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Diablo 4 Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients Stater Leveling Build Guides

Welcome to full build guide for Diablo 4! In this guide, we'll be focusing on the Barbarian class and a build centered around the Hammer of the Ancients (HoTA) skill. The Barbarian class can be challenging to level up, but with this build, you'll have a smoother experience throughout the campaign. It's recommended to play on World Tier 1 for Barbarians, as they are slightly behind in the early game. However, if you want to take on the challenge of World Tier 2, it's possible but more difficult.

Diablo 4 Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients Stater Leveling Build Guides


Core Skills Analysis

Let's start by discussing the core skills of the Barbarian class and why we are choosing the Hammer of the Ancients for this build. Whirlwind used to be weak, but recent buffs have made it a powerful end-game option. However, for leveling purposes, it may not be the best choice. Upheaval is a personal favorite, but due to multiple nerfs and lack of helpful legendary powers, it's not ideal for leveling. Double Swing and Rend also have their drawbacks, such as limited power legendaries and positioning requirements. This brings us to Hammer of the Ancients, which is cheaper than Upheaval, has high critical hit chance, and offers a powerful legendary power that deals increased damage in an area. It synergizes well with two-handed slashing weapons, allowing you to benefit from the legendary power while using a bludgeoning weapon. This is the core skill we'll be focusing on for this build.


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Recommended Legendary Powers

While there are other legendary powers that can be useful for the Barbarian class, the main one that carries this build is the Quake legendary power obtained in Act 2. It provides a significant 64% increased damage, making Hammer of the Ancients even more devastating. Other useful legendary powers include Edge Masters, Expectant, Echoing Theory, and Umbral. These powers enhance various aspects of the Barbarian's abilities.


Generator: Lunge Strike

Lunge Strike allows you to lunge towards enemies, providing both mobility and fury generation. It's crucial for maintaining damage output against moving or teleporting bosses.


Core Skill: Hammer of the Ancients (HoTA)

Choose the Furious One rune for increased damage based on fury. Use this skill at maximum fury for maximum damage output.

Consider switching to Battle Lunge Strike for higher damage when you become more powerful later in the game.


Support Skill: Rallying Cry

Rallying Cry is one of the Barbarian's best skills, providing movement speed and resource generation. The upgrade increases resource generation by 20 each time it's cast. This skill is a must-have for every Barbarian build.


Resource Management

  • Allocate points to Hammer of the Ancients to increase its damage.
  • Unlock and power up Leap for additional fury generation.
  • Invest in War Cry to enhance resource generation and obtain the Berserking rune for damage amplification.
  • Consider picking the Technique slot for Two-Handed Swords, which inflicts bleeding damage on all direct attacks.


Ultimate Skill: Call of the Ancients

Call of the Ancients is highly effective against elite enemies and bosses. It can quickly eliminate these high-health targets, making encounters easier.



- Leap (with Power Leap):

Upgrade leap to increase fury generation, as it will play a crucial role in sustaining your resource pool. The extra fury will be necessary once you unlock Hammer of the Ancients.


- War Cry (with Mighty War Cry):

Invest in war cry to improve its effectiveness and benefit from increased fortify. This will synergize with the Counter-Offensive passive later in the build.


- Hamstring (one point):

At level 15, unlock the technique slot and select two-handed swords. This will cause 20% of your direct damage to be inflicted as bleeding on enemies, enabling additional crowd control effects.


- Call of the Ancients (Ultimate Skill):

Unlock Call of the Ancients, a powerful skill that excels against elites and bosses. Utilize it to quickly dispatch tough enemies and progress efficiently.




- Booming Voice:

Your shouts will now heal you for 1% of your maximum life per second, enhancing your survivability during combat.


- Hammering the Ancients:

This passive significantly increases the fury cost of Hammer of the Ancients but grants it a devastating shockwave effect, making it worthwhile for dealing with groups of enemies.


- Prolific Fury:

Max out the Rallying Cry skill to boost fury generation. Combined with Booming Voice, this will provide a steady source of healing and sustain.


- Pit Fighter:

Deal increased damage to nearby enemies, synergizing with your Hammer of the Ancients attacks.


- No Mercy:

Gain 9% critical strike chance against slowed enemies, further amplifying your damage output. The bleeding effect from the two-handed sword technique slot will ensure consistent slows.


- Heavy-Handed:

Increase critical strike damage by 15%, empowering your devastating blows.


- Thick Skin:

Unlock Counter-Offensive by acquiring Thick Skin, which enhances your damage output when fortified by War Cry.


- Guttural Yell:

Reduce the damage dealt by enemies, bolstering your survivability during encounters.


- Tempered Fury:

Gain healing equal to 9% of your maximum life every time you spend 100 fury, providing continuous health regeneration.


Equipment and Gems:

  • Prioritize gear with core skill damage, damage to Hammer of the Ancients, strength, and life.
  • Consider using sapphires in your weapons for increased critical strike damage to crowd-controlled enemies.
  • In armor slots, use rubies for additional life and skulls for increased armor.
  • Customize your jewelry to suit your playstyle, focusing on stats like damage to close enemies and damage to crowd-controlled enemies.



With this Barbarian build, you'll have a powerful combination of crowd control, sustainability, and devastating damage output. Utilize leap and war cry to generate fury and enhance survivability, while Hammer of the Ancients and Call of the Ancients decimate enemies. Remember to take advantage of bleeding effects and critical strike chance against slowed enemies. Adapt your equipment and gems to maximize damage and survivability. By following this guide, you'll have a formidable Barbarian capable of conquering Diablo 4's challenges. 

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