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PoE Stygian Vise Crafting Guide: Profitable way to make currency

If you're new to crafting in Path of Exile and want to make some poe currency without taking too much risk, there's a simple and effective method you can apply right away. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to get started with profit crafting using Stygian Vise, which offer resistance bonuses. While this particular craft may not be as popular later in the league, there are still new players who need these belts and are willing to pay a good price for them. So let's dive in and explore this low-risk, profitable crafting method.

PoE Stygian Vise Crafting Guide: Profitable way to make currency


Step 1: Acquiring the Bases

To begin, you'll need to buy Stygian Vise as your crafting base. Open the trade market and search for non-mirrored, non-corrupted Stygian Vise with item level 86. You can find them listed for around 5 to 10 chaos orbs each. You can even ask the seller if they have more bases available to save time on multiple trades. Alternatively, you can try finding bulk bases at the league's start, but keep in mind that this option may not be viable later in the league due to decreased player activity.


Step 2: Obtaining Essences

Next, you'll need to acquire deafening essences of envy. These essences guarantee cold resistance when used on the Stygian Vise. Head to the trade market and search for essence of envy. Purchase a sufficient quantity based on your needs and convenience. You can typically buy them for around 4 chaos orbs each.


Step 3: Additional Crafting Materials

In addition to essences, you'll need Fertile Catalysts and Fertile Scouring Orbs. These items are used to add and remove prefixes and suffixes on your belt during the crafting process. You can purchase them from the trade market or find them in bulk on third-party trading websites, but keep in mind that availability may vary based on the league's activity.


Step 4: Crafting Process

Now let's go through the crafting process itself. Open a crafting simulator or use an in-game item creation tool. Create a new item of the desired base, which in this case is the Stygian Vise. Make the item rare and proceed to add the essence of envy to guarantee the cold resistance modifier. Avoid using exalted orbs and annulments during this process to minimize risk.


Step 5: Identifying Valuable Belts

As you spam the essences on the Stygian Vise, you'll come across various outcomes. Some belts may have desirable modifiers and can be sold for a good price, while others may not be as valuable. Evaluate the stats on each belt and determine their potential worth. Focus on belts with triple tier-one resistances, high life values, and additional desirable modifiers such as increased elemental damage with attack skills.


Step 6: Pricing and Stashing

Once you've crafted belts that you believe have value, it's time to price and stash them accordingly. Create separate public tabs in your stash and assign different prices to each tab. For example, you can have a tab with belts listed for 50 chaos orbs, another for 100 chaos orbs, one for one divine orb, and another for two divine orbs. Consider the belt's stats and market demand when determining the price. If a belt doesn't sell within a few days, you can gradually lower the price or move it to a lower-priced tab.


Step 7: Managing Your Belt Inventory

Expect to craft many belts that may not sell for high prices. Instead of manually price-checking each one, quickly assess their potential value based on your knowledge of the market. Dump belts with average or lower stats into the appropriate stash tab without further consideration. Save your time and energy for belts with exceptional rolls that might fetch higher prices.


Step 8: Optimizing and Scaling

To optimize your profit potential, repeat the crafting process, acquire more Stygian Vise, and gather additional essences. Remember that this method is most effective during the league start when there is higher demand. As the league progresses, adapt your pricing and strategies accordingly.



Profit crafting using Stygian Vise in Path of Exile offers a low-risk and potentially profitable way to make currency. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can acquire bases, use essences effectively, evaluate belt rolls, and price and stash your belts for sale. While not every belt will sell for a high price, the overall strategy can yield satisfying results. So get started and take advantage of this crafting method to bolster your wealth in the game.

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