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POE Farm Apothecary: Maximizing Rewards with Sextants, Scarabs, and Map Strategies

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the ultimate strategy for PoE 3.21 Crucible, focusing on maximizing your rewards through the effective use of sextants and scarabs. We'll explore the Atlas skill tree, discuss the scarcity of cartography chisels, and provide valuable insights on modifiers for your map device. Discover how to optimize map drops and learn about key nodes to enhance your shrine buffs. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics needed to excel in Crucible and farm Apothecary like a pro. 



POE Farm Apothecary: Maximizing Rewards with Sextants, Scarabs, and Map Strategies


Atlas Skill Tree

There's nothing special about the tree itself. We recommend investing in Singular Focus and Wandering Path. Additionally, consider picking up the three nodes that increase your chance to find a mirror (24% chance with all three). For Delirium rewards, focus on picking up Delirium orbs. Dissipating is a good choice, while the other two nodes are only as crucial if you desire the most challenging monsters in Path of Exile.


Cartography Chisels

This method revolves around farming Apothecary, and there currently needs to be more cartography chisels in the market. Instead of selling them, pick them up. The current market prices are inflated, so it's more profitable to keep them for now. Chisels don't drop in stacks of one, so picking up 400 chisels might require around 120 clicks.


Sextants and Scarabs

Now, let's discuss sextants and scarabs for your maps. We'll be running the following setup:

  • Sextants: Enrage (500% item quantity from monsters in strongboxes) and Altars (doesn't affect quantity but provides nasty monsters).
  • Scarabs: Gilded Divination (150% more divination cards found in the area) and Ambush (area contains five additional strongboxes).
  • Optional: Gilded Cartography (50% increase in maps found in the area) and Reliquary (for large unique item drops). Note that selling low-value items may not be profitable at this point in the league, so choose wisely.


Modifiers on Map Device

Using the map device, add the following modifiers to your maps:

  • Four Sextants: In this league, you can run four sextants due to the increased profitability of cartography chisels.
  • Increased Pack Size (25%): This is a standard modifier that boosts overall map drops.


Optimizing Map Drops

To optimize your map drops, We recommend running eight-mod maps. Save any maps that have a base item quantity of 104% or higher, as these will give you a significant boost in quality and quantity. You can use the Compass item to add 20% quality and quantity to those maps. Since we're skipping bosses in most maps, the damage will only be a problem if the boss is possessed.


Tree Recap

To summarize the skill tree, focus on the effect nodes, duplication nodes, and wondering path. Additionally, consider adding Shadow Shaping if you want PoE basic currency drops instead of maps (note that it might negate map drops entirely, so test it out). Nodes related to shrines are also beneficial, providing increased shrine effect and duration.



To summarize, the Apothecary farming strategy involves optimizing your Atlas tree with Singular Focus and Wandering Path nodes, running Enrage sextants with "+2 corrupted and rare" and "+25% increased pack size" mods, and using scarabs like Gilded Divination and Ambush for enhanced loot and strongbox spawns.

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