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Poe 3.21 Quick and Dirty Lightning Arrow DeadEye Build

We didn't originally plan to create a build guide for Our Lightning Arrow DeadEye this league, but due to the numerous questions and inquiries we received, we decided to put together a quick and straightforward guide. We hope this guide will help you out or inspire you to try out this build. Keep in mind that our focus is not on achieving the highest DPS or maximum Tankiness. We prioritize having fun and enjoying the build while tackling the content we set out to do. However, we are open to suggestions for optimizing the tree and gear. 

Poe 3.21 Quick and Dirty Lightning Arrow DeadEye Build


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We initially started as a Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder for leveling, which worked well. However, we transitioned to this Lightning Arrow build around one and a half weeks into the league. If you're starting from scratch, we recommend trying the Toxic Rain Ballista or Hollow Palm builds and then respec into Lightning Arrow once you're established in maps. Additionally, it's important to kill all the bandits for their rewards. Our recommended Pantheon choices are Munaris and Soul of Aberrath for burning ground immunity.


Passive Skill Tree

Here's an overview of the passive skill tree for the build:

  • Start by grabbing Ballistics and then proceed through Heart of Oak, Primal Spirit, Finesse, Quick Step, and the life nodes.
  • Continue down to the Elemental Mastery cluster and grab Anticipation, Trench, Longshot, and more life nodes.
  • Acquire Farsight and head towards Master Fletcher, picking up additional damage nodes and life along the way.
  • Consider picking up Heartseeker, Acuity, Inspired Learning, Aspect of the Lynx, and Inveterate.
  • Lastly, grab Multi-Shot, Revenge of the Hunted, Essence Sustenance, Charisma, and Mastery for ores from your skills (10% increased effect).

Please note that there are alternative choices and optimizations you can make based on your preferences and playstyle. For example, you could explore the Lioneye's Fall jewel and consider the use of a Headhunter belt or the Vigil notable to streamline your travel nodes. However, our focus remains on the setup that we find enjoyable.



Here's a breakdown of the recommended gear for the Lightning Arrow DeadEye build:

  • Gloves: Standard gloves.
  • Helmet: Volls Vision for Sustain the Rage.
  • Belt: Focus on acquiring some strength and general stats.
  • Boots: Look for strength, life, movement speed, and resistances.
  • Rings: Aim for rings with increased elemental damage with attacks and other desirable stats.
  • Chest: Ahn's Heritage is recommended for the chest piece.
  • Quiver: Prioritize damage rolls and additional arrows for Lightning Arrow.
  • Amulet: A good option is Yriel's Fostering for Precision and added cold damage.
  • Bow: Invest in a high Elemental DPS bow, preferably with lightning damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance.

Remember that there is room for improvement and optimization in each gear slot. Upgrade your gear as you progress, and consider experimenting with different options to suit your needs and budget.



For your flask setup, we recommend the following:

  • Life Flask: Corrupted Blood Immunity.
  • Jade Flask: Evasion Rating.
  • Quartz Flask: Elemental Resistance.
  • Cinder Swallow Urn: 25% reduced Mana cost of skills during effect and Mana recovery.
  • Quicksilver Flask: Increased movement speed and critical strike chance.


Tips and Strategies

  • Chill and Freeze: Consider incorporating Ice Shot and Mana Forged Arrows setup to benefit from chill and freeze mechanics, which provide defensive advantages.
  • Movement Skills: Utilize Blink Arrow and Frost Blink for fluid movement across the map and quick recovery after death.
  • Flask Management: Make sure to keep your flasks active to maintain capped resistances and other defensive bonuses.
  • Offensive Stats: Focus on increasing lightning damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance to maximize the effectiveness of Lightning Arrow.
  • Defensive Awareness: While the build can deal significant damage, it's not a tanky build. Pay attention to positioning and avoid unnecessary damage.



That wraps up our guide for the Lightning Arrow DeadEye build in Path of Exile. We hope this guide provides you with valuable insights and ideas to enjoy the build and tackle the content. Remember to experiment and adjust the build according to your preferences and playstyle.

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