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Poe Currency Flipping: Harvest LifeForce Making Orbs Guides

In Path of Exile, currency flipping is a popular method of making profits by buying items at a lower price and selling them at a higher price. In this guide, we will focus on raw currency flipping, explicitly dealing with high-liquidity items such as exalted orbs, Harvest LifeForce, orbs of conflict, and various other forms of poe currency. These items have high demand and are constantly generated and used in the game's economy. By understanding the principles of high liquidity and focusing on specific items like Harvest LifeForce, you can effectively engage in raw currency flipping to generate substantial profits.

Poe Currency Flipping: Harvest LifeForce Making Orbs Guides


The Potential of Harvest LifeForce Flipping

Harvest LifeForce is an excellent item for raw currency flipping. It has proven to be profitable, exceptionally, when executed correctly. For example, in the early weeks of a league, it is possible to generate significant currency, such as a mirror or more, by focusing on flipping Harvest's LifeForce. While flipping was not our sole currency-making method, it contributed significantly to our overall profits. Remember that flipping is one tool among many in Path of Exile's currency-making arsenal.


Getting Started with Flipping

To begin currency flipping, it is crucial to analyze prices and competition. Start by researching the selling prices of the currency you intend to flip. For instance, if we consider the blue Harvest LifeForce, it is commonly sold for around 9,100 units. This gives us a benchmark for our selling price. Next, examine the buy orders placed by other players. You can establish yourself as a competitive buyer by setting up buy orders. Look for potential margins between the buy and sell prices that allow for profitable flipping. In our example, a margin of 5% (500 LifeForce per sale) might not be ideal, but it serves the illustration purpose.


Setting Up Buy Orders

Have a currency tab with buy and sell orders to set up a buy order. Locate the relevant item tag for the currency you wish to purchase (e.g., Primal LifeForce). Set the note and price accordingly. For instance, if you want to buy a blue LifeForce with divines, set the divine orb price you are willing to buy. To attract more sellers, make sure your currency tab is public so potential sellers can see the quantity available. You will attract more trade opportunities by offering competitive prices and having a wide variety of items available for purchase.


Managing Trades and Scaling Up

Once your buy orders are set, you will receive messages from potential sellers. Managing a high volume of trades can be challenging, but it is a key aspect of successful flipping. Keep track of buyers and sellers, ensuring you have sufficient currency to complete transactions promptly. The more items you have available for purchase and sale, the greater your profit potential. Maintaining a steady flow of trades is crucial, prioritizing buying over selling. While selling is crucial, having a surplus of items to sell is preferable to being unable to find buyers.


Pros and Cons of Flipping

Currency flipping offers several advantages and disadvantages worth considering. On the positive side, flipping is one of the most profitable methods of making currency in Path of Exile. It can generate substantial profits, rivalling even mirror-tier crafting. Furthermore, flipping allows you to focus solely on trading and does not require extensive mapping or character investment.


Cons are that monitoring the market and adjusting your prices require significant time and attention. Flipping is a competitive market; you must stay on top of the prices to ensure you're buying and selling at the right margins. This constant monitoring can be exhausting and time-consuming.


Flipping also carries some risks. The market can be unpredictable, and prices can fluctuate rapidly. If you buy an item at a high price and the market crashes, you may lose currency instead of making a profit. It requires a good understanding of the market dynamics and the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions.


Additionally, flipping can contribute to inflation in the game's economy. If more players engage in flipping, it can drive up prices for specific items, making it harder for other players to afford them. This can create an imbalance in the game's economy and negatively impact the overall experience for players.



Currency flipping in Path of Exile can be a profitable way to make currency, but it has pros and cons. It offers the potential to generate significant wealth but requires a substantial investment of time and attention. Flipping can be repetitive and may limit your engagement with other aspects of the game. It also carries risks, as market prices can be volatile and unpredictable. Ultimately, whether or not to engage in flipping is a personal choice, and players should consider their preferences and goals before diving into this method of currency making.

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