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PoE League Mechanics Map Farming Currency and Items Strategy Guides

When investing a significant amount of PoE currency in your maps, the hope of getting a good return and valuable drops is always present. However, many players find themselves disappointed when their currency tab remains empty. In this article, we will reveal a highly effective farming strategy that guarantees consistent profit in almost every map you run, regardless of your RNG. The key to this strategy lies in incorporating league encounters with deterministic rewards into your maps.

PoE League Mechanics Map Farming Currency and Items Strategy Guides


League Mechanics for Profit

Blight: The blight mechanic offers consistent rewards as completing a blight encounter grants access to valuable chests containing oils and maps. These items are easy to resell in bulk, resulting in substantial profit.

Essence: Essences are always in high demand, especially as the league progresses and crafters aim to create the perfect items. They serve as great money-makers and provide consistent returns.

Harbingers: Harbingers provide a decent amount of ancient and annulment orbs, and occasionally drop valuable fracturing shards. While bridge encounters may seem underrated, they can still yield profits, making them a viable option. However, if bridge encounters don't appeal to you, Legion encounters are also profitable, offering stack decks and minor profit with emblems.


Avoidable Mechanics

Abyss Strongboxes: These mechanics spawn a lot of monsters, which is only useful if you're specifically targeting divination cards or uniques. Avoid them if your goal is profit.

Delirium and Beyond: These mechanics are more suited for heavily juiced maps and do not align with the focus of this strategy. Skip them to maximize your profits.


Optimizing the Atlas Passive Tree

The Atlas Passive Tree is designed to prioritize the chosen league mechanics while omitting unnecessary passives. 

By utilizing the new gateways introduced in the latest expansion, you can allocate isolated passives from various sections of the tree. 

This approach allows for greater flexibility and optimal distribution of passive points.


Full Atlas Passive Tree:


Recommended Passive Allocation

Eldritch Gateway and Cryptic Gateway: These keystones enable the allocation of passives from one side of the tree without being linked to the rest of the Atlas Passive Tree. This isolation facilitates strategic allocation for desired league mechanics.

Blight Mechanics: Focus on passives such as Epidemiology (provides lucky chests and increased chance of blighted maps) and Immune Response (speeds up encounters). Adjust these choices based on your build's damage and survivability requirements.

Anointed Jewelry: Allocate passives that enable the extraction of anointed jewelry using oil extractors. Distilled Fungus and Light Spawn are particularly synergistic for this purpose, as they drop anointed jewelry that can yield valuable oils when extracted.

Recognizing Valuable Anointed Jewelry: While recognizing valuable anointments for amulets may be challenging, Rings are easier to identify using specific loot filter rules. Rings require only two oils to be anointed, increasing your chances of obtaining valuable oils.


Optimizing Sextant Usage

Blight Focus: Use sextants that enhance blight encounters and drop additional rewards, such as Gilded Blight, which has a 50% chance for blight chests to contain an extra reward.

Bridge or Legion: Tailor your sextants based on the most profitable league mechanic. Consider Gilded Bridge for bridges (double bridge splinters), or Gilded Harbinger for harbinger encounters (increased currency shards from arbiters).


Map Layout Selection

Choose maps that best suit the league mechanics you are focusing on:

Blight Profitability: Maps with closed layouts like Toxic Sewer favor blight encounters, as they provide a higher chance for chests containing valuable rewards. Closed layouts ensure more chests belong to blight rewards, increasing your overall profit.

Bridge Profitability: Solitary Map is excellent for bridge encounters, while City Square offers decent options for both bridges and essence. Open maps like Cemetery have multiple routes, reducing the number of chests for blight rewards.


Monster Influence and Additional Tips

Searing Touch and Atlas Passive Tree: Allocate all small and big notables to maximize the effects of the monster influence and atlas passive tree bonuses.

Magic Find Academy Strategy Guide: Access our comprehensive guide that includes two Atlas passive trees (bridge and legion variants), cost calculations, and profitability analysis based on running 20 maps. Note that profitability may be even higher than stated due to selling essences, maps, and other items in bulk.



The outlined farming strategy offers consistent profitability, flexibility, and an enjoyable experience. By focusing on specific league mechanics and optimizing the Atlas Passive Tree, sextant usage, and map layout selection, you can maximize your profits without relying on magic find gear. Remember to adapt the strategy based on market conditions and the availability of league-specific items. 

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