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PoE Maximizing Legion Farming Currency with Incubators Guides

Are you ready for your next ambitious Path of Exile project? We've got a strategy that involves farming Legion encounters and acquiring valuable incubators. With careful preparation and optimized gameplay, you'll be able to take on high-level maps, even with challenging modifiers. Let's dive into the details of this guide and get you started on your path to success.

PoE Maximizing Legion Farming Currency with Incubators Guides


Mapping Strategy

To begin, gather a substantial number of maps. Since you're already level 100, aim for around 30 high-tier Cove maps. These should be rolled with challenging modifiers, even if they reduce your maximum player resistances. Remember, your primary goal is farming Legion encounters, and your level 100 character will handle the difficulty.


Atlas Tree Link


Passive Skill Tree

In terms of passive skill allocation, focus on the Legion-themed nodes. These nodes increase your chances of encountering Legion encounters and enhance the duration of those encounters. While not essential, consider investing in the nodes that grant a 1% chance to drop Timeless Splinters as emblems. Doubling your emblem drops significantly increases your overall income.


Additionally, prioritize the Army and Templar Army nodes. These emblems tend to be the most valuable, and maximizing your chances of obtaining them will greatly benefit your project. Consider allocating other points as per your preferences, such as those related to Surgeons or generals, which can improve your overall efficiency.


Notable Points Allocation

While allocating points, keep in mind the importance of Legion encounters. These encounters serve as the primary source of rewards for your project. Allocate points for more monsters in your maps, as this directly affects the amount of loot you'll obtain. Opt for the Altar notes for increased monster pack size and Fortune Favors the Brave for additional pack size and rarity.


Furthermore, consider taking Shrine notes, as they make it easier to deal with Legion encounters and improve your clearing speed. Lastly, don't forget to grab the Hack notes, which grant increased movement speed. The scarabs and other mechanics you'll be using will complement your character's damage, so prioritize mobility.


Scarab Selection

For scarabs, focus on using Polished Legion Scarabs, which are currently priced at around eight Chaos Orbs each. These will enhance the quantity of items dropped during your Legion encounters. Additionally, Sulfite Scarabs are an excellent choice, providing access to Niko in your maps, which allows you to gather additional Azurite.


Mapping Process

Now that you're fully prepared, select one of your high-rolled Cove maps to begin. Ensure it has a desirable item quantity and a significant monster pack size, ideally around 43%. If possible, add Fortune Favors the Bridge for even more rewards.


Once inside the map, be cautious of the challenging modifiers. Though you may die occasionally, it won't pose a significant problem since you're level 100. Proceed through the map, clearing monsters and activating shrines along the way to improve your chances of success.


As you progress, you'll encounter Legion encounters and various rewarding chests. Clear the map thoroughly, then activate the Legion encounter. Focus on areas where high-value drops are more likely, such as around shrines. Place your totems strategically and proceed to annihilate the spawned monsters.


Open the chests once you've eliminated the majority of the enemies. Expect to find Timeless Splinters, which can be quite valuable. Keep an eye out for Divination Cards, currency items, and other valuable drops. The combination of Legion encounters and the high-rolled map will provide you with a bountiful loot haul.


Results and Recap

After completing your 30 maps, you should have acquired a substantial number of incubators, including Diviners, which can be worth around 10 Chaos Orbs each. Organize your incubators based on their value and rarity. Divine Incubators tend to be the most valuable, and you might end up with multiple Divine Orbs as a result.


In addition to the incubators, you'll have accumulated various emblems. Keep in mind that some emblems, like Karui Warhawks, can fetch a high price on the market due to their rarity. You'll also have acquired a mix of Poe currency items, maps, and other valuable drops along the way.


Overall, the 30 maps and the time invested should yield a significant return. While it may have taken around two and a half hours to complete, the rewards make it a worthwhile endeavor. Use the incubators in future projects to amplify your chances of obtaining valuable items.

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