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Last Epoch Patch 0.9.1 Review: Assessing Changes, Bugs, and Potential for the Future

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Last Epoch Patch 0.9.1! In this article, we'll dive deep into the latest update for Last Epoch, examining its strengths, weaknesses, and overall impact on the game. We will provide valuable insights from the perspective of an experienced gamer seeking exciting endgame content and improvements to enhance longevity. While we'll mainly focus on the aspects that directly impact single-player gameplay, we'll also touch upon multiplayer changes briefly. So, let's get started and explore the highs and lows of Patch 0.9.1 in Last Epoch!


Last Epoch Patch 0.9.1 Review: Assessing Changes, Bugs, and Potential for the Future


Campaign Recreation

Patch 0.9.1 introduced a recreation of the campaign, particularly in Chapter 1, where the Divine era sets the stage for the narrative. The new zones have an improved visual appeal, and the storytelling feels more coherent by avoiding excessive era swaps. Additionally, the introduction of new enemies adds variety to the gameplay. However, the decision to prioritize campaign changes over endgame content raises questions about the allocation of resources.


Monolith of Fate

While the monolith received mostly minor improvements in this update, the addition of the Ambush objective offers a refreshing change from other objectives. The idea of reducing corruption through a boss fight node is a step in the right direction to streamline the Orbs nodes. However, the implementation of this feature seems unpolished, with bugs and inconsistencies impacting the overall experience. These issues highlight a need for more thorough testing and a potential rush to release the patch.


MTX Store and Support Packs

The MTX store and supporter packs in Last Epoch Patch 0.9.1 appear to have lower quality than expected. The majority of the MTX offerings fail to impress, and the support packs provide only 150 Epoch points, which seems inadequate compared to the value offered by similar packs in other ARPGs like Path of Exile. Improvements are needed in the presentation and quality of MTX items to enhance the player's experience.


Network Issues and Bugs

The patch introduced several network issues, lag spikes, and bugs, including the game lagging during item updates, missing floor textures, and extended load times. While multiplayer aspects couldn't be addressed in this review, it's clear that the servers and network architecture require improvements. It is essential for EHG to promptly address these issues to provide a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.


Weaver's Will

A highlight of Patch 0.9.1 is the introduction of Weaver's Will unique items, including relics for each class. While the RNG factor in obtaining Last Epoch items can be challenging, the concept is interesting, and the addition of unique options is always welcome. However, limiting the number of unique options may hinder variety, and exploring more possibilities for unique item drops could be beneficial.


Weaver and Lore Speculation

Considering Weaver's role in Last Epoch, it's intriguing to speculate that they might be weaving space-time, influenced by the concept of the fabric of space-time in astronomy. This speculation suggests that the Weaver could create connections between previously disconnected eras, akin to wormholes in space-time. This unique interpretation adds depth to the lore and opens up exciting possibilities.


Improvements to Uniques with Legendary Potential

A positive change in Patch 0.9.1 is that uniques with legendary potential now have consistent base-level requirements, regardless of the resulting legendary item created. This change facilitates the levelling of alts and streamlines the process of creating powerful legendary items.



Patch 0.9.1 of Last Epoch brings mixed results, with some improvements and areas that could have been better addressed. Although the update lacks substantial new content, it offers incremental changes to the campaign, the monolith, unique items, and other aspects of the game. However, the patch suffers from bugs, network issues, and potentially rushed development. With the impending releases of Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2, Last Epoch 1.0 faces the challenge of finding an opportune release window. The game remains in a stable state, but whether it can capture the attention of players in a highly competitive genre is yet to be seen.

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