or mana leech as appropriate for your build, keeping in mind the attack tag and the available crafting options.



Crafting a powerful item like the two-handed synthesized axe requires dedication, resources, and a well-executed plan. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can embark on your own crafting journey and create impressive weapons for your characters. Remember, crafting in Path of Exile is an iterative process that demands patience and adaptability. Good luck with your crafting adventures!

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