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PoE 3.21 Clearing Speed Ultimate Holy Flame Totem Hierophant Build

We have an exciting guide for you on how to transform your Path of Exile Holy Flame Totem build from ordinary to extraordinary. By harnessing the power of projectile speed and utilizing the Nimbus ring, we can turn our totems into devastating forces of destruction. Get ready to experience insane damage and unparalleled clearing speed with this incredible Holy Flame Totem build.



PoE 3.21 Clearing Speed Ultimate Holy Flame Totem Hierophant Build


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Understanding Holy Flame Totem Mechanics

Holy Flame Totem is a skill that channels fire projectiles in a cone. However, when we incorporate the Nimbus ring into our build, the projectiles fire randomly. This random firing pattern poses a challenge because the totems can lock onto a single target without hitting it. To overcome this, we need to maximize projectile speed and position our totems close to bosses. This ensures that the projectiles return to the totem, resulting in double hits on the boss. Additionally, increased projectile speed provides massive screen coverage, allowing us to clear entire maps with ease.


Essential Gear Pieces

  • Nimbus: This unique ring enables our projectiles to return, effectively doubling our damage output. Look for one with decent dexterity to help with gearing flexibility.
  • Ashes of the Stars: This item greatly enhances the quality of our skill gems, providing a significant boost to our build's power and quality of life. Aim for 30 quality, while the reservation efficiency roll is not as crucial.


Critical Gear Considerations

While the mentioned items are crucial, you have some flexibility in crafting the remaining gear pieces. The focus should be on maximizing your projectile speed, achieving resistances, and obtaining additional modifiers like increased damage or quality.


Exploring the Skill Gems

  • Holy Flame Totem (Anomalous): The anomalous version grants additional projectiles with quality. Aim for a high-quality gem with at least 60 quality, which adds three extra projectiles.
  • Awakened Fire Penetration: Boosts our fire penetration, allowing us to deal more damage to enemies with fire resistance.
  • Awakened Elemental Focus: Since we don't rely on ignites, this gem offers increased damage at the cost of removing elemental status ailments.
  • Inspiration: Reduces the mana cost of our totems, making it easier to sustain casting.
  • Increased Critical Damage: Enhances our critical damage output, further increasing our overall damage.
  • Awakened Added Fire Damage: Adds extra fire damage and increases physical damage as fire damage.


Optimizing Other Gem Slots

Consider adding supporting gems like Tempest Shield (with increased spell block chance on the Alt quality), Herald of Purity (with the Alt quality that grants minions a chance to taunt), Frostblink (with the cooldown recovery Alt quality), Arcanist Brand (for Elemental Weakness and Anomalous Flammability curses), and more. Tailor these choices to suit your playstyle and needs.


Skill Tree and Ascendancy

Your skill tree should prioritize projectile speed and key damage nodes. Take advantage of the Holy Flame Totem gains physical damage as extra fire damage when cast by a totem linked to Searing Bond node. Focus on maximizing damage and life nodes, while also ensuring sufficient mana sustain.



By following this guide and optimizing your gear, gems, and skill tree, you'll be able to unleash the full potential of the Holy Flame Totem build. Enjoy melting bosses and clearing maps with incredible speed and efficiency. Remember, while some gear pieces are mandatory, there is room for customization and personal crafting preferences. So, dive into the realm of Holy Flame Totems and experience the thrill of this unique and powerful playstyle. May your totems blaze with glorious power!

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