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Path of Exile Strategies for Currency Making During Last Stage League

Last Stage of the Path of Exile League, the dynamics of the in-game economy change significantly. The demand for gear decreases, resulting in a decline in trade activity. However, this doesn't mean you can't continue to make poe currency during this phase. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies for currency generation during dead leagues or late leagues when player drop-off is prevalent. Instead of focusing on gear trading or speculative investments, the emphasis will be on farming mapping materials and crafting materials, which are in high demand.

Path of Exile Strategies for Currency Making During Last Stage League


Farming Strategies

  • AFK Simulacrum Farming: Utilize a minion build to AFK farm Simulacrums. This method yields scarabs, essences, and other valuable crafting materials always in demand.
  • Blight Ravage Farming: Engage in Blight encounters and farm blight-specific currencies, which are sought after by players. This method is easy and rewarding.
  • Delving: Explore the depths of the Azurite Mine to gather fossils and resonators, as their prices increase due to a scarcity in the market. This method provides more value for your delving expeditions.


Sextant Rolling

If you prefer hideout-based strategies, consider sextant rolling. Elevated sextants can be profitable during this phase as their demand remains decent while fewer players actively roll them. Keep in mind that sextant rolling requires a significant investment and is more rewarding when done in bulk.


Boss Farming

  • Red Altar Farming: With the rise in Chaos Orb prices, farming red altars becomes appealing. Utilize Chaos Orbs to roll maps for unique bosses or possessed modifiers, as this yields valuable scarabs and other rewards.
  • Blue Altar Farming: Alternatively, focus on blue altar farming to acquire Eldritch currency, Electric orbs, or other exceptional currencies. These can be obtained by running specific maps with blue altar modifiers.


Consumable Currency and Mapping Materials

During the player drop-off phase, there is still a demand for consumable currency and mapping materials.

Some strategies to consider include:

  • Map Rushing: Farm maps for map invitations, which can be sold to other players who aim to complete Atlas objectives.
  • Winged Scarab Sextant Farming: Park your character in a map with Winged Scarab sextants and farm them. Winged Scarabs are highly sought after and sell quickly.


Profit Crafting

If you are determined to continue profit crafting, focus on crafting jewels. Jewels are in demand and sell at a steady rate, especially since there aren't many available on the market.


Gambling Currencies

As more players quit the league, the prices of gambling currencies, such as House of Mirrors, tend to increase. While you can't specifically target farm these currencies, you can engage in activities like heisting for stacked extra logbooks, farming for exotic Expedition currencies, or running Runic monster strategies in maps to increase your chances of obtaining valuable gambling currencies.


Temple Farming

Farming Temples of Atzoatl, specifically focusing on the Locus of Corruption and Doryani's Institution, can be lucrative during this phase. These temples sell for a decent price, and having both modifiers can significantly increase their value.


Beast Farming

Consider farming yellow beasts and capturing them to sell as yellow beasts or converting them into captured beasts for sale. Beast crafting is still popular, and there is a demand for specific beasts and beast-related items.



During the player drop-off phase, adapting your strategies is essential to ensure continued currency generation. Pivot towards farming mapping materials, consumable currency, and crafting materials. Explore different strategies such as AFK farming, delving, sextant rolling, boss farming, and profit crafting. Additionally, consider engaging in activities that yield gambling currencies or farming valuable locations like the Temples of Atzoatl. By following these strategies, you can maintain a steady income and overcome the challenges of a dead league.

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