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FFXIV Patch 6.4 QoL: Most Impactful & Notable Features Overlooked by Players

With the release of patch 6.4, Final Fantasy XIV has introduced numerous quality of life (QoL) features that enhance the gameplay experience. In this guide, we will explore some of the most impactful and notable QoL updates that may have been overlooked by players. While we won't cover every single change, we'll focus on those that stood out and offer significant improvements. Let's delve into these updates and discover how they can enhance your gameplay.


FFXIV Patch 6.4 QoL: Most Impactful & Notable Features Overlooked by Players


Island Sanctuary Material Deficit Warning

One of the standout features is the addition of a warning system in Island Sanctuary. Players will now be alerted with a yellow triangle symbol when a material deficit is imminent while engaging in handicrafts, such as building a structure, crafting an item, or shipping a handicraft. This helpful notification eliminates the need for manual searching and allows players to manage their resources proactively.


Glamour Updates for Scholar Fairy

The glamour system has received a notable expansion with the ability to apply glamorous appearances to the scholar fairy. Players can now make their fairy resemble Carbuncle, providing a visually appealing customization option. Additionally, the EOS fairy can be transformed into Celine or any of the carbuncles. Completing the job quest Forgotten but Not Gone and the subsequent quest A Faerie Tale Come True is necessary to unlock this feature.


Improved Pet Actions

Pets in battle will now respond more promptly to commands. When directed to execute actions, moving pets will stop immediately, reducing any potential delay in carrying out abilities such as area-of-effect heals or summoner's raid-wide buffs. However, players should remain mindful of their pet's location, especially when playing as a scholar, to ensure optimal effectiveness.


Increased Range for AOE Buffs and Skills

A substantial enhancement has been made to the range of AOE buffs and skills for nearly all jobs. Notable examples include an expanded area for Asylum, the healer bubble, and Caracole's increased range. This significant increase in range for various abilities simplifies gameplay and improves the effectiveness of supportive actions, particularly for healers.


Enhanced Party Recruitment Information

When joining a recruiting party, players can now view additional categories in the chat log, including objective, comment, and Duty Finder settings. This feature allows players to access crucial information about the party's goals, strategies, and requirements after joining. It eliminates the need to search for the party finder again, reducing confusion and repetition during group coordination.


Savage Raid Rewards Modifications

Changes have been implemented regarding the rewards obtained from Savage raids. Instead of two chests, players will now receive one chest, ensuring an equivalent amount of rewards. Furthermore, duplicate gear will no longer drop from these chests, enhancing the chances of obtaining unique equipment. Additionally, body gear can now be acquired from the third area of Savage raids, providing more options for loot distribution.


Adjusted Exchange Rate for Savage Raid Tokens

The exchange rate for ffxiv tokens obtained from clearing Savage raids has been adjusted. The number of tokens required for chest and leg gear has been reduced from eight to six, while the number for accessories has decreased from four to three. Moreover, tokens obtained from the last fight can be exchanged for previous fights within the same raid tier, granting players more flexibility in acquiring desired rewards.


PvP and Glamour Improvements

In PvP encounters, players will no longer receive the limp status when attacked while riding a mount. Instead, they will be forcibly dismounted and gain the "hoofing it" status for five seconds, improving mobility and overall gameplay experience.


Glamour enthusiasts will be pleased to know that items stored in the glamour dresser and armoire can now be selected directly from the drop-down menu when performing glamours in an inn room. Additionally, equipment held by retainers will be displayed in the cast glamour menu, making it more convenient to apply glamours from the armoire without the need to create dedicated plates.


System and Miscellaneous Enhancements

Various system and miscellaneous improvements have been implemented in patch 6.4. Users can now choose from additional icons for their macros, aiding in better organization and identification. When transitioning to a newly acquired job, players can now choose whether to transfer hotbar and cross-hotbar settings from their associated class, streamlining the transition process.


Display name adjustments allow players to enable the display of job or class icons and assign specific colours to names based on roles. This feature extends to the party and alliance chat as well, making it easier to identify and differentiate roles during group interactions.



While some of these updates may have been overlooked by players, they offer significant improvements that shouldn't be missed in FFXIV. These overlooked features in patch 6.4 greatly enhance the gameplay experience and deserve attention from players.

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