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PoE 3.21 Freezing Uber Bosses with the HeatShiver Raider Build

Freezing Uber bosses can be a challenging task in Path of Exile. In this guide, we will explore a build known as the HeatShiver build that focuses on freezing enemies, particularly Uber bosses. We will discuss the mechanics behind freezing and how to optimize your damage output to achieve successful freezes. Please note that this build sacrifices some defensive capabilities for increased damage potential, making it suitable for experienced players seeking a unique and powerful playstyle.

PoE 3.21 Freezing Uber Bosses with the HeatShiver Raider Build


Build Overview

Before delving into the specifics of the HeatShiver build, it's important to note that the author of this guide does not recommend replicating this build due to its lackluster defensive capabilities. The build's primary focus is on high damage output and freezing mechanics. However, for those interested in exploring the build further, the author provides a quick rundown of their gear and passive skill tree setup in the video. Please pause the video if you wish to take a closer look at their build.


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Freezing Mechanic and Key Insights

The main objective of the HeatShiver build is to utilize the freeze mechanic to immobilize and deal significant damage to Uber bosses. The key insight that led to the discovery of this build's effectiveness was the realization that the "Freeze" support gem works well with the Grasping Hands of the Expedition Sand body armor.


Testing the Freeze Effect

To confirm the viability of this approach, several different body armors were tested against Uber bosses to gauge the effectiveness of freezing. The test involved using body armors with varying damage per second and freeze durations. The results indicated that freezing the bosses was successful when using a body armor with high damage and low width, resulting in three types of resonance. Conversely, if the bosses did not freeze with body armors featuring low damage and width, it affirmed that the freeze effect from the Expedition Sand was indeed working.


The HeatShiver Build

The HeatShiver build originated from the Galaxy Hammer view and evolved into a unique flicker strike build that aimed to tackle Uber bosses more effectively. The build revolves around the mechanic of converting physical damage to cold damage and utilizing critical strikes to trigger devastating damage.


Key Components and Mechanics

  • Utilizing HeatShivers: The helmet, HeatShivers, plays a crucial role by converting physical damage to cold damage and inflicting a critical strike multiplier. This leads to dealing 130% of cold damage, causing significant damage upon freezing enemies.
  • Critical Strikes: The build heavily relies on critical strikes, which are enhanced by the weapon's high base critical strike chance, the Assassin's Mark curse on hit, and the Avatar of Veil ascendancy's critical damage support.
  • Shock and Elemental Weakness: Using your suffering, the build applies shocks to enemies, increasing the damage they take. Additionally, igniting, chilling, and shocking enemies also lowers their resistances thanks to the Elemental Weakness curse and the Avatar of Veil ascendancy.
  • Evasion-based Defense: The build relies on evasion for defense, utilizing the Grace and Innervation auras to suppress spell damage. Passive skills are allocated to bolster resistances and mitigate stuns, compensating for the lack of Chaos resistance and reduced critical damage taken.
  • Survival and Clear Speed: The build's survival rate is compromised due to the sacrifice of defensive capabilities. Clear speed, on the other hand, is impressive thanks to the flicker strike's ability to swiftly eliminate enemies. However, engaging Uber bosses can become visually challenging due to the constant flickering and high concentration required.



While the HeatShiver build presents an interesting approach to freezing Uber bosses, it must be emphasized that this particular build has significant drawbacks in terms of survivability. The sacrifice of defensive stats makes it prone to frequent deaths and stuns. However, the build's clear speed is impressive, making it suitable for experienced players who enjoy fast-paced playstyles.

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