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Path of Exile Kaom's Spirit Titan Gauntlets Unique Gloves Guides

In this guide, we will delve into the world of Kaom's Spirit unique gloves in Path of Exile. These gloves have gained significant popularity in the Softcore Trade Crucible league due to their unique and powerful stats. If you're unfamiliar with these gloves, don't worry! They were added to the game in version 3.19, two leagues ago, in the Lake of Calandra league. We will explore their intriguing mechanics, their interaction with other game features, and why they have become the go-to choice for many players.

Path of Exile Kaom


The Unique Stat - Life Recovery and Rage Generation

Kaom's Spirit gloves possess a notable stat: "Life Recovery from Regeneration is not applied; regenerate one Rage per second for every 100 Life Recovery per second from Regeneration." This means that your life regeneration is converted into Rage regeneration at a rate of 1 Rage per second for every 100 Life Recovery per second from regeneration. However, it's crucial to understand that the gloves specifically state that the recovery from life regeneration is not applied. Unlike Val Pact, which disables life regeneration, the life regeneration stat remains on your character sheet for conversion purposes.


Interaction with Keystones and Notables

Two significant modifiers in the game, Zealot's Oath and the Inquisitor's Pious Path ascendancy notable, have different interactions with Kaom's Spirit gloves. Zealot's Oath converts life regeneration into energy shield regeneration, rendering it incompatible with Kaom's Spirit gloves. The Inquisitor's Pious Path, on the other hand, mirrors your life regeneration onto energy shield regeneration, allowing for the conversion of life regeneration to Rage regeneration while retaining the energy shield regeneration.


New Mastery and Synergies

The Recovery Mastery wheels introduced in the recent league include a mastery that shares the same line as the Kaom's Spirit gloves, Life Recovery from Regeneration is not applied. If you're using these gloves with mastery, the line does not have any additional effect since you already possess it. However, you will benefit from a burst heal every four seconds, which can be advantageous in certain situations.


Popularity and Bow Builds

Kaom's Spirit gloves have become the most popular unique gloves in the Softcore Trade Crucible league, being used by a significant 12% of all characters. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the rise of bow builds, with the Deadeye ascendancy being the most favored choice in the league. Approximately 80% of Deadeye players opt for a bow build, and 62% of players utilizing Kaom's Spirit gloves are playing as Deadeye. These gloves provide a valuable offensive stat for bow builds due to the Rage mechanic. Each point of Rage grants increased attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed, making it an enticing option for bow builds.


Berserk and Rage Generation

Rage is a powerful offensive stat, and with Kaom's Spirit gloves, players can make use of the Berserk skill. Berserk provides substantial damage and defensive bonuses, but its uptime depends on good Rage generation. While melee builds have multiple sources of Rage generation, bow builds face limitations in this regard. The Eldritch glove implicit, Chains of Emancipation belt, and Chimeric gloves are some options, but they have their drawbacks. Kaom's Spirit gloves provide an excellent solution for bow builds, allowing them to gain Rage and utilize Berserk effectively.


Life Regeneration and Offensive Potential

Bow builds, particularly those on the right side of the passive tree, prioritize evasion and avoidance rather than life regeneration. Consequently, Kaom's Spirit gloves offer an offensive advantage by allowing players to convert life regeneration into an offensive stat. The popular Vol's Vision helmet, which grants substantial life regeneration, becomes a fantastic pairing with Kaom's Spirit gloves, effectively turning life regeneration into damage output. Other gear pieces, such as the Immortal Flesh belt and various modifiers, further enhance the offensive potential.



Kaom's Spirit unique gloves have become a staple for many bow builds in the Softcore Trade Crucible league. Their ability to convert life regeneration into Rage regeneration, coupled with the offensive potential and synergy with Berserk, makes them a desirable choice. Bow builds, which traditionally lack effective Rage generation options, can now benefit from this mechanic, significantly increasing their damage output. Whether you're playing as a Deadeye or experimenting with other ascendancies, Kaom's Spirit gloves can revolutionize your build and elevate your gameplay experience.

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