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Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure Beta Event: Top 3 Powerful Builds

The Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure Beta Event introduced exciting new builds and combinations for players to experiment with. In this guide, we will explore the top 3 powerful builds from the beta event: The Aura Blade, The Robotic Fist, and The Blade Overload. These builds offer unique playstyles and powerful combinations of weapons and elite specializations. Let's dive in!


Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure Beta Event: Top 3 Powerful Builds


The Aura Blade (Elementalist - Sword/Warhorn Catalyst - Condition Build)

The Aura Blade build for the Elementalist focuses on utilizing the sword, Warhorn, and catalyst to deal with condition damage, maintain auras, and provide excellent sustain. This build offers high durability, healing, and crowd control.


Build Overview:

  • Weapons: Sword (main hand), Warhorn (off-hand), Catalyst (elite specialization).
  • Traits: Focus on the Earth and Fire trait lines, with a specialization in condition damage and auras.
  • Signets: Utilize signets with the "Written in Stone" trait for on-demand auras and improved damage.
  • Elemental Solarity: Adjust between Fire and Earth elemental utilities for optimal performance.


Key Features:

  • Constantly maintain auras for added damage and defence.
  • Inflict burning and bleeding damage with Earth and Fire abilities.
  • Utilize crowd control and break bar damage to control fights.
  • Enjoy high durability and sustainability, making it ideal for open-world encounters.


The Robotic Fist (Engineer - Hammer Scrapper - Power Build)

The Robotic Fist build focuses on maximizing power damage and crowd control with the Engineer's hammer skills. It combines the Scrapper elite specialization and the hammer for devastating strikes and versatile gameplay.


Build Overview:

  • Weapons: Hammer (main hand).
  • Elite Specialization: Scrapper.
  • Traits: Invest in power damage and crowd control traits.
  • Kits: Consider using the mortar kit for ranged damage options.
  • Healing: Choose a healing skill that offers sustain or condition cleansing.


Key Features:

  • Unleash powerful hammer skills for high burst damage.
  • Utilize crowd control abilities to control and disable enemies.
  • Swap between melee and ranged options with the mortar kit for versatility.
  • Adjust utilities for sustained combat and survival.


The Blade Overload (Mesmer - Axe/Pistol Dagger/Torch Virtuoso - Condition Build)

The Blade Overload build for the Mesmer takes advantage of the Virtuoso elite specialization and focuses on condition damage with an axe, Pistol, Dagger, and Torch. It excels at generating and applying multiple conditions quickly, along with crowd control and mobility.


Build Overview:

  • Weapons: Axe (main hand), Pistol (off-hand), Dagger (off-hand), Torch (off-hand).
  • Elite Specialization: Virtuoso.
  • Traits: Prioritize condition damage and generation traits.
  • Utilities: Choose defensive skills and utility skills that improve condition damage and control.
  • Dual Wielding: Make use of the Mesmer's ability to wield multiple weapons for added versatility.


Key Features:

  • Apply a wide range of conditions such as burning, bleeding, torment, and confusion.
  • Generate and utilize Blade Songs for powerful burst damage.
  • Control and disable enemies with crowd control abilities.
  • Enjoy high mobility and fluid gameplay with multiple weapon sets.



These 3 builds, the Aura Blade, the Robotic Fist, and the Blade Overload, offer unique and exciting playstyles for Guild Wars 2 players. Whether you prefer condition damage, power burst, or a combination of both, 3 builds provide effective strategies for open-world encounters and PvE content. Experiment with these builds and adapt them to your playstyle for maximum enjoyment. Have fun exploring the Secrets of the Obscure in Guild Wars 2!

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